If you are passionate about playing games and want to make it a career, you can become a pro gamer and join esports competitions. There are various leagues and tournaments around the world that pro gamers compete in. Some of them are Dota 2, Counter-Strike, StarCraft II, League of Legends, and Fortnite. With the pro-gaming industry continuously growing, you may have heard of things about it, although not all of them may be true. Below are some of the popular esports myths and the truth behind them.

Pro gaming is for everyone 

There is some truth to this though, since every gamer has the potential to become a pro player in esports. However, it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, passion, hours of playing, training, strategizing, and continuous improvement of the craft. Not everyone may have these characteristics, so not everyone can also become successful pro gamers.

Pro gamers are unsociable 

As mentioned, pro gamers play long hours to sharpen their skills and become better in their craft. Due to their focus on the game, others assume that they don’t like socializing. Although some players may not be sociable, it could be their personality, and the game didn’t make them like that. Moreover, pro gaming requires gamers to play with their team. They also connect with other players and learn from each other.

Any computer will do for gaming 

If you are serious about gaming, any computer will not do. You need to meet the specific requirements of the game you are playing to ensure a superb gaming experience. Else, you may experience various problems, like lags or crashing, which can affect your game. If you are starting your journey, there are affordable gaming computers that you can find. The gaming PC under 500 article at Bestmonitorhub is a good read. It reviews the top picks for gaming PC that are around the price range of $500. Once you start earning money or decide that it’s the right career for you, you can upgrade and invest in a more powerful computer.

Esports isn’t considered as real sports 

It may not have the same physical demands as the typical sports you may have in mind, like basketball and volleyball, but it requires specific skills, so it’s considered a sport. Plus, it made its way to the recently held Tokyo Olympics. So expect to see more of it in the upcoming Olympic games.

Gaming is only for kids 

When people hear the word games, the first thing that may come to their minds is that it’s for kids. However, not all games are just for children. Many adults are into gaming. As mentioned, esports is now even part of the Olympics.

Being a pro gamer is a risky job 

Well, any job has its risk. Although being a pro gamer may seem riskier since it’s not a career with widely available positions compared to typical jobs. However, if you are the best in your league and continue to be on top of the competition, you can earn huge money.

Also, pro gamers need to meet with their team, practice, and strategize to develop their teamwork and improve their gameplay. So, it’s not just entirely about being in front of the game all the time.