Online gaming is among the fastest-growing industries in the world. Due to ever-increasing internet speeds and a higher level of internet penetration across the globe; more and more young people that are being introduced to the internet are becoming a part of this global phenomenon. With online gaming, the choice of title and genres for a player to choose from are endless.

There is a vast catalog that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere with a simple internet connection. The global nature of online gaming means that players from various countries around the globe get to interact with each other, creating strong social bonds. As in any industry, there are bound to be champions among the many choices of games that are offered online. These are some of the best franchises:


This is a game that allows users to create anything that comes to their imagination using a variety of 3D blocks to create shapes. By 2018 they had a monthly active player base of 91 million. It also has the unique record of being the bestselling game of all time, with over 176 million units sold across all platforms. This makes it a giant in the online gaming industry.

World of Tanks

One of the biggest online multiplayer games, World of Tanks offers a player versus player combat mode with midcentury combat vehicles. It is a free to play the game, but users can opt for the premium model for extra features that allow advantages of opponents. It is one of the first games to debut at an esports event at the 2012 World Cyber Games. Its official team tournament is known as the Wargaming League which in 2016 had total prize money of $300,000. As these games expand into the sports arena, platforms such as sbobet mobile allow spectators to follow their favorite teams and players.

Corporate Role

As the online gaming sector continues its explosive growth, the ever-increasing audience is beginning to attract the attention of corporate giants. Huge corporations from the US to China have been on a buying spree looking for the best gaming houses as the hottest properties on the market. This was seen in the 2014 purchase of Minecraft parent company Majong by Microsoft to the tune of $2.5B. As the global audience continues to grow, we can expect more deals of this scale to be completed.


Online games are, no doubt going to continue to grow as an industry. Their move into esports will further catapult the best franchises to higher echelons as their competitors struggle to gain users from their vast bases