Do you think mobile devices are not the best gaming devices? If yes, you are wrong. Android and iOS have more games compared to the majority of consoles. Up-to-date, the number of mobile gaming users is said to be the highest that has ever registered. In fact, if you want to enjoy a wide range of games with the best thrill, you should consider taking to mobile consoles. In this article, we seek to dig deeper into Google Play and iTunes to provide you with some of the best mobile games ported to both mobile and tablets that are worth to be played.

№1 Ark: Survival Evolved

Dating back in 2015, Ark: Survival was the talk of the town and managed to conquer not only the PC world but also the mobile gaming console industry. Surprisingly, to-date, this amazing game is still outstanding and features even better features. It incorporates amazing graphics, hardcore action, an amazing storyline, and a wide range of weaponry. If you are wondering whether this game is compatible with iOS, the answer is quite simple. Both Android and iOS platforms integrate quite perfectly with Ark: Survival Evolved.

While playing this game, you will get to explore air, land, and sea as you seek to fight, tame, or even breed over 80 dinosaurs. What’s more, you get to craft and build your own shelter as well as interact with online friends. You will get to enjoy a wide range of amazing gaming actions on different topographies and unlock high-tech weapons from basic. Even further, you can ride some of your tamed dinosaurs to give you the ultimate gaming experience.

This game’s touch controls are quite intuitive with a relatively shorter learning curve as compared to the majority of online mobile games. To get hold of this game is also quite easy. All you need to do is search it on either Google Play or iTunes and install it. Alternatively, you can click on the link:

№2 Fortnite (Free)

If you are a fan of Ps4, Ps3, or Xbox gaming consoles, you must have heard or played the famous Fortnite game. However, for those who have been living under the rock and aren’t aware of this amazing game, they should definitely take a peek at Fortnite. What’s more, Fortnite is now capable of integrating on both iOS and Android platforms. For Android users, this game is, however, limited to Samsung Galaxy S7 or newer versions. Playing the amazing Battle Royale game is quite interesting as players enjoy a variety of cosmetics, new game mode, and access to similar visual qualities on consoles and PC.

№3 Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition (Free)

This game is arguably the most played mobile game in the market. Its fame is mainly due to its ability to perfectly integrate with both large and small screens. What’s more, Final Fantasy is quite easy to operate on mobile devices. It is free to download and provides its players with an exclusive access to the first chapter after which they are required to pay for the remaining nine chapters. Additionally, it is worth noting that Final Fantasy is quite demanding in terms of graphics and will require you to have a powerful mobile device.

№4 Pokémon Go (Free)

Indeed, back when we were kids, the majority would receive gaming gifts of the famous Pokémon. Years later, it is now one of the best games- though not for kids. It is a real game that offers a wide range of competitive types. For anyone sucked in the hype of the latest gaming trends, Pokémon will definitely offer quite a competitive gameplay. Apart from its availability in real-life places such as shopping centres, landmarks, and train stations, Pokémon can also be easily found on Google Play or iTunes. All you need to do is perform a quick download and install. You will get to compete on catching the biggest and most powerful Pokemon by throwing pokeballs at them.

If you want an amazing gaming experience, it is advisable to try any of the above games. There are not only the best in the market but also the cheapest.


  1. I would not consider Pokémon GO to be a “port”. Yes, the game has assets from the Pokémon franchise like the characters, but Pokémon GO is its own game created by Niantic and has its own gameplay (augmented reality + GPS tracking + touch controls to catch Pokémon) rather than the traditional turn-based gameplay that the series is best known for.

    I think a better game for the #4 position (that actually is a port) would be the mobile version of Minecraft; plus Minecraft is ranked as the Editors’ Choice in the Apple app store, so it’s deserving of being mentioned.

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