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While most  of the top MMORPGs today have eye-popping graphics, RuneScape caters instead to gamers on a budget who are looking for a MMORPG like EverQuest but do not want to pay a large subscription fee. You will not find great graphics (although graphics have been improved) in RuneScape but you will find a great deal of people to interact with in a fairly deep RPG for free. Those gamers who want to explore everything have to pay $5 a month which is still well below industry standards.

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Free MMORPG Rank by GameOgre: #2

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Author: Dirge
Rating: 9

CONCEPT: Basically whatever you want it to be. 
RATING: Ages 7 and up due to alcohol reference. 
ANIMATION: 6 of 10 
GOOD SIDE: Amazing sound track, brilliant and huge world with a series of involving mysteries and quests. 
BAD SIDE: dull battle system.
SOUND: 9 of 10 

Now, when it comes to RPGs, I'm not easily impressed. But this game is next to perfect. It creates a good community for players of all ages. As for spells, this game offers over 55 different offensive, strategic and defensive spells and prayers. A feature very unique to this game is the fact that there are no definitive 'classes.' U simply start training at whatever u want, and fulfill your destiny, whatever it may be. In this game u can become: a swordsman, priest, swift fighter, thief, professional chef, archer, fisherman, ninja, axe man, barbarian, brawler, servant, mage, blacksmith, armor crafter, weapon crafter, tool smith, designer, farmer, merchant, traveling story teller, brewer, chemist, collector, mercenary, and god knows what else! Runescape features a limitless world, (most of which I wont spoil ;)) a huge variety of things to do, and much much more!!! I highly recommend u at least try it. (character animation is bad, however.)

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