The latest and greatest Event/Meetup involving Ogreman and AQ3D happened about a month or so ago. This Event was not only to bring the GameOgre community to AQ3D, but it was also to introduce the permanent travel form and the Blue Ogre Cave. Most importantly, it was just a lot of fun! Everything was well scripted and the players enjoyed all the enemies and loot. That said, here are the screenshots from this experience:).

ScreenHunter_25 Jan. 30 15.58

ScreenHunter_22 Jan. 30 15.46

ScreenHunter_13 Jan. 30 15.26

ScreenHunter_18 Jan. 30 15.34

ScreenHunter_15 Jan. 30 15.32



  1. Love the collaboration between gameogre and AQ3D! Would be even better if there were more AQ3D items in gameogre shop. Also, I believe there should be a dungeon, atleast a few quests, and a craftable gear in Blue Ogre Cave if possible.

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