World of Trinketz is a new family-friendly MMO for Facebook! Create a world for you and your Trinketz pets! Craft items, go exploring and so much more!

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  1. Social mmorpg that is available on facebook , something like sims online.
    Dont find it appealing to play.

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  2. Its way to “cartoony” for my taste. House is dancing, threes are happy fruit is dancing around your. Everything what small kids want. Its like Sims but only for small kids. For me not worth playing if you are older then 7

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  3. MMORPG available on Facebook as like in most mmorpg you can craft your weapons, search the map- open world game with tons of other players….Game is cartoony which is little funny to me, Graphics are not too good so anyway you should try this game it’s not bad neither too good for me

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  4. Decent social game based on virtual world. I think is sims way better ,but this is also good. I don’t like graphic

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  5. Very decent mmorpg video game which is playable on facebook,it has interesting gameplay and graphic I suggest it everybody.

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  6. Feels more like a social virtual world mixed with elements of an MMO. Characters in this game more closely represent how modern humans dress up and look, so you can customize characters to look more like yourself. Gameplay isn’t like an MMO where you fight enemies, but this game does have MMO elements like doing missions (similar to quests), gaining experience and crafting. You can do activities like cooking and landscaping which contributes to missions and experience, but gameplay doesn’t interest me all that much. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3/5; game just doesn’t feel your typical MMO.

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