Ok, Raspberry Pi  is a very fun name for something that is highly innovative. Although I have had a slice of real raspberry pie in real life that was delicious, this “pi” actually has me intrigued to learn much more. These are actually very small single-board computers that are about the size of  a credit card. The cheapest introduction models start as low as just $20. However, I will hazard a guess that you will have a hard time find one that cheap.

Not going to go into all the technical details, but suffice it to say that this little computers can be made to do a lot if the owner has the know-how. Since GameOgre is about gaming, we will focus on that area. For example, the Raspberry Pi 2 (which is many times more powerful than the original) can be used as a retro game console. Indie developers are making the software needed to make this happen because they have welcomed the product with open arms.

Download the software onto the the device’s SD micro memory card. Then look for legit retro games from a site like Emuparadise. Most old console systems work including NES, Intellivision, and the Commodore 64 up all the way to the Nintendo 64 and the first PlayStation. In fact, games on the N64 are a turkey shoot because some work fine while others have issues or work at all. Systems up to the N64 usually work great.

As can be seen by the image above, you could even put a Raspberry Pi in an arcade machine. Played something like this over the weekend. Was able to choose from a plethora of 80s games like Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Pooyan, and Pengo for 50 cents a pop. The concept worked very well and brought back some old gaming memories.

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  1. You sure can make many different things with Raspberry Pi and one project that comes to mind is Peeqo The GIF Bot. It’s a conversational UI that answers only in GIFs. It’s a pretty cool project and you should check it out, if you have time to do so.

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