Now laptops and even netbooks are no longer so relevant, because tablets are gaining more and more popularity. This is something between a regular laptop and a smartphone, which is a touch screen with basic functionality. Tablets have become popular thanks to Apple, which began to release them first.  The functionality of the tablet is not very powerful. They are not suitable for complex programming work, for example. But for a simple user, they are an excellent tool for standard basic operations, such as Internet access, photos, music, documentation, and more. You can play games on tablets, including many esports. The performance of tablets is growing at an enormous rate from year to year: it is not for nothing that they are called portable computers. At the same time, opportunities grow. They turn into full gaming devices by means of which you can test

Why tablet games are so popular?

If we consider the IT market as a whole, then surprisingly, one of the fastest growing segments is the gaming industry. According to some analysts, in 2016 the share of mobile games will reach 30% of the total software content in the world and will only increase in the future. Here are the main factors affecting the development of mobile games:

  1. first of all, an increase in the number of available mobile devices that provide the required performance;
  2. high popularity of free and shareware games (with the further purchase of additional options within the game or display advertising);
  3. the growth of the quality of games applications, which includes not only the improvement of graphics and interface, but also the gameplay itself, and for this the buyer is really ready to pay money;
  4. introducing an element of competition through the use of online solutions.

What parameters are most important for the gaming tablet

Common features of the game tablet look like this: high performance; large screen with good resolution; capacious internal memory. In this case, the main characteristic of the tablet will be its performance. It depends on the quality of the electronic filling: a powerful multi-core processor, a large amount of RAM, a separate video chip, if simple, the higher the numbers, the better and faster your tablet will work. At the same time, all other characteristics (case materials, screen diagonal and others) recede into the background, but there are those that should not be neglected.

Which processors are best for gaming tablets

If you want to understand which tablet is best for games, then you need to figure out the performance. Each device has a processor. And it is better to give preference to famous brands: Nvidia Tegra; Samsung Exynos; Qualcomm Snapdragon, Intel Atom. In some devices are Chinese counterparts, which sometimes have problems. Even when choosing a tablet with a processor of a well-known brand, you need to pay attention to the number of cores and the clock frequency, because there are budget versions of the chips. You can also look for feedback on how certain processors behave in a particular game. A special problem of Android tablets from second-tier brands that use little-known chips – they can not get technical support that will help solve their problems with drivers, device performance, and so on.

Also, most users do not distinguish between the concepts of chipset, processor and SoC (system-on-chip). In fact, these are three different terms. A chipset is a set of microcircuits that allow the processor, memory, and other electronics to work together. SoC is a multifunctional system built on a single chip. SoC includes not only the processor, whose performance is usually talked about, but additional processors responsible for processing audio, video, standard tasks, and so on. And every single block is called a core. Many may also be confused by the marketing moves of vendors in describing the number of cores. For example, the eight-core SoC from Nvidia Tegra 2 includes a dual-core Cortex-A9 processor. The remaining six core blocks are responsible for other functions: audio processing, video encoding / decoding, work with graphics (there are 8 more mini cores inside this block) and standard services. For processors, the heat transfer parameter is also important. This factor depends both on the actual work of the chip itself, and on the design features of the plates themselves (dimensions, type of material used, etc.). It is not very pleasant to play on a tablet, which in 20 minutes will “glow” in your hands. Such features are also worth knowing from the reviews of a particular model.

As a result, in choosing a device for games, if you take into account the chipset, push off on behalf of the device manufacturer, the history of its other models, OS updates, stability, and similar parameters – they will tell you much more than simple numbers from specifications.

What other parameters are important in the gaming tablet

As described above, for a gaming device, it is important to have a graphics accelerator that allows you to run applications in higher quality. They take on some of the image processing tasks. Currently, most graphics chips are produced using the following cores: PowerVR (Imagination Technologies), Mali (ARM), Adreno (Qualcomm) and GeForce ULP (nVIDIA). As for the RAM, the principle “the more the better” works here. The minimum amount for a modern gaming tablet is 2 GB. In addition, gaming applications require a lot of space, so it is better to choose a device with a large amount of internal memory, with at least 32 GB. The presence of a memory card slot will be a definite plus for lovers of storage of a large game store. In terms of ergonomics, an important parameter is the weight of the device – with prolonged use from a heavy tablet, hands will hurt. Playing on small devices is not always convenient. It is advisable to purchase a model with a screen no less than 8 inches diagonally and a resolution not lower than FullHD. The sensor of the device should support simultaneously pressing at 10 points. If you often play, for example, on the road, it is better to look at models with a high battery capacity – such devices will not discharge after an hour of play. Additionally, you can buy a portable charger.


The popularity of online games forced their providers to adjust to the novelty of the technology market – tablets. Considering the peculiarities of their work and opportunities, special versions of the most popular games were developed. The difference between the standard versions and special gaming machines for tablets lies only in the fact that the tablet versions are somewhat simplified, so that their work does not produce failures and errors on a less powerful tablet. The advantages of playing on such games through a tablet are many factors, including:

  • Convenience. Tablets are more compact than laptops, and at the same time more comfortable and functional than the same smartphones and mobile phones. Therefore, it is very comfortable to play online games on them. In this case, the touch screen increases the sense of reality of what is happening;
  • Accessibility. You can play games on the tablet either online or simply by downloading to it. In the first case, the choice of games, of course, more. There is also the possibility of a wider range of bonus games and additional functions within the games themselves. In the Internet mode, you can play for esports money, as opposed to downloaded programs. But in the absence of a network, you can enjoy the game on the downloaded and installed versions on the tablet. This gives you the opportunity to stay in the game always and play when you want, without adjusting to the conditions;
  • Earnings. Earnings on the Internet has long been one of the most popular ways to work. Gaming is not an exception. Many people earn income by playing online games. Therefore, having a tablet, you can get a regular profit just having fun. At the same time, playing on the tablet is possible and completely free, without even investing a penny of your own money. Such a game mode provides not only the security of your own wallet, but also the ability to enhance your playing skills, gain experience and, most importantly, spend your time in your free time and have a rest from everyday problems.
  • Security. Playing the game for free saves the gamers from loss. At the same time, adrenaline during the game itself is preserved, which allows such people to enjoy their favorite pastime, but without risking it.

Online games for free on the tablet can be downloaded from various online resources. This is done quite simply, because often do not need special registration. Installation of such games takes a few seconds, but the game will bring pleasure every day.


  1. Actually tablets are a great way to get into gaming, especially for a relatively affordable price. The iPad tablets might be your first thought, but those tend to be more expensive and honestly, an iPhone would probably be better since you get more use out of a phone; the other problem with iPad tablets is that you’re limited (to iOS compared to Android). When it comes to gaming tablets, I think some stand out like the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro or the Galaxy Tab A7; a lot of Android tablets that utilize the Snapdragon CPU tend to do fairly well.

    Also, if touch controls are discouraging anyone from getting a gaming tablet, then a controller is the quintessential accessory for a gaming tablet. The IPEGA controllers seem to be the best in my opinion, and the popular ones seem to be wireless Bluetooth.

    So aside from portable consoles like the PSP, PSVita, 3DS, or the Switch, I do think there’s a place for gaming tablets. They’re pretty convenient to play during car trips (especially if they have good battery life) and they’re also more general purpose than game-specific meaning you can install other apps, not just games, which tends to be the thing that portable consoles lack.

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