MMO Game Interviews asks developers and game staff members the questions that you want to know about your favorite MMORPGs and Online RPGs.

Fallen Earth Interview
Gamersfirst talks about many aspects of this former Pay-to-Play game that is now Free-to-Play.

Sword Girls Interview
Jeffery Shen, producer, discusses this unique online card game.

Scarlet Legacy Interview
Scarlet Legacy discusses a variety of topics.

Path of Exile Interview
Chris Wilson of Grinding Gear Games talks about various areas of the game.

Operation Gamma 41 Interview
Elke Eriksen, Community Manager, discusses this turn-based strategy game.

Eden Eternal Interview
Aeria Games discusses one of its leading Free-to-Play MMORPGs.

Karma Online Prisoners of the Dead Interview
Joymax discusses the game in-depth including Zombie mode.

Eudemons Interview
An interview with the Top Vampire.

Interstellar Marines Interview
The Game Director and PR dude discuss this AAA FPS game.

DragonSoul Interview
Interview on a free-to-play game with a focus on PvP.

Rise of the Immortals Interview
Petroglph Games discusses this MMO game on the Blog.

Jade Dynasty Spring Content Interview
Jade Dynasty discusses their spring content update.

Realm of Titans Interview
Travis Hawk and Stephanie Cox answer questions about this DotA-inspired action strategy game.

Zentia Interview
Susan Revelt, senior producer, discusses this humorous MMORPG that has both PVE and PVP servers.

Metal Assault Interview
Aeria Games talks about this free-to-play 2D Shooter.

Mystical Lands Interview
Katie Van Meter discusses this free MMO that combines elements of casual Facebook games with traditional MMOs.

Guild Wars 2 Interview
Regina B talks about the sequel to one of the best online games of all time.

Natural Selection 2 Interview
Q&A about this multiplayer shooter.

Forsaken World Interview
John Belliss of Perfect World Entertainment talks about this highly-anticipated MMO.

Tales Weaver Interview
Jinho Choi answers questions about this game that is based on a Korean Novel.

Project Blackout Interview
Daniel Noss talks about this upcoming free-to-play FPS.

Battlestar Galactica Interview
Philip Reisberger discusses this MMOG based on the Syfy TV series.

TERA Interview
Jason M. tells GameOgre about different aspects of this upcoming game.

Torn Interview
Q&A session about this text-based online RPG. 

Legend of Martial Arts Interview
John Belliss of Perfect World Entertainment discusses the game that was formerly known as Kung Foo.

Conquer Online Interview
Questions and answers about the this older free MMORPG.

LOONG Interview
Nicholas Estrem, product manager at Gamigo, talks about this highly anticipated MMO from China.

Path of Exile Interview
Chris Wilson, producer, discusses this new role-playing action game by Grinding Gear Games with a horror-based theme.

Sherwood Dungeon Interview
Gene, the creator of Sherwood Dungeon, talk about it what it is like for a one man team to create a MMORPG.

Pandora Saga Interview
Interview about this MMORPG's classes, PvP and more.

Legend of Heroes Interview
Interesting interview about this real time strategy (RTS) game.

Magicka Interview
Johan Pilestedt, Magicka’s CEO, discusses this action-adventure game in which loot acts like a power-up system.

Theta Warriors Online Interview
Xavier from Enigma Games discusses this MMORTS.

Hukumdar: Battle of Kings Interview
Brian Konar, the executive producer, answers's questions about this MMORTS/RPG.  

Picaroon Interview
Toby of Picaroon talks about this upcoming MMORTS.

Fairy Story Online Interview
Fairy Story discuss basics of the game in this Q&A session.

Vindictus Interview
The staff of the game discusses's Game of the Month for October 2010.

Legend of Heroes Interview
Lem from IG-Interactive discusses this MMO that combines resource management with RPG elements.

Seal Online: Eternal Destiny Interview
DONTBLYNK talks about this PvP-based MMORPG with cutesy graphics.

Dynasty Warriors Online Interview
Aeria Games discusses their latest upcoming free-to=play game.

Mabinogi Interview
The developers of Mabinogi talk about the game's latest expansion, Unchartered Lands. 

9 Dragons Interview
David Demers of Gamersfirst discusses the acquisition of 9 Dragons from Acclaim and what it means to the future of the game.  

Knight Online Interview
Joey Hibbard, associate producer, talks with GameOgre about Knight Online's recent World Championships. 

War of Angels Interview
Florian Supa, product manager, discusses the latest game from Gamigo. 

Kitsu Saga Interview
Kevin Simmons, Community Manager, tells us about Kitsu Saga and the backstory behind it.

Tales of Fantasy Interview
Gary Lin, Tales of Fantasy Product Manager, discusses this free MMORPG during's Special Knight Pack Giveaway for Tales of Fantasy. 

TLBB: The Shadow Curse Expansion Interview
Michael aka Sanzaburo, the Community Manager for TLBB, talks about the game's latest expansion.

Max Pow Interview
Dragonsmeet, publishers of Max Pow, talk about about the various types of characters that players can choose from.

Earthrise Interview
Atanas Atanasov, Producer of Earthrise/ Director of Masthead Studios, discussed the game's PvP and combat system.

Space Empires Interview
Matt Abrams, the CEO of the new Facebook game Space Empires, talks about the game history and why it has a new life in the emerging social game genre.

Jade Dynasty Interview
Andrew Brown, Product Manager, took time to answer questions for about Jade Dynasty's latest expansion.

Cabal Online Interview
Anthony Smith, the Business Development Manager for, discusses Cabal Online's new update.

Dark Wind Interview
Dr. Sam Redfern, lead developer of Darkwind–War on Wheels, talks about Artificial Intelligence in gaming.

Earthrise Interview
Atanas Atanasov, Producer of Earthrise/ Director of Masthead Studios, discusses this sci-fi MMORPG.

Talisman Online Interview
The Executive Director of Talisman Online answers questions about various aspects of the game such as PvP, the game's combat system, and guilds.

Dragon Oath Interview
Martin Tan, the General Manager of Dragon Oath, answers questions about Dragon Oath's closed beta, PvP, pets, and more.

Cross Fire Interview
Matthew Denomme of discusses various aspects of Cross Fire such as the game's replay system, GP system, clans, and more.

12 Sky 2 Interview asks Thomas McKay of Twelve Sky 2 about the game.

Chaos Online Interview
GameOgre conducts a Q&A session with the developers of this action MMO.

Puzzle Pirates Interview
Q&A session with Daniel James where the game's economy, PvP, and combat system are all discussed. 

Last Chaos Interview
Q&A session with the Last Chaos team about this free fantasy MMORPG.

Etherea: Dark Genesis Interview talks with the project leader of this upcoming MMORPG.

Neocron 2 Interview interviews CEO Holger Nathrath about this edgy MMORPG. 

Auto Assault Interview 
Learn more about this destructive MMO from the game's Community Coordinator.

FreeWorld Interview talks with the CEO of MindSurge Entertainment, Clyde Bielss, about this upcoming MMORPG. 

Artifact Interview conducts a Q&A session with David Michael of Samu Games about this innovative MMORTS. 

Lineage 2 Interview asks the Community Coordinator for Lineage II several questions about the game that help shed light on what to expect from this major MMORPG in the future. 

Rubies of Eventide Interview asks a few questions for the game's developers before RoE closed up shop as a pay-to-play MMORPG and reemerged as a free Online RPG. This Online RPG is now supported by the donations of loyal gamers and could have started a fairly new category for online games that can be referred to as charityware or shareware.  

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