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Combines brutal combat with mature themes and massive PvP. One of the best examples of a "next-generation" MMORPG. Although not perfect, Age of Conan is one of the few new MMORPGs over the past 2 years to become an immediate hit.   

MMORPG Rank by GameOgre: #3

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Author: Sheltlock
Rating: 10
Comment: At the beginning of any large MMORPG release there will be glitches and, yes, this game has those. However, Funcom is amazing at fixing them fast! Besides that, 1 Million preorders have been recorded. Why? Because this game rules and tears up all others. The PvP is amazing, the graphics are amazing, and the combat is actually fun.

Author: Bistro
Rating: 10
Comment: Anybody who says this game has bad graphics is wrong! I have never seen better in a MMO, I can u tell that much. Conan has its whiners and cry babies, but the game is still awesome. Where else can u whack of somebody's head when just starting out?

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Online Game Battle Tournament: Best MMORPG
Age of Conan defeated World of Warcraft in the MMORPG finals of the tournament.

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