Recently, the subject of esports and gaming has gotten a lot of attention. Both lawmakers and academic researchers are starting to look into the link because both of these areas of the gaming industry are on the rise but are still highly unregulated. All of us have our phones on us at all times and thus have access to both gaming and esports virtually 24/7. Also, the line between esports and gaming is becoming quite murky. Is a six-year-old who’s buying loot boxes for his favorite game really pure gaming or a form of esports? It’s truly hard to tell. In this article, we’ll be taking a look into some ways these two industries are linked, so read on. 

The early beginnings

We can trace the connection of gaming and esports to the game called Star Wars Battlefront 2 and it was highly controversial, to say the least. The gamers could pay for the premium version of the game and loot boxes, but which features were unlocked was completely random. Though the prices were quite high, people loved the thrill of finding great loot essentially. These elements of the in-game economy made it highly controversial but also entertaining. In-game microtransactions were a thing even before Battlefront 2, but this game popularized the concept. Other video game companies followed suit and introduced this element of surprise to their gameplay.

They are highly addictive

Both regular gaming and esports are high-reward activities. Gaming without money involved can be just as thrilling as winning a game tournament with money prizes. Just think about the rush of beating the main boss – there’s no real difference, right?! This is why time limits should be set for both gaming and esports habits in order not to get addicted to that rush. If you don’t set limits on how much time you spend playing, it will be harder to have a healthy balance. Because of this, you will lose control and begin to spend money and time without much thought. It is possible that your life could be in bad shape if you don’t manage your playtime carefully. Some people spending too much time online can lead to some behavioral issues such as irritability, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, staying on top of your habits should be your number one priority.

Be careful

Since both gaming and esports require online transactions at times, it’s so easy to accidentally end up on a website that is unregulated and lose your hard-earned money. There’s a plethora of unlicensed gaming and esports websites currently in function. Even international regulations are unable to shut them down and when they do, new ones pop up very quickly. As a result, both gamers and esports players should exercise caution. If you’re going to play online, be sure the site you’re going to use is real and established. Make use of online gaming website reviews and be careful to choose a reliable payment option. Casino Trustly is a payment system perfect for those who’d want to ensure their online transactions are covered with an additional layer of security which is essential when gaming. Though it’s amazing that services like these exist making life easier for those who like to game, it is horrendous that the authorities in charge of gaming are ignoring the huge problem of online theft. 

You can follow eSports

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you probably already know this, but some may find it surprising that you can follow eSports outcomes. There are many e-tournaments happening all the time and the audience can follow their favorite gamers. Unsurprisingly, people can use real-life currency, but also in-game goods. This practice is most popular with younger adults since most older gamers choose more traditional sports to watch such as soccer and football.