Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open world action game.



Game Description:

Although before GTA 4 and GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is still considered by some gamers to be the best in the series. While GTA 4 has had technical difficulties and a smaller world than GTA SA, GTA 5 has been hurt somewhat by online play. GTA SA was one of the most controversial games ever due, in large part, to the infamous Hot Coffee mod. However, the game itself stands out as truly unique. Besides the aforementioned large sized world at the time, GTA SA had fun RPG elements, surprisingly fun gameplay like riding a bike, great characters and voice actors (see the video below), and a heaping amount of spectacular music. You can even try such surprising games as Heart Bingo for the first time. Although a very old game by today’s standard, it still does not feel like it because of the game’s sky high production value.

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  1. Very cool video game with long and cool story,main protagonist is CJ as know as Carl Johnson.Gameplay is awesome and graphic is good,and by the way CJ s voice actor is Young Maylay,I recommend this game everybody

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  2. One of my alltime favorite games that’s not MMO. I still think if you compare GTA SA to GTA V it’s better if you think about it. GTA SA was impossible to make in it’s time, it was better than all other games that came out up until then combined. GTA IV and V had some games that were very close in quality like watch dogs, withcer etc… but SA was so good in it’s time that I still play it (multiplayer roleplay server) and I will always consider it best game ever made, if anyone wants to make game so much better than others today, It would probably have to include playing with your mind while sleeping or some other weird feature. I still admire people who could make such a good game back then! 6/5 from me. (fanoby spotted lol)

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  3. This is a Great Game.. I really like it.. Killing Civilians hhaha!!! so much fun… Recommend for those who have problems, they can let there problems go out in this game… 😛

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  4. GTA San Andreas was my favorite game back then. Doing missions was pretty cool since you get to experience things like riding in a jetpack, infiltrating the army, riding different kinds of rare vehicles like the Vortex, finding and collecting cars, finding rare weapons like minigun. Pretty cool! 😀

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  5. Great gam I enjoyed this when I was still playing it after finishing all the mission I use to cheat the 5 stars and steal the tanks I think this is better than GTA V cause I didn’t get to play V.:P

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  6. Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas – Game review

    Introduction :
    I must say, that this game is soo muchy awesomy.

    First you have watch a cutscene of “CJ” arriving at San Andreas airport. CJ is the protagonist whose mother got murdered in America.
    He then manages to revive a gang. And lately he will be able to unlock stories. And know about the murder of her mother.

    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas is an open world action game where you can roam, do whatever you want.
    Take some cash from anywhere, kill anyone, do anything a normal person can do.

    My experience : i was first trying to play the game. Then there is this neighborhood “green gang” which is your allies. Slowly, they will get fond of you. And finally become friends with you. You will be given a task to do. But of course you can choose to do it anytime. You can roam around freely. Stories unlock certain areas, like for example going to another city, without unlocking stories will attract the SWAT team.
    You can earn cash in many ways. You can do some jobs. Known as “side quests”.
    You can work at a restaurant. Then get paid after. You can also play mini games. Like racing with cars. That way, it’s more legal. But the easiest way is to kill civilians. They carry money. But be careful. Look around. There are police cops. If a police catches you doing bad stuff like punching someone. He will try ro catch you. You have to either run away and hide until the cops go away or kill the cop yourself. But killing the police officer may lead to yet another grave danger . there is a bar for your crime. The stars. I think it has 5 stars.. It determines what kind of treatment youll get from police.
    Like if you have one star, policemen will try to search for you and take you down.if you have like, 3 stars, Police officers are on the watch with their patrol cars everywhere. Sorens wailing etc. It’s hard to deal with policemen especially if you dont have equipment.
    They will take you down and youll get busted. Strip you out of your money. So do ypur crimes secretly. Kill ppl on hidden places where no one can see.
    If you happen to get 5 stars. You will be wanted. Until you hide within enough time away from police vision. It will be hard. Cos police will be using tanks, helicopters and police cars with full of police men inside to take you down.
    Btw, you can hi – jack cars for fun or for escaping purposes. But beware when driving cos most of the time, the cars durability will decrease everytime you bump. It will cause your engine to explode and if you arent fast enough to get off, you are dead. Wasted, youll be stripped out of your money again. You can customize CJ on shops, train him, raise his stats up. Endurance, Speed, etc etc. You can do this by going inside facilities that givea you stats whatsoever. You can also eat up to be buff. And some other quests give you stats too.

    Well honestly.. I had fun playing the game. So muchy fun.

    I will give it 9/10
    Its so iconic. And popular.
    Thumbs uppy~

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  7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was one of my favorite GTA games since it featured 3D elements, an open world environment, a fun single player story, and violence. Though not as great as GTA IV and GTA V in terms of graphics, it was one of the first GTA games to be in 3D, after GTA III, and is better than its predecessors. The game’s strength would be from the open world gameplay and missions. I would definitely recommend the remastered version of this game since there are better graphics and other improvements, and the remaster version enhances the game even more. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.25/5.

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  8. One of my favorite games as a child and out of all the GTA franchise!!! A vast world for you to explore steal kill and do pretty much whatever you want!!! Find the best cars and drive to your hearts content!! You to racing tracks!! Beware though the enemy gang members will be hunting you should they see you!! All in all one of the best games of its time!! (using codes for stuff was also common :D) I rate it 4.5/5

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  9. Although you can argue this one of the best games ever, if this game had 3 playable characters like GTA V it would be unstoppable from a concept point of view. GTA V had the potential to be better than SA with Franklin as one of the protagonists but I think CJ and SA did a better job at capturing crime on the streets and gang violence.

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  10. A very great game for those who want a Grand Theft Auto game but don’t have a good enough computer to run GTA V. The Multi Theft Auto mod lets you play online with other players, even though it is an old GTA game, it still is a good game to mod and to play with others.

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  11. its a very nice game.i jack cars and drive it anywhere i want to when i was a kid and choppers and police sorrounds me. it was so funny. its an interesting action game with good storyline

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  12. One of the best GTA games in my opinion. The graphics are lacking but were still quite good for it’s time. The game play is fun and entertaining for long periods of time which is great for a game. The action and story line is also pretty decent. For anyone that hasn’t played this they should really check it out. I rate it 4/5.

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  13. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open world action game. You play as CJ who returned back but to see that things have just went not so greatly for his gang he was part of. You can complete missions to progress the story or just fiddle around going guns blazing. It’s really fun game and it’s has aged well even to this day. 5 stars!

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