Starseed Pilgrim is a game about tending a symphonic garden, exploring space, and embracing fate. You are a gardener, tending to empty noise and empty space to fill them both with color. You are a refugee, building your own world away from the spreading darkness.

Post Date: 08:57 05-12-2014
Rating: 1
Author: arZ
Comment: Starseed Piligrim is one of the worst game that I ever played. You are a symphonic gardener, and you need to explore the space and tend to empty noises and empty space to fill it with different colours. I rate this game with a note 1/10.


Starseed Pilgrim
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  1. 2d platformer where you need to grow your garden to progress further.Its interesting but not that good enough.

    Septera did not rate this post.
  2. It is time racing game, u need to build world before darkness consume it, u always need to build because darkness is spreading constantly. That is only good part for me, looks is rly bad. Dont like game at all

    brankomiljus20 did not rate this post.
  3. Really low game,gameplay is awful,i wont talk about graphic … Simply,there are a lot better games like this,but simply,it is bad
    don’t recommend it

    djolebelevode did not rate this post.
  4. Time racing game which is boring for me,I found it good at the beginning but later it started being boring and awful,graphic is low too

    TheRedLight3 did not rate this post.
  5. interesting game that teaches through trial and error which makes beating the game feel like an actual achievement. just wish the jump pad plants were a little more useful

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