Since I was writing about stocks before I founded GameOgre many years ago, it is great to see what strides this industry is making with games. There used to not be hardly any and now it is hard not to find one. There are some on a PCs and some on mobile devices like Android and iOS. In the summer of 2014, I rediscovered stocks and found Stock Wars on my iPad. to play. The money I could use was virtual, but the stocks that you can buy are real. Thus, these “games” can also be considered to be simulators since they also can help you learn how to invest in the stock market when you have real money for it. Believe me, I would have much rather learned more about the stock market by using virtual money than by trial and error with real money.

Another advantage to virtual investing is that you can focus more on bigger companies with higher share prices. If you are just starting out, it is easy to get caught up in lower priced stocks that may lose you money or just be dead money for long periods of time. Everybody has heard various stories about somebody investing in a penny stock and then becoming fabulously rich. However, stories like that are more like buying the winning lottery ticket.

Playing these simulators is not only good for learning and experience, but also very fun. Stocks often trade like roller coasters so it can be quite a rush when you choose one just before it takes off. You can also follow the companies behind the stocks to learn more about them. For example, I used to buy game stocks based mainly on the games the game companies made and sold. Of course, the main one that comes to mine is the old THQI. It was a hot stock for a while when they made the WWE games years ago and it made me a lot of mo0ney before I finally sold it. Thus, the research was more fun than usual.

Below are a list of stock games that I have played and that you can play today.

Stock Games:

Virtual Stock Exchange – Almost 25,000 games are in play right now.

Stock Wars – Mobile app where you can test your stock picking ability.

Investopedia Stock Simulator – Played by over 700,000 people world wide.

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