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Whether learning what to look for in a MMORPG to determining the best games of the year to learning more about the different MMO niches, gain more insight into the MMO industry with the articles listed below.

Lucent Heart Preview
Kyt Dotson gives a glimpse of a zodiac-inspired MMO. 

MMORPG Holiday Celebration
Kyt Dotson names several games that are hosting special events during the holiday season.

New MMORPGs of 2010
Walter Pua takes a look at several new MMORGs that came out during 2010. 

Intro to
Zach Case describes the various areas of

Looking Ahead with OutSpark's Community Manager, Misty L., details what OutSpark has lined up for the future.

Can ArenaNet Continue to Revolutionize the Free MMO Industry?
Zach Case (GameOgre Member Krew) discusses one of the top developers in the MMORPG industry. 

RPG Servers
Article looking at role-playing servers on MMORPGs.

RuneScape Versus Guild Wars
These two popular free MMOs went head-to-head in the final match of MMORPG Showdown 3. Did Guild Wars stay undefeated or did RuneScape pull off the huge upset?

RuneScape Versus Maple Story 2
The first rematch in Showdown history provides plenty of fireworks as gamers usually love or hate both games with a passion.

MMORPG Showdown 3
Sixteen pay-to-play and free-to play MMORPGs compete against each other in order to determine the MMORPG of the Year at's 2008 Online Game Awards.'s 2007 Online Game Awards 
MMOs like Sword of the New World, Lord of the Rings Online, and Tabula Rasa all achieved success during the year, but did that success translate into awards?

MMORPG Showdown 2
Like the previous year, sixteen pay-to-play and free-to play MMORPGs compete against each other in weekly head-to-head matches in order to determine the MMORPG of the Year at's 2007 Online Game Awards.

Guild Wars Versus Lord of the Rings Online
The match that determines's MMORPG of the year for 2007. The undefeated champion from last year against the game that eliminated World of Warcraft from the tournament.

Guild Wars Versus Eve Online
Two of the most popular and well-reviewed MMORPGs in the industry face off.

Lord of the Rings Online Versus Sword of the New World
All-important semi-final match between two of the best new MMORPGs.

Guild Wars Versus Hellgate: London
Two action-oriented games with roots that trace all the way back to Diablo square off against each other.

Eve Online Versus 9 Dragons
Did Eve Online make it to the semi-finals again or was there an upset?

Maple Story Versus Sword of the New World
Sword of the New World takes another popular free MMORPG with less-than-stellar graphics.

World of Warcraft Versus Lord of the Rings Online
The MMO juggernaut takes on the best new fantasy MMORPG of 2007.

Hellgate: London Versus Fury
PvE takes on PvP in a battle of retail MMOs that were launched in late 2007. 

Tabula Rasa Versus Eve Online
Two pay-to-play MMORPGs vie for supremacy of the sci-fi genre.

Guild Wars Versus Rappelz
Two leading free MMORPGs with great graphics do battle.

RuneScape Versus Sword of the New World
Two very different free MMORPGs face off in a battle of old versus new.

9 Dragons Versus City of Heroes/City of Villains
Free martial arts MMO by Acclaim takes on the super hero and villain MMO. 

FlyFF Versus Maple Story!
One of the best reviewed free MMORPGs goes up against a free MMORPG that players either love or hate.

Final Fantasy XI Versus Lord of the Rings Online!
Two of the top fantasy MMO alternatives to WoW go head-to-head.

World of Warcraft Versus Vanguard!
Did a one-time projected "WoW Killer" have what it takes to actually conquer the MMO giant?'s 2006 Online Game Awards 
Which free MMO made the most impact in 2006? Was WoW finally toppled in either of the Best MMORPG or Online Game of the Year categories? In addition, three new categories have been added this year including Best Non-Fantasy MMO, New Free MMORPG of the Year, and most Anticipated Game for 2007. 

Clash of MMO Titans: World of Warcraft Versus Guild Wars
The top ranked pay-to-play MMO faces the top free-to-play MMO in the finals of the MMORPG Showdown tournament.  

MMORPG Showdown!
Sixteen pay-to-play and free MMORPGs battle it out against each other in weekly head-to-head match-ups in order to determine the Gamers' MMORPG of the Year at's 2006 Online Game Awards.

Guild Wars Versus Maple Story
Two well-known free MMORPGs battle it out to determine the game that meets World of Warcraft in the finals. Find out which one prevailed based on gamer reviews.

World of Warcraft Versus Eve Online
Two of the top pay-to-play MMORPGs collide in the wildest battle yet. 

Maple Story Versus Conquer Online
Two free MMORPGs with very colorful graphics face each other in a battle to determine which game moves on to the semi-finals. 

Eve Online Versus ROSE Online
Both of these pay-to-play games may offer a free trial, but they try to attract very different types of MMO gamers. 

Guild Wars Versus Supreme Destiny
Although both games are fantasy MMOs with 3D graphics and no monthly fees, the voting was the most lopsided of any battle yet. 

World of Warcraft Versus City of Heroes
Two of the easiest major MMOs to play go head-to-head in the second round.

Runescape Versus Maple Story
Two of the most popular and hated free MMORPGs go head-to-head in the closest battle of the first round. 

ROSE Online Versus The Saga of Ryzom
In a match-up of MMOs trading places, one game goes from free to pay-to-play while the other goes from being pay-to-play to free with an unlimited free trial. Find out which one prevailed based on gamer reviews. 

GunZ Versus Conquer Online
Two free MMOs do battle. One is a hybrid MMO shooter while the other is a MMORPG with an Asian myth theme.

Dark Age of Camelot Versus Supreme Destiny
One of the leading pay-to-play MMOs takes on one of the leading free-to-play MMOs. 

Final Fantasy XI Versus City of Heroes
One is focused on depth and playing in a group while the other is focused on simplicity and ease of play. 

Eve Online Versus Anarchy Online
Although fantasy MMORPGs dominate the MMO industry, here are two of the best science fiction MMORPGs. 

Guild Wars Versus Dungeon & Dragons Online
You will have to enter an instance play either game, but one charges a monthly fee while the other does not.

World of Warcraft Versus EverQuest 2!
These two MMOs launched about the same time, but then there was no real competition between them shortly after that. 

Who Can Beat World of Warcraft? takes a look at why World of Warcraft has won both Best Online Game and MMORPG of the Year two years straight and discusses what it will take to dethrone WoW. In addition, several of the most anticipated upcoming MMOs are analyzed to see which could be the top contenders to go against the behemoth from Blizzard.'s 2005 Online Game Awards 
Can World of Warcraft repeat as the year's best online game or will it be toppled by a free MMO?

MMOFPS: The Next Big Thing in MMOs? takes a look at the emerging MMOFPS genre.

Free MMORPGs Versus Pay-to-Play MMORPGs
Which type of MMORPG is the best for gamers? The answer may not be as simple as you think.'s 2004 Online Game Awards 
Find out which online games GameOgre rated as the best of 2004.

Before Subscribing 
A few points to consider before subscribing to a MMORPG. 

Is Your MMORPG Still Alive? 
Times are getting tougher in the MMORPG industry as a few MMORPGs fall by the wayside. 

MMORPGs Versus Online RPGs
On one side, you have an ever-expanding world where you can interact with thousands of other gamers and you pay monthly. On the other side, you only pay for the game and both combat and treasure are easier to come by.

Which Next-Gen MMORPG Will Be the Best?
With all the upcoming high-profile MMORPGs that are being hyped, gamers may have a tough choice picking which ones to play. Let's see which ones will be the true standouts.

Console Online Gaming
Now that console gaming has arrived on the major consoles, does PC online gaming have anything to worry about?

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