Dungeon Defenders II is a free online action/strategy game with a crossover involving Terraria.



Game Description:

Dungeon Defenders 2 has not been the surprise hit its predessor was, but that could change with a combination of its free price tag and the new Terraria crossover content. What is surprising is that the original Dungeon Defenders and Terraia were two of the first Steam games to be favorites in our community. In fact, those two games were our very first four packs that were shared with top GameOgre members.

Dungeon Defenders 2 was set to be a MMORPG at one point and it finally was made into a free-2-play game on Steam. Should be even a bigger hit than the orginal right? Not quite as we have tried a couple of livestreams in the game with little success. The problem could be the large download (around 10 GBs now) or the different character models, but I think it was that some members here failed to really get into the game. I am guilty of this myself and I loved the first game.

The new Terraria (which a game that must be bought) content could help the game get more attention to get it over the proverbial hump even as a free game. It definitely got my interest as I like the possibilities of such a collaboration. Terraria has smallish graphics so the ability to experience some of that game’s content in a 3D world is intriguing. Hopefully, it is just a start to what these two games can do together. A unique world that can not be found elsewhere should help the sequel gain more needed fans. At the very least, GameOgre.com will be livestreaming Dungeon Defenders 2 Friday at 3:30 PM Central time on our Ogremedia Twitch Channel.

Key Features:

  • Free update.
  • Free to play on Steam.
  • New Terraria crossover content.
  • 10 GB download.
  • Can play solo or with up to three friends.
  • Fight waves of enemies.
  • Does accept microtransactions.
  • New Dryad hero.
  • New Forest Biome map.
  • New enemy and boss.
  • New weapons.
  • Fixed bugs and balance issues.

Game Trailer:

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  1. Solid action combat video game which is buy to play,enjoyed playing it,I suggest it everybody

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  2. The game looks interesting the graphics is good I like the artwork:P the gameplay is good as well seeing terraria monsters in 3D is a new experience:D, or is it the other way around?

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  3. Well I never saw this coming for Dungeon Defenders. Seeing this occur in terraria makes me even more interest in play the game. I think the graphics are still decent, after all I’ve been playing terraria and minecraft since the age of 7. The games update is something I’m looking forward to playing.

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  4. Omg this is awesome… Terraria is a very sweet game on its own. Outstanding if i may say so..
    But having a crossover would me more awesome.. Interesting concept indeed.

    I’ll look this up~
    Thumbs uppy~

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  5. Good idea! A crossover game would definitely bring up the content! The game is also free but things like this suggest that the game has low player turnout. Giving this a 7/10 overall.

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  6. 2 Games collide nice idea been playing terraria a year ago but this one is with a cool rpg game the best part is the game is for free and the graphics is cool I recommend this one for all the gamers out there 4/5

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  7. Decent graphics, not quite as entertaining as the original game. The crossover with Terraria makes it a bit better. One of the best parts is that its free to play. The only issues is that it gets boring and its hard to stay with the game due to it not being the most active game ever. I rate it 4/5. Definitely worth a check out.

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  8. Dungeon Defenders II is a online action/strategy game that has a crossover going on with Terraria. There are many heroes and weapons to defend dungeons with! This game looks pretty good when the graphics are concerned. It comes with the price tag of 0$ which is great for those who don’t have much money to spare or just want to play a game like it. I give it 4 stars!

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