How many stars shine in the sky?

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  1. Haven’t played this game yet, but it seems interesting and good to play tho, ill be playing this later since those feedback are good 🙂
    Ill be rated this 9/10.

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  2. 12 Many is a decent memory game, though not the most interesting or challenging memory game that players can find. The graphics are very basic composing of mostly text and dots (stars). Some dots are plain, some are colored and some dots have a nice streak which I like. The gameplay is simple where the player has a quick glimpse of the dots, and has to guess how many dots there are. This game may be an interesting challenge for people with dyscalculia (or people who have trouble counting), though it is very quick-paced. It mostly becomes a guessing game, when the game displays so many dots that the player cannot count them all. Overall, I would rate this game a 2.75/5.

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