Video Game Rentals

Getting tired of going to rent games at your local video store and then having to return them in 3 to 5 days? A new online phenomenon is changing all that: online rentals. Now, renting a game or a DVD is easy as picking one out online and then having it mailed to you. Once you are finished playing it, you simply put it back in the mail and the company delivers another one to you. For all this, you pay around $20 without any late fees. 

The current leader in online game rentals. Offers a 10 day free trial and you are able to have two games out at a time for $21.95 month.

Was once known as DeepShark. Allows you to have two games out at a time and costs less than $20 per month. 

Red Octane
Keep out two games as long as you want for $18.95 per month.
Offers free shipping and unlimited rentals for $14.95 per month.

Offers one of the longer game rental trials at 14 days.

Offers nine different plans to choose from starting as low as $9.95. Instead of a free trial, GameMine members get their second month free. To be exact, a member's free month will not start until one month after the day the member receives the games. 

Offers a 10 day trial and different pricing models depending on how many games you want to rent at one time.

Into The Game
Has a free trial for the one and two game packages and rents games from classic consoles.

Allows you to rent both movies and video games from one place for as low as $8.99 per month.

Console Classix
Can legally play retro console games on PCs for a monthly fee of $5. Can play some old games without a subscription.  

Yahoo! Games on Demand
A little bit different model here. Instead of renting games by mail, you download full versions of PC games via a broadband connection. You now buy each game separately instead of choosing from different plans. You are able to download a trial version for most of the games in order to help make the best choices. 




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