Come into the world of Luvinia Online to discover the magnificent land of Zendo—a tribal almost Native American themed Happy Hunting Ground expansion for OutSpark’s 3D free-to-play fantasy title. GameOgre has hosted reviews for this game for quite some time and it even received status as featured game of the week so any expansion to this thriving MMO property should be something to behold.

The Zendo Hunter’s Camp is where the bravest hunters gather to display their trophies, prepare their weapons, fashion their bait, and hone their skills for contests of wit and will as they trek into the most dangerous regions of the land to seek prey and pride. For Luvinia Online players this adventure will begin after they reach level 40 and they’ll be granted access to the Zendo region and its various hunting ground instances.

Hunters arriving in Zendo will be offered three different ways to approach hunting season: normal hunting quests, collection quests, and special hunting quests—oh, and giant game monsters who will spawn through the different regions at different times.

For the normal hunting quests, players will talk to an NPC and receive a mission to hunt down and kill a particular type of quarry. They will then wander into the wilderness and pick them off. These are your basic bounty-hunter type quests and send players up against a normal monster in the land surrounding Zendo and most will find them ultimately soloable.

The next type of quest is the collection quest. These will send players out into the outlaying rough landscape to seek items with which to combine together into traps and bait. Using items collected in the field, players will be able to craft their own hunter bait and tools using the “Hunting Tool Table” (a small forge and pour table) and “Grill Rack” (a primitive BBQ.) The craftable food is used for bait to summon big critters for the special hunting quests. Hunting tools are things like flash bangs, tranqs, and nets and are also used to catch monsters.

There will be over 20 different monsters that players can summon.

Special bosses will be spawned in various areas daily. The rewards for defeating them will be a lot higher than normal hunting quests and players will be given a turn-in quest when they down the bosses. They will also probably be quite challenging to take down.

The Behemoth Blitz List challenges high level players to take on extremely challenging boss monsters. Taking quests from the Behemoth bulletin board will allow players to access challenge dungeons with these monsters in them—they will want to pack heavy gear and a veteran party to spelunk with them. These bosses will prove tough to defeat.

Access to these instanced wilderness areas will also require a special type of currency gained from running bounty-style hunts and collection quest hunts. That special currency will come in the form of [Zendo’s Warrior Fame] as it represents the regard in which the Zendo hunters see the player as they prove their wit and mettle against the most elusive and challenging quarry in the region.

There are three special high-tier zones around Zendo: the Eguna Icy Cliff, a snowbound mountain region with evergreens and icy wind, the prowling ground of the vicious ice-manticore Hastex; the Cave of Smelting Magma, a cavern lit by the ruddy glow of pools of magma roofed with stalactites and the lair of the multi-headed fire-breathing Dyfensass; and finally the Sandy Gobi, a desert beach next to an ocean with blowing sand, the hunting ground of the terrifying T-rex-like Nakernce.

Whenever a giant boss monster is taken down by the hunters seeking him or her, the creature leaves behind a chest of goodies.

These creatures will be so fearsome that players will want to gather their best gear, their best friends, and their courage to bring back their trophies to the Zendo.

The new zones and the hunting expansion will introduce over 130 new quests, a large number of new pieces of craftable gear, a large number of rewards for the avid hunter, and a great deal of challenge.