What exactly do game streamers and heavy gamers do that comes close to a diet? Can’t really speak for game streamers as have not done that near as much as heavy gaming, but both areas likely cause a certain amount of anxiety and stress do to a lack of good food and not taking the time to digest food properly. If you need mental heath help related to this particular issue, please contact BetterHelp.

Gaming too much at a time can definitely cause problems with your health. Take it from somebody who has experienced that first hand. Do you see all the foods in the featured image? Yeah, I did not eat any of that when I was gaming heavily and living alone. Used to have binges every day playing action RPGs, first person shooters, and MMORPGs. The best I probably did for nutrition during this time was fresh cakes and pies from the local grocery store! The worst I ever did was a marathon of the first Diablo. After a few days to a week of eating nothing but junk food and sleeping very little, it finally came to me that I was had not been using the bathroom. Not going into the details, of course, but that was my wake up call.

Not eating and sleeping properly caused a nervous overload through out my body. Instead of continuing this viscous cycle of gaming constantly and eating badly, I reached out to my family for help. They helped me prepare simple foods that were actually good for me and that helped immeasurably! You would be surprised how different you can feel just by fixing yourself a baked fish and potato instead of binging on frozen pizza trying to reach the next level. That said, please get help if you think that gaming and bad eating are hurting your mental heath.


  1. It’s so nice to see article regarding this topic for I personally think this is very relevant nowadays. I am not a Streamer or somewhat a heavy gamer myself, but I do experience not having a decent meal just to play a computer game for so many hours. I didn’t really get to the point of having some problems in my health or mind during those times, since I have a brother who always encourage me to cut that habit and do some exercise every once in awhile, I might say I’m fortunate to have someone like him, but the my case isn’t the same for everyone, so it’s very nice to see an article about this thing.

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  2. Always important to get not just plenty of meals, but healthy meals as well. Might not be drastic for younger gamers, but as you get older, you really will need to get a well-balanced diet. Otherwise, at the very least, eating vitamin gummies to get the supplemental nutrients you need is something that I would consider.

    I’m not the kind of gamer that binges on snacks like chips and soda, but I am someone who tends to eat very little. But I do eat healthy meals at restaurants occasionally and very rarely eat frozen food and junk food.

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