There is little doubt that gradually the world of eSports is gaining traction and slowly becoming something very big and popular. There is still a lot of work to go yet though, we are only part way there.

Looking at the events we have, the crowds that watch live, viewing figures online and much more, it is clear to see a trend in the right direction.

There are many reasons for this, but one is certainly the relationship that the eSports industry has with the gaming industry. This wasn’t really there a decade ago, with only the very best events covered by a small number of sites.

Now we have many events covered, with almost every major game maker taking part and they are putting a lot of focus onto creating a great eSports platform.

Broadening the eSports fan Base

If eSports wants to grow and join other sports in the mainstream then it has to broaden the fan base it currently has. Right now we have gamers who are into eSports because they play the game themselves, and a small number of sports fans who enjoy watching the action.

Things are all run with the intention of pleasing gamers, for example, Twitch is used to stream live events, something that many non-gamers will never have heard of before.

Having eSports in a prominent position in the gaming industry opens the doors for more people to see what is taking place, more people to watch and eventually more fans.

If eSports wants to be taken seriously and if the industry wants to grow, broadening the fan base has to be top priority and something that can be helped by the gaming industry.

Turning eSports into a Popular Industry

It is fair to say that over the past three or four years, the gaming industry has probably increased their focus on eSports by ten-fold. We are seeing more focus on this than ever before, and that is only going to be a good thing for the industry.

Players can sign up with game sites and follow eSports, we are now even seeing some welcome offers designed to attract new players to sports who have a background with eSports.

Some of these bonuses are given without you spending anything, to give people a free taster before they dive in. A no deposit bonus is just that, a chance to experience the gaming industry and play eSports games.

The more people that see the eSports platform, the more we are likely to see people become true eSports fans.

Further Relationships in the Future?

There is every chance that the eSports industry will work closer with other game related industries in the future. This could end with sponsorship of events for those who want to show they are one of the top eSports supporters, it will also likely gain them plenty of new customers too.

What will also be interesting to look at in the future is what games are used for eSports. If you look at the top online games at the moment, this list includes some eSports titles, and if the demand is there then the industry will need to bring new titles on board.

With online gaming playing a big part in the growth of the industry, will we see some sports titles added to the eSports program, in a bid to attract more sports gamers to watching eSports in the future.