World of Warcraft is the best-selling MMO RPG, and it still holds top charts to this day. In this game you become a hero of one of many fantasy races with extraordinary powers. On your journey, you will witness many unique places and hear dozens of unique stories, but also encounter many dangerous creatures and villains. Developers have released tons of new updates for the game with new quests, zones and features, with the latest one being patch 8.3 called “Visions of N’Zoth”. It brings horrors of the Old Gods upon the world of Azeroth, and now it’s your duty to stop them.

New additions and systems

With Patch 8.3 there are many new additions to the game. There are two new invasions on Uldum and Vale of the Eternal Blossoms, new flexible game mode which you can complete solo or with a group of up to five people, and you’ll get to obtain a new legendary cloak that will bring a new “Corruption” mechanic. Gear that you get from patch 8.3 has a chance to become corrupted. Those items will bring powerful buffs and procs that will strengthen your character significantly, but in return you’ll also get debuffs that will somewhat hinder your proficiency. But the most important addition, as it goes with any WoW update, is a new raid.

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Plunge into Ny’alotha

Ny’alotha, the Waking City is the newest dungeon for groups of 10 or more players. It contains new bosses with unique encounters and mechanics and is accessible on four difficulties. On each one enemies gain new abilities and become harder to kill, but also reward stronger items. On the easiest, Looking-For-Raid difficulty you will be able to obtain Ny’alotha full gear 430 ilvl items, 445 ilvl on Normal, 460 ilvl on Heroic, and on Mythic you’ll get 475 ilvl equipment. And for stronger opponents you will need not only a prepared character, but also a prepared raid with knowledge of tactics and boss mechanics to survive the fight. This makes raiding that much more difficult: not only you rely on everyone being powerful enough to enter the fights, but also on people being experienced and smart enough to survive them.

Having trouble defeating the Bosses?

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