Bright Shadow FREE Kitten Pet Giveaway!

Get a free kitten pet  to celebrate Bright Shadow’s brand new 2012 Curse of Hera expansion! Gamania Digital Entertainment Europe is happy to announce that the new content update includes 8 new classes, introduces 30 new maps and raises the level-cap from level 69 to 99! Do you have what it takes to defeat Hera and her minions?


  1. OMG awesome game with weather system n spectacular sunrises n sunsets in awesomely artistic maps with beautiful music to blow your mind! LOVE IT! And perm perm perm items to boot! AND NO durability loss on gear. How awesome is that from snow to desert to dungeons to cities…and pets n CARD collections of monsters killed ROCK! Play n level past the first area n u will love this magical game more beautiful beyond beginner area! Try it u will loveee it!

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