When it comes to gaming, virtual reality is something that has been talked about for a while. At one point, though, it seemed something of a distant dream that might never come off. Thankfully, recent advances to VR technology have enabled not only developers to produce better VR games, but also the general public to have a usable, affordable route into this way of playing. VR gaming platforms that allow you to play in a truly immersive way are now available and accessible.

VR online games are a classic example of this and host some awesome virtual reality game titles to try. Although live games were a major breakthrough for online gaming, VR games take this to the next level. Just remember to look out for the best online casino promotions if you plan to play on an online game platform – VR or otherwise.

Of course, video gaming has also been affected lately by having better VR technology to work with and a range of amazing virtual reality games for players to enjoy. But which are the best to check out in 2022?

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 

Although only available on PS VR, this still ranks highly as a top virtual reality game in 2022. This is perhaps no surprise when you think how awesome the standard Resident Evil games have been over the years. There is just no denying how immersive the first-person action becomes in VR, though, and how much more thrilling it feels to fully step into the shoes of Ethan Winters.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard sees you trekking through authentic-looking Louisiana swamps, on the trail of Winters’ missing wife, Mia. As well as the exciting nature of the action, there is also a fair bit of puzzle solving and inventory management for variety. With some seriously creepy monsters to take on that really do make you jump at times, this is a top VR title.

LA Noire: The VR Case Files 

This awesome VR game for 2022 is compatible with the HTC Vive headset and is a real winner. Anyone who played the standard version of LA Noire on Xbox 360 or PS3 will know just what treats lie in store for gamers here. With seven cases to solve, you again hit the streets of LA in a bid to use your detective skills to solve some heinous crimes.

Even better, you get to step fully into the glamorous yet seedy gameworld and experience it first-hand. Once you have donned your VR headset, you will need to not only question suspects but gather clues and wander around LA. As well as the truly immersive feel this game offers, the graphics are superb and the sound effects a real joy.

Batman: Arkham VR 

Just as checking out the top 5 upcoming PS5 games is crucial for any PlayStation fan, giving Batman: Arkham VR a whirl is worthwhile for VR gamers. Compatible with HTC Vive, PS VR and Oculus Rift tech, Batman: Arkham VR is an outstanding title to try out and makes you feel like you really are Batman.

Although there is some decent action to get involved with (such as throwing the batarang), much of the gameplay lies towards the detective side of life as the Caped Crusader. This sees players being able to pick things up and examine in-game objects in glorious VR. This title also allows you to move around famous Batman locations, such as Wayne Manor and the Batcave.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew 

If sci-fi games are your thing, then Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be right up your alley. This title is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PS VR headsets – which makes it widely accessible. With crisp graphics and a suitably galactic feel, this game does a great job of immersing you in Starfleet.

This sees players choosing from four different roles to fulfill on the USS Aegis as the game starts – from Captain to Tactical Officer, Helm Officer or Engineer. This fun VR game involves constant communication with crew mates and has plenty of action. Although you can play on your own with AI crew, the multi-player mode with other human crew members is a real blast.

Top VR games to enjoy in 2022 

VR has long been talked about in gaming and has uses across the sector as a whole. While online game play is an obvious one, there is no doubt that VR video games are also something to shout about. With more VR games finally coming out and the latest VR tech being affordable to most people, expect to see games like those mentioned here remaining popular in 2022.