Zwinky is an online site where users can go to build online profiles and characters. You download the Zwinky Toolbar which bundles several other AskJeeves applications (Smiley Central, Cursor Mania, Popular Screensavers, the MyWebSearch search box and Search Assistant) and it is actually the MyWebSearch toolbar with some customizations. Using Zwinky, users can create a cartoon avatar of themselves that can express their personality, fashion sense, and current mood. You can choose from a large selection of hairstyles, cloths, accessories, eye colors, skin colors, makeup, and backgrounds.

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  1. You can’t even call this a game it’s like fb but you use your avatar look to show others anyway this is boring I think this game is just an advertisement for zwinky toolbar. 😛

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  2. 2/5 – A Zwinky is a customizable online character and the whole point of the game is to chat with other users. Once you create your avatar, you can play games, dress-up, attend events and chat at the same time. Concept kinda reminds me of Imvu

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  3. Not the worst for a virtual world; what this game does well at is giving you a ton of customization for your character, but I think the artwork is average. Perhaps worse though, the animation is just bad. You will sometimes see animation elsewhere, like water moving at a water fountain or cakes being thrown around at other players, but the animation is left off of the most important part of the game which is the player character. Like when characters move around they don’t even animate; they just stand as they move which is disappointing. Overall, I’d rate this game a 2/5.

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