Lasuni is a free to play virtual world for anybody aged over 13. Users can access Lasuni directly from their browsers. In Lasuni users can make new friends, complete exciting quests, play mini games and participate in community events. Each user has their own unique avatar allowing them to express themselves and to stand out from the crowd.

Post Date: 20:40 25-11-2012
Rating: 3
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: This game have weak graphics and game play for me :/ Lasuni havent got big popularity on net. I was serching for reviews of it and I only finde review on GameOgre. I very much dont like that kind of social games becouse they help kids to lose connection with real world. I really dont recommend this game to anyone. I still rate it 3/10
Post Date: 22:30 22-11-2012
Rating: 7
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This game is ok not to good not to bad the graphics are alright kind of like habbo if you ask me at least the game play but the graphics are slightly different i dont like this game at all i like MOBAS and Shooters but if you like virtual world games then you should play this for sure
Post Date: 20:36 22-11-2012
Rating: 3
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Another virtual world …… eeeee 3/10
Post Date: 07:20 22-11-2012
Rating: 4
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: This is like a normal virtual world game. Nothing very special about it. Reminds me a bit about Habbo. But there’s not many players in this, so I recommend you people to find another virtual world game. This is an okay game, just not something for me.
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  1. Graphics and art sucks at the picture given, seeing your avatar have the same look as the others minus points the gameplay is very common in games like this so that’s average points 1.5 :P.

    Masako did not rate this post.
  2. It’s a pretty decent socializing game. The custimization is pretty limited, the graphics are also pretty horrid. The community is very low, also the walking on this game is glitchy. Overall, I’d have to give this game a 3/5.

    ugmsrocks09 did not rate this post.
  3. 3/5 – Cool little game concept, the art is simple but it’s probably one of the better social games i’ve seen graphics wise. It’s simple but straight to the point

    Rex did not rate this post.
  4. Game is like Habbo in its isometric design plus features of other virtual worlds like character customization, but I feel like the game is very basic and doesn’t try to elevate anything new. It’s main focus seems to be on chatting with other people more than on mini-games. I do like the art style though, plus the overworld of the game looks nice. Overall, I’d give this game a 3/5.

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