Walking Dead has been a cultural phenomenon since it aired on TV screens. But this TV show has been expanding its roots into other media. One of those media has been the video game realm, and it has been making a splash in this arena as well. Bringing the fans of the TV show into the world of video games. A world they may have yet to be heavily involved in to begin with. The initial game, released in 2012, has still been a mainstay in many people’s video game arsenal, and for good reason. But it was only the beginning of what became a top-notch video game franchise—adding another accolade in The Walking Dead universe.

Below, we will give a quick overview of the game, and why, so many years later, it still resonates with people today.


When you first begin playing Walking Dead, you will be caught in a web of nostalgia as you walk through this zombie field world. It looks to draw less on the TV show and more on the comic book written by Robert Kirkman, but seeing how the show gets its influences from the book, you will see similarities there as well. The first game came out in 2012, and the most recent game in the main series got released in 2017. Alongside these releases were also other games that acted more as compilation packages.

The one thing all of these games have in common is there are multiple games as opposed to one sole game. Each game has multiple seasons bundled into the game, with updates coming later throughout the year of release with the latest season and a continuation of the adventures. This variety allows for a sense of anticipation and for the game to work alongside the television show. So, as the seasons on TV roll on, a new season for the video game also comes along.

The game has a heavy influence on the decision-making aspect as you’ll see from the opening episode where a character has a history in games and you will have to play games with the choices you make. There is also a need to spot a lie early on: It’s not quite at the full game level of spotting lies, if that’s your thing then we recommend these real money poker sites, but in the game you will need some basic skills in weighing up your options and looking for signs of deceit.


From the day the game was first released, the hype was immediate, and the very first game, appropriately called The Walking Dead, and an additional bonus game, 400 days later, received critical acclaim. From then on, each game received good reviews for its gameplay, character, graphics, and overall narration. Up until 2017, the game has gone on to sell more than 50 million episodes.

Main Characters

Some of the characters who receive the most attention are Lee Everett from game one and Clementine, who is the centerpiece for each of the four games. The game essentially follows her ascension from an eight-year-old child left at home with her babysitter during the zombie outbreak to being the caretaker of another character, AJ, who lost his parents in the outbreak. Then, she works alongside another character, Javier Garcia, to help protect him and her family before the final game, where she and AJ work alongside other teenagers simply to surface the onslaught of zombies.

She is put through many obstacles and loses many friends, but she does her best to stay alive and help those around her. Also, while she shares the main protagonist role with other characters throughout the series, she is the main protagonist for most of the The Walking Dead season 2 game.

Other main characters include

  • Michonne Hawthorne – Michonne series
  • Javier Garcia – A New Frontier
  • Kenny – Season One, two, and New Frontier
  • Omid – Season one and two
  • Abel – Final Season
  • Kate Garcia – A New Frontier
  • Marlon – The final season


The last games featured in this series came out in 2020 and were a compilation of all the games made for the Nintendo Switch. This game came out in 2012 and lasted until 2020. While the television show remains, many people will still be seeking out other avenues to enjoy the franchise, and this is the landmark video game to be associated with the television series.

Many iconic moments stand out in this series. One is the opening sequence to The New Frontier game, where the main protagonist, Javier Garcia, joins Conrade and Francine in a card game. Conrade immediately recognizes Javier for his past as a baseball player. After introductions, Francine attempts to ask for his advice in the hope of beating Conrade in the game once she finds out about his past. Here, the player can tell Francine how she should play. There is also an option simply not to help, but this scene speaks to the game. Your decisions are paramount in the game; you are in control. While this may be a simple game, the ability to make a quick decision will be crucial in all the Walking Dead games.

Another thing that stands out is Clementine; as mentioned before, she is featured in all the main series entries and stands out to many fans. Her impact was so strong after the last game in the series that the publisher of the game came out with a three-series book named Clementine.

This game lives on and will live on for a long time, still providing entertainment to fans and people who may know nothing of the show or the comic book, but who love the game.