Today the video game industry is in rapid development. For millions of people worldwide gaming is their favorite form of entertainment. CS GO is by far one of the most popular games in the world. The rate of players exceeds 850 thousand in 2017 and is growing daily. Since the release of Counter Strike 1.6 in 2003 the gaming environment has changed dramatically. People no longer host lan parties, but play via internet platforms. Most importantly, there’s a great number of ways to make real profit from playing CS:GO, for example skin selling, live streams,  creating your own podcasts or participating in online tournaments. But that is not the half of the story; there are plenty of other methods to earn money simply by playing CS:GO, like:

–        Selling unique loot items

–        Predict rare items and invest in them

–        Sell loot boxes which drop during the game 

Counter Strike Skin Trading

When playing Counter Strike, each player wants to stand out from the crowd and possess unique and rare items, like character skins or weapons. Players are able to trade in game skins on the skins market and make profit out of it. The procedure is simple, all you have to do is use your steam account, choose the items you want to sell and receive your money via online payment. 


Another popular method is selling loot chests. They are constantly received by players during online matches and may be sold via different websites. Although there is a relatively small chance of gaining rare loot out of the chest, yet many people still buy them.

One more way to earn funds by playing CS:GO is investing into items. Some weapons or skins drop only during certain operations, which might end. When operations end the loot becomes rare and its price doubles or even triples. But it’s hard to make a prediction and guess which particular operation will end, and which loot will be rare. But if you do, you’ll certainly make a lot of money by selling the items you have gained from the closed mission.

All in all, gaming industry keeps expanding and there are many different ways to earn a living by playing your favorite video game. Either by streaming, writing guides and reviews or trading in game skins you can make profits and withdraw your money via online payment services, or spend them on enhancing your gameplay.


  1. Predict rare items and invest in them kinda reminds me of a method i used to use called buying low/sell high, you bought these virtual cards at a low price and kept them until their price went up in value

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