After decades of research on the benefits of FPS games, more and more people are buying into the idea of shooting games not just as a pass time, but as a Pro sport and a means to a sharper cognition.

The X Rocker Pulse Gaming Chair isn’t the only advanced gaming accessory on the market today, hundreds of FPS games are now breaking ranks and becoming more precise, more intense, and more challenging as the gaming industry continues to evolve.

It is a tall order trying to figure out which games are the most highly rated, this is mostly due to the sheer volume of games that have been released in the last decade alone. There are, however, a list of games that have definitely caused ripples. Let’s take a look at some of them.

COD Advanced Warfare (2014)

Since the first release of the Call of Duty series in 2003, this franchise has done anything but disappoint. After the more advanced brands like Modern Warfare, Black Ops I/II, COD Ghosts came into the light, there was little expectation as to whether the developers would top what was obviously the most superior FPS variety on the market.

This made Advanced Warfare one of the best of its class, both in terms of cutting edge weaponry, and the complexity of the story itself. Since its release in November of 2014, this COD series didn’t set and surpassed the standards set by similar spec games, and it still ranks among the best FPS games today. 

Bulletstorm (2011)

Bulletstorm isn’t your garden variety FPS, not because it’s not a great game, but mostly because it doesn’t have quite the same exposure and reach as the COD series. Despite this, however, Bulletstorm boasts some of the most instinctive, fast player movements, an energy leash, great attack combinations, and an action sequence that is a little over the top if you’re not used to it.

You get an extensive armory at your disposal, and you kick your enemies around just for the fun of it. It’s pretty well made, although the script may be a little out there, it is still worth the price on the tag.

Far Cry 4 (2014)

You can’t have a complete list of cool FPS games without at least one game from the Far Cry series. In particular, the focus here would be on Far Cry 4. Released around the same time as COD Advanced Warfare, Far Cry needed to be quite exceptional to compete with an already established franchise, and it didn’t disappoint! The dangling from gyrocopters, riding elephants, and all the cool extras are the little things that make this game stand out. Most people don’t even play it for the shooting, it’s the mix of fun and chaos, and the weird scenarios you have to work yourself out of that make this game so intense!

Doom (2016)

The doom series started off a little rough around the edges in the early ’90s, but the franchise has made some significant improvements since then. With the Doom 2016 all action, thrilling, blood-chilling encounters will leave you grasping at your controller as your life depends on it. With Doom you are thrown right into the action, dashing through hell, taking out just about all the creatures you’ve dreamt about in your wildest dreams, dodging death at every corner. Survival here depends on split-second decision making and raw speed.

Doom is a far cry from its previous, much slower versions, and with its rich sense of cheeky brutality and top-of-the-line graphics, this FPS game offers nothing if not the highest level of entertainment value. Think about it, what pumps your adrenalin more than midair melee attacks, pump action power shotguns, and the thrill of desperately trying to close the portal to hell! This list would not be legit without it!

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of great shooter games out there, it would take weeks to complete this list. But, if you’ve not played any of the above-mentioned games, just know, you’re totally missing out!


  1. Sad to see no Battlefield entries on the list. Battlefield 4 was and still is a great game after a year passed since its release and all the major patches were put out there for the players.

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  2. Might as well just consider these all first-person shooter games, especially in the title of this article. Kind of unfortunate that third-person shooters, twin-stick shooters, top-down shooters, shoot ’em ups, and other kind of shooter games don’t get featured as often.

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