A fully interactive game, Vizwoz has a wide range of things to do. you can: create a room with lots of furniture, customize your avatar, listen to free music, send gifts to other people, make friends, get a boy/girl friend, explore the wide range of places and spend vizdollars.

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  1. Its a virtual world game playable from browser.Game made for teens I guess not something I would really play.

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  2. Vizwoz is 2d virtual game ,you can play it on browser but I dont like this kind of game and graphic is bad too 🙁

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  3. Game’s pretty much a social game. You mostly dress up your characters/avatars, chat, visit your home, etc. Not a whole lot to this game in my opinion, and animations look kind of clunky. Only good reason to play this game is if you just want to congregate around with other players and hang out with those players. Not sure if this game is even around anymore, since it seems like it was mostly popular around 2008-2010. Overall, I’d rate this game a 2/5.

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