recently had a Q&A session with Auto Assault's Community Coordinator, Pann, about this highly-anticipated MMORPG. Questions by are in bold. 

How will PvP be treated and are there any special plans for it?

PvP in Auto Assault can be initiated in one of two ways. For those who like tournament-style action, arenas will be available. There are three different modes of arena combat: ladder matches, tournaments and duels. For those who live for the thrill of the hunt, there are areas of the game world that offer a sense of danger through PVP combat, though players will have the option of whether or not to enter those areas. We’ll be giving more in-depth information about PvP in the coming months.

What all aspects of the vehicles can be improved?

Oh, your vehicles can be just about as tricked out as you want them to! You can get lots of different looks for your many vehicles in Auto Assault. Visually, through Tricks and Trims, owners can customize the look of their vehicles by adding decorative accessories and paint jobs. Equipment upgrades, ranging from power plants, tires, armor and more, give you the chance to increase your firepower and performance. Altogether, the options available will help players create highly customized vehicles that aren’t just cookie cutter versions of one another.

Let's say my car gets totaled, what happens then?

In keeping with our commitment to make the game as fun as possible, we made the decision to avoid harsh death penalties (like item, stat or XP loss.) Instead, you will be airlifted away from the scene and delivered to the last repair station you visited. Once you’re patched up and road ready again, you can return to the action.

A lot of MMORPGers complain about the grinding of levels in their games. How will Auto Assault treat this major complaint about MMORPGs?

Auto Assault is set in a region ravaged by an ongoing war between three races that have survived a nuclear holocaust. Consequently, you’re in the middle of the action from the moment you enter that world. Even in the introductory areas, where you can familiarize yourself with the interface and learn how to maneuver your vehicle and what it can do at your own pace, there are agents around to give you missions and help you get started. That means you’re immediately shooting and looting and having a blast (no rats and sticks here!). As you continue completing missions or adventuring in the wide-open spaces of the highway regions, the action is very fast-paced and you’ll understand what we mean when we say “level up while playing, not playing to level up.”

Since replay value is such a crucial factor in MMORPGs, where do you think players will find the most depth in this game?

The answer to that is as varied as the interests of gamers themselves. We’ve tried to cover as many bases as we can for those who enjoy PvE, PvP, crafting, and questing, etc., by making sure there’s a variety of NPCs to fight, opportunities to combat other players, a fun and versatile crafting system and a multitude of hand-crafted missions. We also have a very rich and immersive backstory, so people who love to role-play or follow story arcs will be entertained, as well.

Will there be any rewards or special consideration given to players with the most kills or have blown the most stuff up?

Players will be awarded medals in the game for all sorts of achievements, even as a new player. In addition, we have plans for other ways to give players bragging rights, like in our unique arena system where the top dog is the top dog across all servers.

How will loot/treasure be treated in this game?

With our dynamic loot generator, all items will have different stats every time. Players will choose if what is different about the item is better for their particular needs.

Any estimate on when beta will begin?

Beta sign-up has already started and is going strong at We will make an announcement as we prepare to send out the first wave of invitations.

Do you think this game will appeal more to the gamer who plays online shooters all the time or the MMORPGer who is tired of the same-old MMORPG?

Both! The incredibly fast pace and the over-the-top action will not only keep shooter fans engaged, but offer a fresh alternative to seasoned MMO players who have had their fill of killing rats and are looking for something different.

Is there one specific feature that you think will appeal to gamers the most?

Based on the reactions we’ve gotten so far, one of the favorite features has to be the ability to blow shit up in the destructible environments. Having the power to open fire and bring buildings tumbling down to nothing but smoking rubble has a coolness factor that hasn’t been seen in any other MMO.

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