After running a forum with shop for over seven years, I have encountered many different types of game cards. Some were requested for individual games like Runescape and World of Warcraft, while others packed a lot more games into one card like Facebook or Ultimate Game Card (UGC). On the flip side, some cards were requested and then never even bought. In fact, we still have a few of those.

Later on, World of Tanks (WoT) and League of Legends (LoL) came along to garner attention from GameOgre members. UGC was able to handle World of Tanks players worldwide and had so many other games that it developed into our go-to card for most members.This card was expanded to be used in Forum Events and Contests for many years. It was easy to find in places like Wal-Mart and it could be redeemed at any time and anywhere. Sadly, this card was retired in fall of 2014 (Visa now owns the company that operated it) and we have been looking for a good substitute ever since.

Probably the second most popular card in recent years was the LoL card. It started out allowing overseas redemptions, but slowly started developing rules for making that harder. I remember having to help a member redeem their card from the shop by email support. However, this was stopped completely by 2014. The fun thing about this was that there is no way to buy the cards online and simply send it over overseas either.  We found out that the only way it could be done is if I opened an account on the server where the Riot Points were to be sent. After getting all this set up, I found out that I could not use a foreign credit or debit card!

After digging some more, found out that Paysafe Cards could be used for LoL and WoT. That should be the end right? Paysafe would be the new main card and even stronger than UGC? No, that would be too simple and easy. While previous cards were easy to find in a wide variety of stores, Paysafe cards are in no store in my area and are not sold directly online. Nevertheless, their site lists several locations in my area that  are supposed to carry it. Yea, right. Of the locations that are actually there, the gas station clerks look at you like you sprouted a second head when you ask about it. After several emails and Facebook messages, my personal favorite is where they say that they are not responsible for the ignorance of store clerks but that a Paysafe print out is at those locations in a terminal. Unfortunately, none of the locations have the terminals either.

Rant by the Ogre aside, we are still trying to find the right card to replace UGC in 2015. There are a few good candidates like Google Play, Rixty, and Steam. Of these, Rixty is the most like the game it trying to replace with multiple popular games including RuneScape, World of Tanks (US and SEA), Adventure Quest, and Rift. All in all, Rixty cards enable users to pay for hundreds of MMOs, virtual worlds, casual games, and even Facebook games. Until another one better is found, Rixty may just be the best multi-game card of 2015.

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  1. Hahahaha!! lol!! its pretty true… Rixty is the best right now , because others like LoL cards are only purchasable when your Royal Ogre.. but lel.. its a Great and awesome article.. 😛

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    • Yes rixty card is the most purchased right now one of the reasons why the stocks goes 0 fast and it’s actually better since it can be used to different games just in case you have a last final change of mind ex. You bought it for LoL but you changed your mind and decided to use it on AQ3D:) unlike when you buy the LoL card you can only use it in LoL while rixty is allowed to be redeemed from different games.

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  2. Well i have to say that LoL has always been a strong competitive game in the market. Especially since it’s a free games that’s available across the world. Also the game is constantly updated. I’d have to also agree with the Rixty Card selling more since it’s available for a variety of games.

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