2018 is less than two months from ending, but pro wrestling games continue to launch. Of course, the biggest pro wrestling game of the year just launched last week, WWE 2K19. This game should improve the franchise a small amount as installments from past years have not been received well due to bugs and lacking features. You would have a better time going to an online casino from betfair than finding a game in the series without bugs. Features also seem to take a step back sometimes instead of just building and improving on past games.

wwe-2k19 That said, surely the WWE2K series has some serious competition right? In terms of both actual professional wrestling and wrestling games, the WWE no longer has the competition that it once did. However, thankfully, there are a few wrestling games in 2018 that can provide more than an adequate alternative to the WWE2K games. All of these can be found on Steam at much better prices. The only real console only alternative would be the UFC games, but that is MMA and those games have not been well received either.

To get started, the best wrestling game alternative by a good margin is known as Fire Pro Wrestling World (which does have a PS4 version now). This game excels at offering a little bit of everything in large doses. The best standout feature of the whole game is how it uses the Steam Workshop to create almost endless content. Since there are no limits on how many wrestlers you can download, just about every wrestler from the present and past are available! This in direct contrast to the latest WWE games that top out at 100 created/downloaded wrestlers. Not having this limitation is so much fun that I have downloaded 1500 wrestlers from other Steam players. This freedom allows you to create your own promotions and player universes. Doesn’t matter what you style or era you prefer, because you find content for it in FPWW.


Now after WWE2K19 and FPWW, pickings are quite slim. A few notable ones to possibly try include Wrestling Revolution 3D, Pro Wrestling X, and Total Extreme Wrestling. There is even an interactive wrestling novel called Slammed! Of these, Wrestling Revolution 3D is the best because of not only the game play but the sheer wackiness that makes you feel like you are in the show. Overall, there are three fairly good options if you want to play a pro wrestling game in 2018.