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Post Date: 11:13 25-05-2012
Rating: 7
Author: guest90
Comment: 5/25/2012
Dear virtual Friends,

I experienced the 3D world of kaneva for a couple of years as Sabrinella and Vernel
and where I would judge my overall experience as a positive one,
the late experiences in kaneva make me say “user beware!”

My background has always being arts/grapichs and kaneva offer an opportunity to
users to upload their creations,(what is communly called UGC User Generate Content).
Being that no professionals designer needs to be on kaneva , for most part the UGC is very low quality and often redoundant, and the agreement that a user accept is quite unbalanced in kaneva favor.
Designer with skills rather invest in sites that will more certanly bring them some sort of revenues if that is what they wish.
The economy of kaneva is largely based on the commerce that derives from this UGC
and the only one that benefit monetarely is the site itself.
At best designer get “credits” that can not be converted into real money.

And if you are a designer and you can create any item you will possibly need,… you will have no use for credits.
Unless you disregard a not quite clear position of the host, stated in his term & conditions,
about private sale of credits.
The agreement you will accept entering this world has defenetivly one beneficiary only … kaneva.
Where kaneva do not claim ownership on your creations you will allow them to do whatever an owner can do and you will have no options whatsoever on how your material is used by them

(And this last one is my main issue).
One option, is all you have, and that is to privitize your creations,( by the way if you delete all your items they will still remain in their database).
Needless to say, this lack of control, defeated my purpose of being on kaneva.
It may defeat yours.

Another issues many of you will “appreciate”, is rappresented by users that upload items
to who they do not own the copyright (3d models from other owners ).
The company policy, where it state that any parties can contribute to the respect of such laws
has a bottom line …. bottom line is that until a legal rappresentant of the company defrauded shows up they will allow the uploads to be part of the economy and when that will happen kaneva can legally claim no fault.

Users respectfull of the law that inform them of the alledged criminal act is replied that is not up to them to inforce the respect of kaneva policy.

So dear virtual Friends,
enter the amazing world of kaneva, make your contribution to the prosperity of this 3D World and do not ask for any rights … you will not get any.

One would think that when UGC is probably the only reason why your site is a popular one,
one would have more respect for the designers … not in kaneva my friends.
Go to the google wharehouse and download another squirrel … that will do for them!

Will it do for you ?

I for one preffer more quality and respect in a 3D World, in orderd to give my support to it.

Post Date: 04:31 20-09-2010
Rating: 10
Author: swagg_neva_stop
Comment: love the game so addicting lol
Post Date: 12:02 04-05-2008
Rating: 2
Author: minavain
Comment: This game is terrible… Don”t try it because there isn”t really anything to do and you have to pay for clothes which really aren”t so cool. And almost everytime you start kaneva it loads updates like 30-60minutes. The characters also look quite stupid… Maybe the only good thing about this game is that everyone can join the developers and try to make kaneva a little better place.
Post Date: 11:47 31-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: MythicalNinja
Comment: Kaneva a good game because theres like alot of rooms and you can chat and nice costumes and you get a house choose what type of house you want and they like give you Foxtel channels and There is a good game cuz there is like hoverboards and cars and there has got jobs and is a good game too
Post Date: 13:19 19-01-2008
Rating: 1
Author: KaleenTheSpanner
Comment: Garbage! Worst Game i seen in ages
Post Date: 00:09 09-01-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Be_scared
Comment: Its boring as hell! tried once and wahh i had to dance to win dont know what ! anyway it was trash
Second life is better..
Post Date: 03:56 29-11-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Lovely Nature12
Comment: it dont want to install to my com. it dont work.. huuhuh.. i wanna try it out. . lolzZ
Post Date: 00:53 28-08-2007
Rating: 8
Author: CJP120
Comment: Kaneva is a game similar to There and Second Life, but seems to have a ‘twist’ to it. Unlike Second Life and There, Kaneva has a “myspace” like quality to it. Kaneva’s main website is a site that has profiles, media, and games. Kaneva also has a 3D world like Second Life and There where you can put all the media on with the help of t.v.s and stereos. Unlike the 3D worlds in second Life and There, Kaneva is more of a room list choose like habbo hotel than an open world. This doesnt bring Kaneva down that much, it actually helps with the quality of the game. There is not that much glitches other than falling through “black holes” (voids) and item loading isnt as noticable other than if the area has a lot of patterns/designs which is mostly in player’s houses/hangouts. The game will soon include dancing minigame contests, paintball, arcade games, pool, darts, and pets. The game is free to play, and is a lot more generous then There and Second Life. Kaneva gives you an apartment, furniture, and ~750 reward credits to start out with. You will have to pay to upgrade your house, buy costumes and get “real” credits. Furinture and other items you can by freely with reward credits. You can earn reward credits by doing stress tests and soon by doing dancing minigame contests. This is a highly recomended game for There and second Life lovers and for anyone else who likes “hangout” type of games. This is the end of my review, I hope your eyes dont burn from reading this lengthy review.
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  1. Keneva is virtual world game that offers big 3d world to explore.
    You start out in your apartment with basic furniture and starting money.
    From there you need to find a job , earn more money and exlore the big world .

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  2. A 3D version of social games? Now that’s plus points 🙂 sadly the art isn’t that good the hair and face design looks bad as well so minus points putting furniture in your own house is fine I guess probably half of your time is wasted to it :D.

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  3. When I looked upon this game, I thought to my self that this is pretty interesting. Because it’ll perhaps be another version of SIMS, however it’s nothing like it at all. The game is a rip-off yet it is free, so I’d have to give this game a 3/5.

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  4. Kaneva is an alright virtual world, though probably not the most elegant-looking. I like that it’s actually 3D and it supports WASD keys like many 3D games ought to (nothing ridiculous like using a mouse to move around in the 3D space). Tutorial for the game looks annoying though since from a glance, it looks like it’s mandatory to read the tutorial even though the controls are already intuitive, and I seriously think the tutorial character ought to be a Kaneva character rather than a picture of a human. Game itself looks like a great place to have social gatherings though, and I think the 3D really emphasizes that. Overall, I’d give this game a 3.25/5.

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