The goal in this Block Out game is to outsmart and outrun your opponent by making him or her entirely blocked out of the game screen. Featuring lots of road obstacles, pushable crates, deadly lasers and super sharp spikes, this running game will give its best to stop both competitors from reaching the finish line, or to block their figures out of the game screen. Have fun!


  1. I like this comparative game, you need 2 players fro this one, and your job is to finish level by preventing other player to do the same. U can use lever to block his path after you pass, or to lead him on wrong direction, u can also win by activating traps, which can be big balls or darts, if your opponent get hit by trap you win. To score points you need to pass trough end of level like and your opponent dont , or simple to kill him with traps

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  2. Nice multiplayer game , this reminds me of a game in friv which you need to work each other to finish the levels. I like how the traps are set like lasers , spikes and etc which can be pretty challenging to stop the players from finishing the game.

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  3. Blocked Out is an interesting game. Despite that it is a 2 player-only game, the game has interesting objectives and obstacles. Essentially, the players try to block each other out by trapping him or her, and/or reaching an area first then blocking out the other player. This game is the kind of game that would be fun to play with a friend, but I feel like the disadvantage to this game is that there is no single player mode for those who enjoy playing only or can only play alone. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.65/5.

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