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The Ogre casts its critical eye over MMORPGs with short-but-to-the-point reviews. Each review measures a game's strengths and weaknesses in order to see which MMORPGs best fit gamers' diverse tastes. 

Top 3 MMORPG Review Scores All Time

1) World of Warcraft - 9.5 
2) Final Fantasy XI - 9.25
3) City of Heroes - 9.25

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MMORPG Reviews

CrimeCraft Bleedout Review
A look at CrimeCraft and its 10 week episodic event known as Bleedout.

Dynasty Warriors Online Review
The online version of the classic console game is discussed in detail.

Cross Fire Review
One of our forum members reviews this free military online FPS. 

Perfect World Review
Review of one of the best free MMORPGs.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Review reviews one of the most eagerly-awaited MMORPGs in years.  

City of Villains Review reviews the MMORPG expansion that lets you express your inner evil.  

Star Wars Galaxies Review
Find out what thinks about this ever-changing MMORPG. 

Final Fantasy XI Review 
Is FFXI better than World of Warcraft? 

Neocron 2 Review
Review of one of the more controversial non-fantasy MMORPGs. 

RYL: Path of the Emperor
Port of a Korean MMORPG that offers a $1 million prize for a PvP tournament.

Guild Wars Review 
The free MMORPG industry now has a champion. 

World of Warcraft Review 
Find out why World of Warcraft is the best MMORPG today.  

City of Heroes Review 
Take a look at how rates ones of the top MMORPGs today. 

Planetside Review 
Tired of swords, dragons, and magic in massively multiplayer games? Here is a game that has created an exciting new genre where previous games had only dabbled in, MMOFPS. 

Lineage 2 Review 
Can Lineage 2 become as successful worldwide as its predecessor?

Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Review 
Tired of waiting on the next great MMORPG to arrive? Well, find out why Anarchy Online with Shadowlands is one of the top MMORPGs on the market today. 

Rubies of Eventide Review 
Here is the type of game that hardcore MMORPGers have been demanding for years.  

Dark Age of Camelot Review
Although definitely not the newest MMORPG out there, DAoC continues to be one of the best.

Endless Ages Review
Does this MMORPG/MMOFPS hybrid deliver a great gaming experience or is it too ambitious for its own good?

Asheron's Call 2 Review
Does this highly anticipated and very expensive next-generation MMORPG deliver the goods or is it similar to a big budget flop at the movies?

Realm Online Review
Never heard of this MMORPG? Well, it was one of the first and it was operated by the same company that publishes Half-Life, Sierra. Now, it is owned by another company and still has a loyal following.

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