It doesn’t matter the type of phone you have as long as you can access and download games. What everyone loves about smartphones are the features they have, which enables you to access countless games. So, if you are one of those with new portables, you don’t need to wait before looking into the great game options. Here are some online games which are great options for your mobile device.

Reigns Series – This Game offers a captivating way of imagining how it would be like for a monarch to make every hard-hitting decision. Its new extra takes that concept by putting it in the ever brutal Game of Thrones world. You all know it’s not easy to sit on an Iron Throne. Downloading this game from prediksi sgp or other sites only takes seconds as long as you have the right phone. 

Alto’s Odyssey – Alto’s offers a tranquil adventure, although with consequences. Also, this game is far from extreme departure. Alto’s Odyssey changes the setting to a dazzling desert scenery. Alto’s introduces additional features such as wall-riding and springy hot air balloons. However, the core action is to calm to play. 

Brawl Stars – Supercell Company, which is behind the mobile epics Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, has been on the tight competition with Brawl Stars. The game offers a cheerful and cartoony feeling, although unbelievably deep, with a wide variety of characters to use. All figures in Brawl Stars have their specific skills. 

Fortnite – Fortnite, being the world’s popular game, is also an excellent fit for your phone. Although a touchscreen can’t match the work of a mouse and keyboard when it comes to headshots, you can still complete your battle pass encounters using your phone. 

Gone Home – There was a time Gone Home helped spread a new game, using the viewpoint of a nonfictional shooter, more narrative-focused, and violence-free experience. The game focuses on a young lady returning home from school, only to discover sprawling house empty. Next, there is a tense and beautiful mystery which could fit in your pocket. 

Florence – Florence only lasts for two hours, but with many adventures within that short time. The game involves a story that uses interactivity to ensure you feel how it’s like to be young and loved. Florence offers a cute, sweet, and playful sensation, although its end is powerful and emotional. 

Civilization VI – This could be the biggest game to play on your phone, especially its newest form. Civilization VI doesn’t reduce the turn-based plans, which fans have come to learn and love. The game somehow fits on that tiny screen and works well.

Pocket Run pool – Designed by Zach Gage, also the inventor of classic games such as chess and solitaire, you can only expect the same for pool. Pool changes the staple of the pub into a one-player experience. The game has new rules like continually changing table to ensure your pursuit to score high is in progress. 


Smartphones have made it easier to access numerous online games. It doesn’t matter whether it is iPhone, iPad, or Android, as long as they can take in the games. Some sites offer a variety of adult and child-friendly games with great features suitable for phones.


  1. Some of these games are alright on mobile, usually newer phones perform the best because of better hardware. But whenever possible, I think the PC versions are the definitive.

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