EVE is a persistent world multiplayer online game (MMOG) set in space that offers a free 14 day trial. Players are spaceship pilots seeking fortune and adventure in an exciting – and sometimes hostile – galaxy.

Post Date: 12:27 26-11-2014
Rating: 6
Author: drbrekalo
Comment: To difficult to understand caus every month there are new options, expansions and all other stuff, tried, didnt like it, but overall game is good
Post Date: 08:05 15-02-2014
Rating: 9
Author: ufbre
Comment: EVE Online is very beautiful game but it is very complex to play.
Also it s very time consuming 🙂
Good graphics in game,nice story.
Game is excellent for space lovers.
Post Date: 11:56 05-07-2012
Rating: 6
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: This game is good.. Not great but good. I haven’t really liked space-based games at all but I decided to give it a shot. It’s better then most of the other space-based games I’ve tried but it’s far away from being as good as some other games that I’ve tried. I have to admit that it got good graphics though. There’s 4 races in the game, Amarr, Cladari, Minmatar and Gallente. Although there are some positive things about Eve, it didn’t quite catch my eye.
Post Date: 00:25 28-06-2012
Rating: 0
Author: IB2000
Comment: June 2012 :: more lag in game makes it hard to play and thats with 20 man fleets
now we have a stupid inventory which lags even more, also, they have now broken so many things in the games, it has become hard to play.. the new inventory for instance – u dock and everything u own pops up eventually,, no one wants to dock and sit and wait for several minutes before they can do anything, or even see everything they own in game,, LAG in game lags bad soemtimes can be every few minutes and u aint doing anyting but sitting in space alone it seems to come and go,, many people have email CCP about this and there replie was (ITs Your Video Card) crap cpp,, for my self im runnning 4 video cards SLI as do many other gamers in Eve,, so how can many hundreds of players have the same problem do tell us ,, and also note: no one wants this new inventory ccp has been told by 1000s of players in game on forums ,, it sux impossible to work with slows game down ,, and what u tell us (tough ) its going to stay in game ,, well i guess it wont be long then before u loose ccp keep it up news travels of how bad u treat the people who play eve (Its Those in game who pay your wages ( dont bite the hand that feeds you ) should not have touched which wasnt broken,,
CCP fix this mess….
Post Date: 12:52 27-04-2012
Rating: 8
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: EVE online is a space based game with spaceships to play in. This game is a nice space game for space game lovers.

Players start the game by either selecting a previously-created character or by creating a new one. Each Eve Online account allows for up to three characters. When a player creates a new character, they start by choosing one of the four playable races – Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar, or Caldari. Each race is further divided into three bloodlines that give characters different pre-defined appearances, which can be finely tuned by the player.

The story of this game is very interesting and very nice sci-fi styled. The design of the spaceship in this game are really well made, the planets are very good too. The interface of this game could be better.

The in-game economy in this game is an open economy that is largely player-driven. Non-player character merchants sell skill books used by players to learn new skills and blueprints to manufacture ships and modules, this is really handy and easier for players.

EVE online has some beautiful OST in the game. it’s a nice game.

Post Date: 08:58 10-10-2011
Rating: 7
Author: tachyon
Comment: Cool game. Good graphics, though laggy near heavily populated areas. Very in-depth/statistical gameplay, not for the mmorpg solo player – you need to be in a corp or you will get your ass handed to you daily. The missions really suck, and you’ll run the same ones over and over and over. You’ll need to read the online guides for this game for your security and missions stats improvement. Eve offers a great game with terminal flaws. You can never catch up to the higher level players. The rank system is based on “training time”, which means you can literally train levels without doing much more than logging in and out, and not actually play the game. The cost of ships is so high that you will find yourself hiding in secure locations just so you don’t lose your expensive ship. Subscription based gets expensive for how much you can really do in this game without being in a top corp and have been playing for 100 years.
Post Date: 18:59 17-08-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Webber
Comment: Eve Online is always in the news for a scam or espionage! I have to admire one of the last P2P games for still be able to garner player imagination and media attention. 10/10
Post Date: 22:47 20-07-2011
Rating: 8
Author: blackinton
Comment: Eve is a very fun and beutiful game, it is very complex and once you get the hang of it its very easy to understand. The big problem is, the game is a full time job to play and unless you play at least 3 hours a day minimal, you will constantly feel like you are falling behind. Another thing is the learning curve is obsene, you play for one year, you thing you should be able to do well at pvp or be good at the game in general, wrong. You will constantly be afraid to fight a player a year older than you because you know they will win, it feels like an inevitability until you reach a certain point. The game has very little story aside from the backgrounds of the different races. Also my last gripe is the combat, it is very dull and unappealing, many may disagree but come on, you click orbit at the distance you want to be from the enemy hit f1,2,3,4,5 to turn on your weapons and watch them die or watch them kill you, theres no strategy or variation unless you can afford several ships from several different races,and if its a fleet battle, its not like you will be commanding anything, you are a grunt in the eyes of the alliance leaders there to do their bidding. Also a 5 is not a bad score, its just average, and this is what eve is, if your a noob dont expect to get good fast, if you are willing to take this game up as your career choice i bet it will be very fun for you, but playing the amount of time it takes to get good at this game is more to ask from any gamer.
Post Date: 01:37 12-06-2011
Rating: 4
Author: Vikeadyn
Comment: You will not jump into Eve, and start leveling anytime soon thats for sure. The game is pretty confusing right from the start. I mean overwhelmingly confusing. I am sure with time, it becomes second nature. It is so confuseing the first page in the gamers manual that comes with the game recommends players to do the Lengthy tutorial. The tutorial ingame, also explains things in a vague kinda way. So yeah, even the tutorial is confuseing..go figure.

Eve is basicly a windows/text game. Not Windows the program, but everything you do in Eve has pop up information windows. At any giving time you can have lots, and lots of windows opened at once.

Flight controls down right stink in the game. I know a Sci-Fi Browser game that is f2p and has way better flight controls then Eve, Training does happen in real time, and if you have 3 characters built, only 1 of the three can train, at a time.

So if you get bored with one character, make sure it is not training, while you are on a different character. The training also happens if you are logged off for the night.

I give it a 4, only because the graphics are beautiful. and Eve also has a rookie chat, for newbs, when you can talk to someone 24/7 if you run into a wall and not sure what to do next. Thankfully the rookie chats is present on some occasions.

If a game has a Chat to contact people 24/7 with simple questions, then that tells you right there how confuseing Eve is to play.

Post Date: 09:26 19-02-2011
Rating: 7
Author: sasuke24
Comment: This is a nice MMORPG. The graphics and the sound effect is awesome. Combat system is slight laggy though….
Post Date: 18:31 25-11-2010
Rating: 3
Author: Ricimer
Comment: If the apparent complexity and possibilities of Eve are what’s attracting you, forget it. A series of feature simplifications and removals have shown CCP’s intent to geld Eve into a relatively simple FPS.
Myself, I beta tested Eve for over 2 years, shortly after it went live I, like many other testers quit. It was too much like paying for beta testing. I returned almost a year ago expecting to find a well developed, rich tapestried game to jump back into. Instead I found an ever more simplified background for what’s basically a somewhat more intricate FPS. It’s not quite there yet, but the path is obvious.
Post Date: 03:57 05-11-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Kalculating
Comment: A Subjective Review From A 11/2005 Player

PVE- 2/10. Yes, it”s that bad. Kill x, Get item y, Bring here. over. and over. and over. Good for making money, just incredibly mind-numbing.

PvP- 7/10. Now i can see the Fanboi”s now. “no 10 for PvP???? gtfo noob” small scale PvP is nearly dead, and Large scale PvP is “let”s bring 3000 players into one system and try to crash the node!” While amazing that the server hardware can handle such load without crashing, it however was NOT playable in the least. I give EVE a 7/10 because when you do find a small scale fight (as opposed to being just another face in that 100 man fleet….) the combat is AMAZING, but it”s been awhile since ive had one of those adrenaline pumping fights, unfortunatly.

UI- 6/10 its passable for what it is. nothing spectacular, but not bad either.

Mining- 1/10 Sure, its a good money maker for the newest players. but within an hour or two, your going to want to move on to something else until your getting close to that hulk, or you hit nullsec. (0.0 space) keeping in mind mineral prices fluctuate greatly, right now mineral prices are pathetic. this is due to the HUGE influx of minerals due to macro miners and macro ratters. (drone region, im looking at YOU.)

Graphics- 9/10 Absolutely Amazing. The only faults i see are the odd glitch here and there (mentioned in previous reviews. yep. still there.)

Storyline- 4/10 You wont hang around for the story, that”s for sure. while there are small backstories to each faction, nothing moves from there. (you”d think with all the incursions each faction makes on one another in the missions, war would have broken out already. in addition to enough ore gathered (materials for war preperation mission) to build a FLEET of titans.)

Character Development 6/10 Ah, now this one is a double edged sword. Skill training in EVE is time based, and skills train (assuming they are in queue. you did fill the queue right???) if you are online or not, 24 hours a day. On the other hand looking at some skills training times is quite daunting. (battleship 5 takes how long??? lets not even get into capital ships….) It”s VERY hard for a fledgling pilot to get a foot in the door against the more advanced players, much less get ahead.

Player Base- 5/10 the most common line you will hear when describing the players in Eve is “Eve is a cold, harsh world.” Translation: You will be scammed, you will be ganked, (repeatedly) Anything most other players can do just to ruin your day, some will do. simply for the “lulz”
That being said, there are some truly great people playing Eve. People who will go out of their way to help others, and help newer players try to succeed.

Help And Support- 2/10 GM Assistance Is Passable at best (45m-24+h waits), But most of the time offer no assistance. lose something due to a bug in the game? prepare to hear the following “the logs show nothing”. found someone “bending” (no local exploit comes to mind) the rules? “the logs show nothing” find a macro miner, or macro ratter? good luck getting anything done on that one. your better off to go back to station, grab a misc battleship, and destroy them yourself, only to see them back again the next day. (i will say this. there are some miners who just refuse to answer local or comms. i used to be one of those once apon a time. but characters doing things almost roboticly, with names like fsadfhgfd, kinda look suspicious.)

Overall, Eve is a VERY deep game, something that CANNOT be played just casually. do NOT expect to jump in and hit endgame within a couple of months. Then again that”s a good thing. EVE has kept me around for 5 years now. the next expansion, Incursion, is supposed to bring more PvE into the game, So hopefully there will be improvements there. The game is VERY daunting for a new player, and its a VERY steep learning curve.

So let”s recap.

Character Development-6/10.
Player Base- 5/10.
Help And Support- 2/10.

Overall review- 6/10

Post Date: 04:32 04-10-2010
Rating: 7
Author: rangeralpha
Comment: First the bad parts.
1.PVE: 2/10 Seriously don’t play this game for pve, the only part of eve which isn’t bad is pvp. Missions are always the same and combat missions consist mainly of killing hordes of weak ships (npc ships are much weaker than player ships of the same size). Select a target, activate your guns, wait till it’s dead, repeat. Depending on the dps you can tank you may have to pick the right target to avoid agroing the whole room. Additionally there are 5 mission levels which obviously isn’t enough to provide everyone with missions which are doable but challenging (with an 2-3 weeks old character in a battlecruiser the first 3 mission levels are trivial and boring.)
There are a few other options for pve but the only thing which might make pve interesting is the chance that another player might attack you while you are farming.

2. Mining: Another way to make money is mining, which isn’t that boring, because you won’t pay much attention to eve while doing it, you just have to empty your cargohold from time to time. It can become more interesting when you mine in an unsafe system, because players might kill you, as I said pvp is the only thing that makes this game interesting.
Another thing you can to in eve is crafting. Players craft almost everything in eve, but like the crafting system in most games the only interesting part is figuring out which item will make the highest profit.

3. The UI and some other things. The UI design is mediocre, the reason that a new player will have problems to find some things isn’t that eve is so super complex, it’s just hasn’t a good UI design.
Additionally there are many minor annoying things, as an example you can save which modules you user on a ship but it tends to not load the saved fitting correctly if the order is important ( if you have to fit module j before module y because module j increases the powergrid enough to fit module y.)
Another annoying thing is that you can’t just share your scanning results with your fleet and other inconvenient things like that.

4. Eve fanboy: My last negative point. An annoying part of the player base are elitist eve fanboys (just look at some of the reviews). They love everything in the game even the bad pve. And they love to bash wow and wow players (though how somebody can say that wow is a grind and still farm the eve pve content is beyond me.) Additionally they seem to think that everyone who dislikes eve just isn’t mature enough… But every game has obnoxious people so just ignore them.

So good parts:
1. Eve is beautiful. Many eve screenshots are good wallpaper Material. Since it’s plays in space it becomes boring after a while since it’s just much emptiness in pretty colors but you can’t deny that it looks good.
2.You buy almost everything from players, players control the market and since the market is split into regions and it’s dangerous to transport goods to the lawless parts there can be high price differences. If you are someone who likes to watch the market and search for good opportunities you can have much fun with eves market.
3. Player owned stations and structures. By themselves they are just cool but nothing which adds more fun to the game. What makes them interesting is that you can destroy pos and fight over station to gain control over the system, which leads me to point 4.
4. Large scale pvp. Small scale pvp in eve can be fun, but Large scale pvp of the dimensions possible in eve is unique. You just can’t have such gigantic battles in other games. And the battles aren’t useless the corps are fighting for territory. For this alone I will give eve 7 points.

But honestly if you want PVE play an MMO where it’s actually fun.

Post Date: 01:16 21-08-2010
Rating: 9
Author: BMedley
Comment: I agree with Betroyal. Eve Online could be so much more kinterersting if you could do more in the environment. Would that be too hard to excute without hurting the rest of the game?
Post Date: 18:18 10-08-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Betroyal
Comment: The game is unique. To not repeat what was said about it below (player-driven economics, unlimited pvp etc),i will just say that this amazing game echoes a lot in the real world. The most noteworthy events (remember, history here is completely player-driven) are being saved in many magazines and wikipedia, and there were some scandal cases when in-game stations and stuff was sold on real-life auctions for thousands of dollars (and ofc, the plane-old goldsellers do some nice $$ on this since money is very important part of the game).

It sucks tho that the combar/movement system is really dull. There isnt even typical wasd movement – all you need to do to move somewhere is click it like in some sort of strategy. When fighting something you just click once in your hud and it will keep shooting automatically; there is no ground-mode, so u can never leave your ship to roam the station or planet (yes, you cant land on planets at all); the navigation pattern is all 2d. Kinda sucks – the game has brilliant graphics but you completely miss out on them because you mostly stare at your interface.
I know this game is unique and amazing on its own, but it would really be much much entertaining if there would be well-developed combat/movement elements like in single-player starship games or air simulators. Control your ship with joystick, aim to hit you target – this would open a whole second reality within the game with skilled pilots, adrenaline flights etc

Post Date: 19:45 24-07-2010
Rating: 9
Author: smegskull
Comment: the game is very deep and good fun. I much prefer it to character levelers like WoW, GW & PW as it requires a lot more thought and planning. I also like that it pushes group play more than other MMOs, i personally am very bad at socialising and have had trouble getting into guilds in other ame that ment i just played it solo most of the time, with EVE however you aply for a job in a corp so it is much more formal to start with.
The only issue i have is that the game tutorial only covers the basics and when you start doing more complex things you have to ask someone in your corp to teach you how things work or trythe forum (though the games built in internet browser makes doing so easy).
P.S. if your parents have browser site control on yor PC i found that the games built in browser bypasses this ?.
Post Date: 04:17 21-07-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Kravnn Mohrhead
Comment: Eve is a great game. I’ve read the negative comments, and since I have played for 2 years…I can understand why lower sp players whine about getting killed- but they really shouldn’t swim with the sharks until they are ready. This really is the greatness of this game- offering the greatest rewards- only for the greatest risks. Lower sp players who learn the game in high sec space, are relatively safe to do (within the rules of highsec space) whatever. New players who head off to low sec or null sec space, 4 days into the game… they are asking to die. Like real life, Eve has it’s consequences for the foolish.

Why only a 9 Rating? Because Eve isn’t perfect, but they continue to develop the game and CCP is rather up front with improvements. Eve is constantly evolving, continues to get better and better, and the community- for the most part, are helpful and enthusiastic to help.

Post Date: 16:31 14-07-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Krewe
Comment: For the screenshot 😛
Post Date: 03:12 27-06-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Ichigohollowfied
Comment: Based on the pic it looks like a fighting space game before i even read the description and I was correct. Cool scenery in the game i have to admit. I did not play this very long because my power went out. oh well lolz. i can deal with that.I mainly like the scenery thats why i give it a 6 =o
Post Date: 04:53 16-06-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Atomic2110
Comment: EVE is a great game, but it has its (few) flaws.

First of all, I would like to comment on the great community. There are practically none of the kill stealers, elitists (bossy types), and any other of the gaming jerks. The ones you do see are rookies, and all the higher ups overpower them and usually they end up quitting EVE altogether.

The game masters (administrators) are excellent. They are very easy to contact, reason with, and they all enforce the rules very well. Once I had 2 old ships that I needed to get rid of, and one of my buddies wanted to test his new battleship weapons. I agreed to let him test them on my new ships, and on the next day, he gets a message warning him about luring rookies into situations that kill them. Good work GMs.

The combat and missions are bland and repetitive. Your weapons upgrade, in about every aspect, but that’s about it. Usually you orbit or keep a ship at range, lock on, then activate your weapons and equipment. The missions all consist of “Kill this”, “Move this to there”, or “Kill this, take this from it, and bring it here” usually.

The graphics are just plain staggering. The stars are beautiful, the ships are extremely detailed, everything is extremely detailed.

The game is a little hard on rookies, because of its amazing complexity. It takes a good three weeks in EVE to fully understand the entire game. However, the game’s great community usually helps most of the newbies through. There is even a “Rookie Chat” option, where some GMs and many players ask and answer questions of rookies.

EVE does involve some grinding, in the form of mining. Mining is one of best ways to make money. It takes a very long time though, and gets boring after a while.

The size of the game is massive. There landmarks, which are within solar systems, which are within regions, which are within New Eden (The Universe).

Players can create their own corporations, and these corporations can form alliances. This allows for many many possibilities, from huge player driven wars, to strip mining of entire systems in extreme low security space, and discovering anomalies no one has ever seen before.

EVE does almost everything right in a space game. The game takes more patience than anything else. Combat gets bland after several battles, and other things in the game are very time consuming, sometimes repetitive. Everything else is phenomenal.

Post Date: 22:06 13-04-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Kalthanose
Comment: Rating this 10 in order to bring up its rating from people who decide to play a game they really have no interest in and then want to complain about it. I’m not saying they intentionally decided to try and disappoint themselves but they went into eve without understanding what it was. Anyone who ahs rated this less than at leasta 5 which is realy low for this game has been hurt by it personaly becasue they couldnt ack it or where plain just bad sorry but all you butt-hurt players out their rating 0 and 1 are terrable lol sorry, be objective at least now i have to rate a 10 even tho i would prefere a 9 or 8. Players who played for a year and rated a low sorry but you failed real bad wow might be your speed where its all handed to you might be a little easier, as far as money grind i made 1.5 b before i was a 6 months old thats not including my small fleet of ships, didnt need anyne to bank roll me thanks.

Going to break down what eve is for those who are reading these posts so they have a better understanding.

EVE main concept: Eve is a player driven world where npc’s have little effect. the main ways they do have effect is providing some pve(although terrible) in order to make money, providing some chances for new players to understand the beginning of the game and get some basics not by saying fire at this and equip this but by putting you into contact with the concepts of flying a ship and running trade routes. The bigger impact they have is enforcing security status and people who wish to pk in empire space which is npc controlled part of eve. PK’s can still get around this ofcourse since it is a player driven game. Next you have rats in belts which are npc controlled ships that can give you isk (money of eve) and items (either by dropping them or if you salvage the wrecks) then you have complexes which are npc areas in which many npc ships are located there are levels to this which means harder or easier depending. Wormholes are another area there are NPC’s which is also the best way to make money imo doing pve unless you have multiple accounts and are strip mining in 0.0 and have the capacity to transport all that good ore. This is a quick look at the pve in eve lets recap—–missions: transport, kill rats=isk, Rats in asteroid belts= bounty=isk, complex=lots of rats=lots of isk, Wormhole= the best isk making in game imo, and last but not least mining can make good money but time consuming–always a grind while the others can be done quickly for spurts of isk.

Char abilities are based on sp or skill points trained in real time- you buy skill books and train can log out for however long you want and the training will continue until it is done, I suggest you train learning skills the first tier to 4 and just make money with missions until their all done will help allot in the long run.

PVP– in depth pvp system including different damage types and builds, any one ship can be outfitted for different roles in any gang or for solo. Generally want to roll in a group from 2-10min up to large fleets which I have seen 167 ships in one fleet action. Pvp is available from the start but you must understand what might happen to you in high sec (space within empire which is high security 0.9 to 0.0, 0.9 to 0.5 is relatively safe except for large logistic ships transporting high value items, 0.4-0.1 are lower secure points and the npc police known as concord will only react at gates and stations within these systems so pking in the belts or by planets is free game, 0.0 has no concord and no hit on your sec score also player controlled most space in 0.0 is claimed by alliances and will kill you in most cases, some areas their real nice and are anti-pirate. don’t have enough sp[ace to explain all pvp but it goes from flying around in small little ships to flying giant monsters every ship with its purpose and multiple builds for many of them to fill multiple roles. I myself at 2 months playing destroyed a miner in .3 space who had been playing for a year then offered for him to come back and get his stuff back that wasn’t destroyed, I proceeded to destroy him 3 more times (this doesn’t mean I’m good this means he knew what I was flying and had a chance to counter and just did a poor job) Eve offers for lower sp chars chance to still kill higher sp chars, sp is what you can fly and how you can outfit it not how good or uber you are. Lower sp char can still do well for themselves.

There are five basic paths, PvPer, miner, manufacture, ratter and trader. Now you can combine these anyway you wish and these are the basics. I myself have chosen battle and there for put all my training time into combat ships and abilities. Wormholes and complex’s are my main ways of making isk.

You can become a corporation ceo or an alliance leader, a general or a foreman for a manufacturing company, a solo man in empire (not really much of an option in 0.0), a pirate killing players to make money, a mercenary hiring out to the highest bidder or a pirate killer. There are so many directions you can go or take your corp. to.

Pve is not meant to be like a quest their mission’s simple as that straight to the point with a little background on that mission. The news in the game in driven by the players, 0.0 space is owned by players and massive wars are fought for this territory (which gives mining rights, moons, soon planets, complexes, and wormholes) where money is made. Why make money in eve if there is no carebear pve well simple to buy and outfit ships to make more money and to fight in. Player conflict is what eve is about with an economy that is unmatched in any game. You can also pay for your subscription within game isk BTW.

Eve is boring at first but if you can make it past the first two weeks or so you can start having a lot of fun. This game is not a carbear pve friendly place it is a galaxy of danger and intrigue (created by the players which is awesome) where great wealth can be made. Where the player can cause a giant war or lead his fleet and be a hero. This game has more depth to it than any other mmo I have played, sure not much pve but that doesn’t even compare to the player made content such as alliances, corps, pirates, traders, manufacturers and just Joe in his ship flying around. This game is for the player and made by the player.

Jump into this game knowing that it’s a rough start that will pay off in so many ways that other mmo’s simply can’t.

Post Date: 12:10 09-04-2010
Rating: 5
Author: marcus north
Comment: EVE Online is a game for the person with a lote of time and money on their hands. Yea id give it points for the graphics. I haven’t seen anything like it for some time. But it constantly repeats it’s self. Not saying there is not something new some times. But the mission is the same the only difference is the target get bigger with you. As noted by other players don’t trust anyone onleas you know them in person they will stab you in the back. If you have nothing other people will make sheer you don’t by ending your game almost.
A not for those starting complete the tutorials as fast as you can at least by the end of the 30 days. If not your going to get it up the butt. Make sheer you budget spending money or ISK is very easy everything takes ISK from fixing your ship to getting items to collect to make ISK. And train your skills always max everything if you can it will tack time so if you’re not looking for a game that you will baby for a few years don’t try it.
Simply do not play the game on leas you know someone that is. The butte system is everything in the dam game.
Post Date: 18:05 08-03-2010
Rating: 10
Author: TSamee
Comment: Alright, to be honest I feel that EVE has a way lower average rating than it should do, but maybe that’s because it’s such a divisive game. Those of you looking for PvE and solo content, don’t bother playing. Honestly, EVE will FORCE you to rely on others every single step of the way.

A few things you should know:
1)This is a complex MMO. As in, one of the most complex I’ve ever seen. The PvE is weak, fine, but the economy is entirely player-driven, and money in EVE actually does translate into power. Actual player Corporations fight over entire solar systems, pirates (real players) exist in low-security systems, and you have to think on your feet to keep your wallet filled. There’s actually a player contract system, whereby you can do tasks for other players for a payoff. Screw PvE, you can actually cheat the “questgiver” here. Or do the task, and maybe they’ll contact you in future.

2)You HAVE to work with others. This game sucks when playing solo, don’t even try. Whatever you do, make sure you’ve got some friends you can trust and a Corporation to fall back on if things get nasty. Form strong trade links with others, have a strong Corporation to fall back on if you’re attacked or being BSed in a trade deal, find people you can trust, and you’re covered. Which brings us on to number three:

3)Trust no-one as a noob. Yep, you heard it. In a game that’s all about player interaction, with no faction loyalty except what’s decided by the player, it’s awfully easy to get stabbed in the back. Playing the vulnerable noob and asking for help might actually cause more harm than good. I recommend doing a little bit of mining in high-security areas as solo work, and then joining a Corp once you’ve got cash and you’re sort of on your feet. That way, people might respect you rather than think of you as a noob. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are some of the myriad ways in which you can be screwed with: If you’re in a low-security area, you’ll be attacked and killed 6 out of 10 times. If you decide to transport illegal goods for a sweet price on advice from a shady “friend” in a pirate corp, you might be killed in a no-security system by your “friend”‘s Corp. Chances are, it was all a setup, this person who you’ve known for a few days isn’t very nice at all, and now you can’t run to the cops because you were ferrying illegal goods. In EVE, you’re guaranteed as a new player to lose the first decent ship you buy. You’ll have to find your limits, find people you can actually trust, and think on your feet.

3)It takes time. Training a skill to level 5 (max) on the skill queue (skills train all the time when on the queue, even when you’re offline) takes me between 38 and 52 days, real-time (not playtime, thank god). Also, you’re going to have to put in quite a bit of work if you’re starting out by mining, and to stay prosperous (and alive), you’ll need to stay smart and keep with current events, which means playing more often. It’s quite a big time investment.

4)This is more of a tip as I saw nycsnake complaining about losing a ship that he saved for to gankers in his review: Don’t ever put the majority of your cash into one purchase. If the ship you bought and upholstered goes, then all of it goes, cargo included. Never, EVER spend all your cash on a single product; you’re guaranteed to suffer for it. Rule of thumb for ships- If it’s important to your current job, make sure you can afford four more at upmarket price.

Having said all of this, EVE is honestly a beautiful MMO. Fine, it’s not noob-friendly, but Mortal Online seems to be the same thing, and yet people can’t seem to shut up about it. The possibilities after you’ve started are epic in proportion, and varied as anything. Feeling suicidal? Mine rare ore in a fast ship in zero-security space. Have lots of good contacts for resources? Go into manufacturing; making things in bulk can earn you a packet. In need of a thrill, tired of the law? Hook up with some pirate Corporations, buy the fastest ship you can, and run drugs between star systems. Hell, you can even become a member of the Interstellar Council, whose job it is to deal with pressing in-game issues (such as Corporation power struggles and maintaining peace in high-security space, as well as all laws and legislation).

In terms of scores:
Graphics- on high settings, they look great, CCP have completely nailed the whole “space” feel of it. Haven’t faced the UI issues of Mr. Cynic, though, as I’m on 1280×800. Also, on my HP Pavillion Dv5, it runs on high settings without a hitch.
8/10 (for the UI issues mentioned by Mr Cynic)

Sound- Again, no problems here, and I like the sounds for warp drives and thrusters, again, a very strong sci-fi vibe from those.

Gameplay- Nothing else like it on the market. Complex, sophisticated and immensely difficult, CCP has created an MMO that really is completely player-driven. The number of options available to you once you’re set up is staggering, and the variety of experiences that come with those options is just as epic in scale. It is a bit slow, however, though that’s not a problem for me.
12/10 (i mean it)

Crafting/production: You won’t be able to mass-produce ships from the get-go, but the sheer variety of items you can make (almost everything in the game) is great, and this makes up for the lack of innovation in the actual crafting process. Just wait for it to finish, that’s all. However, everything from ships to weapons to blueprints can be manufactured.

Storyline- Again, points to CCP for making this player-driven. Because everybody’s on one server, player interactions actually carry weight since they affect the whole player-base. The story essentially writes itself. For example, a few years ago, the Alliance (group of Corporations) Band of Brothers was disbanded. Now, these guys were immensely powerful, and vast chunks of zero-security space belonged to them. However, a high-ranking member disbanded every Corp in the Alliance instantly, and that left a massive power gap and loads of free land. So, for months afterwards, there were all-out wars between Corps for these systems. It’s part of the story. Also, search “EVE Investment Bank scam” on Google, yet another example of how epic a story can be when driven by players.
10/10 (for a story that can be shaped by us, the players. The only truly interactive experience out there in terms of story)

Player interaction- This game’s all about interacting with others, nothing better than this in that respect. ‘nuf said

Overall (not average result): 10/10. Until something else does what EVE can do in terms of player interaction and gameplay options, this rating will stay the same. It’s polished, it’s brutal, and it’s unique. If Mortal can touch this, then Star Vault should be very, very proud.

Post Date: 12:01 09-02-2010
Rating: 1
Author: Mr Cynic
Comment: I am giving Eve Online a rating of 1, as a deserved rating of 0 would be petty, but a rating of 1 is right, for the following reason.

Eve Online has spectacular looking graphics, with amazing looking planets, and metalic effects on the various spaceships, but it is totally let down by the font size on the games User Interface when you play the game at high resolution on large screen size monitors. Coupled with this is the total indifference of the CCP dev team to this issue despite numerous complaints in the Eve Online forum.

You can only enlarge the UI font to 12 points, which makes the lower case letters at 1920 x 1200 2mm high, and no more.

If you have a 17 inch monitor you’ll be fine at its default resolution of 1024 x 768, as the lower case letters are 3mm high, and the icons on the left of the screen ar a comfortable 10mm high, but if you have a now standard 24 inch monitor or larger at its default resolution of 1920 x 1200 or higher then your eyes will not be happy as you squint and try to read the tiny text on the UI when you are sat at a comfortable distance from the screen. The same effect is if you play at HD resolution or 1920 x 1080.

You can have a comfortable text size that can be read at 1024 x 768, or you can play the game with HD graphics, but you canot do both at the same time…yet.

Post Date: 20:45 04-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: supraking56
Comment: Don’t get me wrong by this statement because i loved WoW, but if you can get over that mind numbing mission running, dungeon hopping, and raid looting MMOs like WoW, do a little of your own thinking, and stick with the game for a little longer than the first 2 hours, this game is the most expansive, well made, beautiful MMO ever made.

Graphics- 10
The graphics in this game are unbelievable. Everything from warp drive effects, to planet and spaceship graphics. If i wanted to sound very cliche I would give graphics 100/10

Probably the hardest good game to get used to, but once I got used to it it made so much sense. There are missions in this game given to you by contractors, but to get away ahead in the game you really have to break away from these and do your own thing. The interface is awesome my 4 year old niece figured out how what buttons did what. Strategy has a steep learning curve, much like real life but for me it was a fun learning process.

Game options-10
The possibilities in this game are endless. If you get into this game you will never be able to do everything. It just can’t be done. Not even close. At all. Don’t even try.

Ships and Items- 9.5
Everything is great as far as ships and items. The only reason i didn’t give it a full 10 is because i haven’t really explored mass produced ships and items.

Not being a very PvP oriented guy, i tend to want to downgrade this number, but a deeper look at the pvp really took my breath away. Its such a relief to actually see huge battles going on between countless ships. Again here is where WoW fails. There is no giant battles. The biggest I have seen in WoW are the top end raids; the biggest in Eve i have seen are 1000+. The next great part of this PvP is the strategy involved. A tactical team of less people will always beat a slightly larger, less organized, fleet. Again WoW, and others, fail here; if your a higher level in WoW, you win.

Player Interaction-10
Now here is where i expect a lot of disagreement. What makes this game better then a 10 is the fact that you can steal, con, fraud, lie, loot , and other wise make peoples lives miserable without worrying about getting banned. So you trusted someone a little to early and gave him all you ISK. Thats your issue. Maybe it will teach you a real life lesson. On the other had you can share, help, defend, and befriend anyone as well. This is what makes this game revolutionary.

Story line-(2-10/10)
Im not sure how to rate the story line, as this game really has very little story line to rate. While I think this is what makes this game have so many options (which makes me think 10), it also kind of takes away what we all know and enjoy about our favorite video games. Yes this game has a bit of a story line but it in no way plays a role in how you can play this game. So Im gonna leave in in a broad range of two – ten of ten

This game is a revolution in MMO, but just like so many other things, it is held back by the normal, mundane things that “reinvent the light bulb” every day.
Think outside the box when playing this game. Get out of the “WoW” frame of mind

Post Date: 20:45 22-11-2009
Rating: 2
Author: Varus
Comment: Most boring game I ever saw. I played it for 4 days or so. The missions are identical. Such a lack of respect reguarding player’s intelligence is astonishing. Identical missions over and over and over and over. By identical I mean identical. Go to system x, take item y, bring to system z. Tomorrow, do it again. Same system, same item. They say it is not a PvE game. If so, they should have not make PvE at all, instead of this absolutely idiotic approach. I know every game has repeating stuff, but EVE is the Queen of repeats. And minig, oh yesssssss. Let’s kill that rock. They disappear after mining them for a few minutes, or hours maybe. My advice, find some other game… I was actually going to buy the game during the first days, but the amount of repeating stuff took the thought away in day 4.
Post Date: 03:52 05-09-2009
Rating: 7
Author: nycsnake
Comment: OK, I was so tired of fantasy games that I went for this as soon as I heard of it, especially because I love sci-fi. I am a longtime WoW player and canceled WoW for this in a heartbeat. I loved EVE right away – it was sci-fi, lots to see, so much intelligent thought to play, gorgeous graphics – it was everything I wanted. Then I started to play a bit… and I realized how I was just so insignificant compared to the longtime players. This is true of all games but it is far more apparent here because when you die, you lose your ship as it is blown to smithereens… and sometimes your person gets blown up too which is just as bad if you invested enough enhancements into your body. In WoW at least you run to the graveyard, but in EVE, if you spent half your earnings on a nice shiny new ship and some jerk decides to hijack you, you’re out all your money or your ship is blown up. This is counterproductive to advancement and completely turned me off the game. Dying in a most games is an inconvenience. – you lose your progress a bit. But in EVE you lose your entire ship which in some cases could have cost you days or even weeks of saving up. This means that the biggest advantage goes to the most well funded and longest playing players. That is why I quit EVE. This game was everything I ever wanted in a MMORPG until the epeen flexers in giant ships ruined it for me by destroying my fist 3 weeks savings with a single missile.
Post Date: 13:09 11-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Ancient
Comment: The ONLY Review You Need To Read.

EVE Online is a well balanced game no matter how you play your RPGs.
The game allows you to follow any path/profession that interestes you as deep or not as you want to go.
Everything from bounty hunting, to all out galactic warfare.
From mining to building capital class ships.
From trading your items and playing the markets to trading shares and industrial espionage.

As for the more RPG parts of the game skill training does take sometime but perseverance pays off in a very very big way, and whether you are a ‘healer’ type or ‘warrior’ type of player you can fit your ships accordingly whether you in a Basilisk (Caldari tech2 Fleet support) repairing your fleet mates shield from the sidelines, or flying your Crow (interceptor) preventing you enemies escaping while your fleet balsts them down or holds them to ransom, or getting stuck balls deep into a close range torpedo ‘punch-up’ with a Navy Issue Raven.
= D

The only drawbacks to this game are the serious advantage that long term players have over the newbies, but as a newbie your going to spend the first few months training skills and picking up techniques in empire space (the safer areas).

My advice for ppl wanting to try this game grab a trail account, get out of the NPC corp as soon as you can, and join some players so you will have ppl to guide you and help you out or you wont really get a feel for the game.

Its a fairly steep learning curve but after a couple of weeks u’ll be confident in your actions. The most adictive thing about this game is that you will never stop learning, with regular updates CCP constantly keep this game cutting edge with GFX and sound updates, they have just introduced wormholes and tech 3 ships, to keep us on our toes.

I myself run a mining corporation, worth over 10 billion ISK which i started when i was merely a month old. and if paying monthly for a game pisses you off as much as it does me, YOU CAN PAY WITH IN GAME CURRENCY!!!! All you gotta do is mine enough, sell enough, or kill enough and thats your next month of gaming sorted.

Its also nice to have a game not populated by whiney teens, i’d say average age in this game is mid 20s, but i have seen players from 8 – 60.
Good on you oldskool gamers!!

GFX 9.5
Ships/Items 9
Interactivity/Events 9
Gameplay 9
Social 9

Overall 9/10
Learning Curve 8

Post Date: 20:11 28-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: clearshot126
Comment: ok some people say to be good in pvp u must train for years and years, untrue, after about an hour of training i went to low sec and started telling people to give me money, if they didnt, they go boom 🙂 and thats something that makes the game so good, new players ARE helpfull in pvp, unlike in say wow, a new player will always be usless compared to higher lvls
Post Date: 20:09 29-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: SaTaNwInGz
Comment: Simply fantastic, 10/10
Post Date: 07:16 23-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: vot o7
Comment: I’ve been playing eve-online off and on for about four years. The game is very amazing and there are tons and tons of things to do. Most people say that they hate the training time and to be great at it you have to play four years to gather enough skills to be good. This is totally untrue. My current player only has 12 million skill points( about a year) and I started Player vs Player very early. I’ve fought and killed many people older and with a lot more skills points. The game requires you to be smart and use tactics. You could probably start pvp within two months and getting kills if you do it right. It’s a very in-depth game and is made around the players. You can do just about everything in eve. Research, PvP, PvE, trade/market, mine, discover new sites(exploration), and build ships/weapons/ammo/star bases. The only drawback to eve is that it’s hard to be a solo pilot and have dreams of moving to lawless space(0.0) and make a decent living. Since lawless space is owned by massive alliances made up of player corporations. You have to belong to an alliance/corporation to freely move around and not get shot at ( that’s if there are not roaming gangs of hostiles in the area ). 1vs1 pvp is even harder to find. Most people travel in groups and ganking( gangs with large numbers killing people) is very popular. It’s a great game, I’ve played it for a long time and still have yet to do everything it has to offer. Yes it takes some time but it wont disappoint you. Unlike other mmo’s in eve you can pick a race and fly any other races ships and use any other races weapons for those ships. There are over a hundred ships in eve some like frigates are small and huge capital ships able to wipe out a battlefield. Yes skilling takes time for these things but the effort is rewarded. It’s not easy, its a challenge. You don’t have players just jumping in and pounding npc’s for skill points and become a master in a day and that’s mainly why I love it. Besides of all said above, I honestly feel and think that it has some of the best graphics for effects/weapons and detail. It’s a huge universe, have fun. -VoT o7
Post Date: 17:41 14-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: clearshot126
Comment: ok there are ppl who call this game boring, heres roughly what thoes ppl do:
-log in
-sit in a station
-look at training tmie
-log out

as you can see, this is VERY boring, but thats because the PLAYER is boring NOT the game, i currently have a low sec wh corporation and we do things almost all the time, this is a great game for people with some intelligence to work together and not to play by them selves

Post Date: 23:08 23-04-2009
Rating: 2
Author: imawhosure
Comment: Have been playing Eve for almost a year. Game is tilted terribly towards senior players because of training set up. You can be a very good gamer under attack by someone who can barely see or move, but because of the training advantage, you will die. After you get 2 or 3yrs under your belt, you can then chase the newbies around and think you are wonderful too though-) I am cancelling my subscription because the reality is———>if you have a friend willing to bankroll you, you never have to play for a few years, just sign on and change training. After a couple of years, you will destroy almost everyone with 18 months or less, and you don’t even have to know what you are doing, lol. If that is your kind of game, play.
Post Date: 19:36 08-04-2009
Rating: 8
Author: nexus7
Comment: This is the game! It is an extremely deep, vivid and addictive game. This is not a run around hack and slash fantasy game. It is all about strategy, foresight and planning. You have to be a master of both economy and industry, not just battle, if you want to be on-top. You can’t expect to play this game for a few hours and know what it is about. I have played this game for 4 months now and I and I still don’t understand it fully, but that is what makes it so addictive. It is a multilayer game, going lone wolf will only get you killed if you are worth the time and effort.

To all the newbs who say this game is unfair. If you are a mouse in a lion and leopard world you have to sneak like a mouse if you want to taste the cheese. Otherwise you have to live under the floorboards eating scraps till you are big enough or you have enough mice gathered around you to carve a slice of cheese for yourself.

Take the trail and see for yourself. There are many aspects to this game, don’t just try one.

Post Date: 23:05 02-04-2009
Rating: 7
Author: athekkhar
Comment: Seems like a good game if you have the patience and perseverance to really get into it. It really is a massive universe where almost anything is possible. The stories of huge corporations at war and high level industrial espionage drew me in but to be honest I found after I’d played it for just over a month the slow pace was a bit boring for me. If you have the time to spare and will stick with it in the long run I’d recommend it but I dont think this game will be enjoyed by everyone.

PS If you do try it join EVE Uni ASAP! They’re a great corp who will help make learning the game a hell of a lot easier!

Post Date: 18:18 25-03-2009
Rating: 10
Author: GHMS
Comment: EVE Online is a great game and full of fun and adventure!
Post Date: 17:57 22-03-2009
Rating: 7
Author: re323232
Comment: This game would be perfected if only you could dock and actually walk around the space stations.
Post Date: 17:13 09-03-2009
Rating: 8
Author: XedoeSR
Comment: I have been playing this game off and on over the years, but recently got into the X-series and am loving that alot more. However, Eve is an actual online game and the X-series is a sandbox game. Eve has gorgeous graphics, excellent ships, but I have found finding missions and NPCs to go and kill to be a little on the difficult side. I give it a 9 for graphics, 8 for combat, and 6 for missions and NPC hunting. Total score I give it is a 8/10 rounding up.
Post Date: 17:36 02-03-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Bascule42
Comment: Excellent game. Free expansions, over 5000 solar systems. The only real drawback to this game, is that, you need to have a think about what you want to, and what you want out of it. From the outset, there are a load of agents you can get missions from, or you could join a corp straight away – a pirate corp, mining corp, manufacturing corp, mission running corp, or even faction warfare corp. This game is just huge.

For me, one of the best thing about this game, is the lack of immature, I want it all kids, (age is not a factor there). Well, you do get them, but they dont last beyond the trial.

Another appealing thing is the fact that all the negative aspects of other MMO’s that are frowned upon or banned out right, are actually encouraged in EVE. From scamming, conning, ganking, cheating, ransoming, piracy, or just killing your fellow players for the sake of it. Its all good!

Finally, its one world with EVE. No, its thousands upon thousands of worlds. Its one universe. The game isnt split onto several servers. It all happens on one main server. So, theres no running off to another server if you make a fool out of yourself, or if you dont like PVP. Its upto you to watch what your doing. I like that. Theres no care bears in EVE folks. 9/10, (the only reason it isnt 10/10, is to leave room for improvement).

Post Date: 11:18 10-01-2009
Rating: 2
Author: mavrick2482
Comment: No good 4 anyone wanting to play a space game as you cant do much at all from the beggining but mine, and that really sucks. The graphics are ok but as you can see from alot of the othe posts you do get ganked alot by vets. I restarted 3 time with diff chars each time and the game is basically the same everytime.
Post Date: 22:29 10-12-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Kunta Kinte
Comment: Best MMOG ever made. The storyline and concept are “realistic” as long as possible. And funny as hell: you can fight, make business, mine, etc. create your own corporation or applying other’s one, and then the skill. You constantly train something and you need to be intelligent so can reach your goals sooner than later. There are some programs that optimize these skills planifications but hey I prefer to use my own brain rather than a code telling me how to play.

You can loose your oh-so-beloved ship which costs millions of ISK (Inter Stellar Kredits) in 5 seconds if you are THAT stupid to fly carelessly in a 0.0 security stargate, but hey its your fault not game’s. Plus it’s nice that risk exists, otherwise this would be a dolly-molly girls game kinda The Sims. Then, you are free to be a pirat yourself, but WAIT! only in low security systems. Life in high security systems is 99.9% sure but less profitable, as it should be.

About worst thing, these are the bots. Many people download , install and run illegal bots which do mining operations etc. while you are totally away from keyboard. This means you run the bot, go away to school/job whatever for 8 hours, then go back home enter the game and there is 5.000.000 units of veldspar mineral waiting to be refined and sold for tons of ISK

IMPORTANT: It’s meant for long-term playing, which means every childish immature and impatient dude gets out of this game in just 2 days. Ridiculous, but great at the same time (this way only mature people keep playing). Dont get me wrong, there are a few of those “yo!!!!! im the rulerzzzzz of da universe hahhahaha” but they are like 0.1% of the total. The long-term thing plus it costs 12-15$ per month allows Eve Online to be a serious game for serious players.

Post Date: 10:09 29-11-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Burgundy
Comment: If you like griefing, this is the game for you. There is noplace a noob can safely play without getting their stuff stolen. Filing a petition is a joke as griefing the noob is seemingly ok. You are ridiculed in their forums when expressing frustration regarding the griefing. I only wish I had not spent money on it!
Post Date: 21:40 11-11-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Torre
Comment: This is by far, without a doubt, no question whatsoever, the BEST space oriented MINING SIM out there, thats bout it. Blech! If you’re into staring at asteroids for hours upon hours on end, then by all means, im sure ya have the munchies, go get a sandwich and dump your cash into it.
Post Date: 13:15 28-10-2008
Rating: 6
Author: gorbon
Comment: The game is fun and addictive, lots to learn but definately great fun, always something more to do..

The GMs are not helpful and not friendly, dont even bother submitting a petition because they have no record of anything.

Post Date: 09:58 27-10-2008
Rating: 3
Author: JBeast
Comment: One server (in between reboots) and a very un-natural 2D travel system for a 3D game. They limit the available schematics so only the 3-4 year vets can make anything worth selling. So naturally the kickback is that 1/2 the accounts used for bot-mining so players can make cash to load-out a decent ship to do one of the redundant quests. But you’re frequently ganked by an old-timer waiting for you to come through a warp-gate (pvp zone or not). You’ll find yourself doing the same thing a lot (which, most times, is starting from scratch).

The concept has potential, but if you haven’t been playing it for years you probably won’t be. Hopefully a company will step up and take this genre to greater imaginative depths and fund its technological and content growth.

As it stands, this is basically the space trading game we played on dial-up BBSs in the 80s with 12 quests and a GUI. Your skills are real-world timed and continue to train while you’re offline; though there isn’t a way to queue up skills for training. This is only relevant in the first few weeks of play because after that each new skill will take weeks, months and eventually years to learn. If you didn’t start when EVE rolled out, you’ll never be as skilled as those who did.

Post Date: 20:09 13-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: it looks perfect, but im not allowed to buy games lol, shame, there doesn’t seem to be another free yet good spaceship game…
Post Date: 10:54 07-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: satyrion
Comment: Very complexed game but its very cool with tons of things to do. This is a game you can play for 3 years and still be a newb in
Post Date: 00:01 27-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Nicholi
Comment: Sure the learning curve is steep but if you have any trouble talk to the people who play they’ll help in anyway from a loan, to guarding your mining barge to giving you a job as guarding a mining barge. You can get lost in this game for hours on end and not even realize it until it’s midnight and you keep banging your head off your desk. SO to finish this rather short/long review i just have to say try the 10 – 14 day trial before you judge the game.
Post Date: 16:44 21-09-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Harry657
Comment: Learning curve is steep – (you can’t just jump into this game and start playing). The tutorial should be better given the difficulty of interface. Nice graphics but not worth the money.
Post Date: 17:07 20-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Likkarn
Comment: It doesnt get much better than this when it comes to MMO. Very mature game, very realistic, and very fun. A bit hard to get into at first, but stick with it, and in an hour or 2, youll understand the mechanics from a very well designed tutorial. 10’s across the board.
Post Date: 21:13 16-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: lightningpete
Comment: This is for the more developed and more mature gamer. Amazing look into the future of the human race, portrayed in our todays events. Terrorists, factions, religions, 4 large groups of people, all of which have their own policy. Players are emmeresed into an anything goes scenario.

Ignoring all the wrong information and people flaming the game from what is a bad or overly great opinion. You’ll find EVE online to be a massive community which you can roam just about anywhere, within about a good 1000 odd systems. Planets arent inhabitable, generally. It goes with realism to a point what other planet do we know today has life or can support life? The story behind eve and where the humans came and went too shed lights on this game. This game isnt just for combat pvp-ers. Its for anyone. Businessmen and women. Marketers. People who love building empires of production. People who love logistical fields. Researchers. Its everything the real world has. Stock markets, mass markets, production of ships (like cars) customisation the lot. Its a very mature environment. The forums hold stories of peoples characters in eve as they develop and become their own boss or someone high in the corperation they exist in. Alliances fight alliances, construction of giant space stations in their own areas of space, who fight against any and everyone. Safer zones with mainstream stations for those who like doing trading, mining and production, and bigger populated shipped areas for the sellers and so forth. Its a shame this game isnt slightly cheaper and an easier control system for ships. Which is probably the only downside for the more experienced and mature gamer in todays MMORPG world.
14 days to try it out. It isnt satisfying, at first, even for me. But you soon learn that a few months down the line, your making money (inter-stellar credits: being the currency) and contributing to the economy of Eve 🙂
((Or become one of those nasty pirates who go around blowing some innocent cargo ship full of nice bounties, and be hated by most people in the game, earning your ISK the true criminal way. much like today. 🙂 ))
Visit places like evetimecodes and shattered crystal for the cheapest 60day time codes to play the game rather than with a credit/debit card!!

Post Date: 02:19 10-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Xenosaiyan
Comment: Perfect game, level up in your sleep, literally. I mean it can’t get better than that. 10s across the board. Great graphics
Post Date: 20:25 27-06-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Ayoyoj
Comment: Amazing art but overall it is boring. A good game for the casual player.
Post Date: 21:52 23-06-2008
Rating: 8
Author: ChaosInc
Comment: Awesome game…

if you like grinding and waiting.

Graphics are amazing, gameplay is excellent, but in order to advance at first you have to spend a LOT of time mining useless ore. Game concept can be quite confusing at first as there is so much going on at one time, but once you get the hang of it it’s not so bad. The “permanent” price for dying though is what I found interesting the most: once your ship blows up, you don’t restart at some graveyard and that’s it. If you’re not insured, you’re ship is gone… FOR GOOD. >=D

If you can tolerate a bit of grinding and the EXCRUCIATINGLY long time periods to raise skills, then this game is worth a go.

Post Date: 02:27 16-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: syntarro
Comment: Great game ,fun and exciting once down in 0.0 space. totally player run, alliances and coalitions make a great game for politics and war , region domination, and strategy. by far the best player ran game ever.
Post Date: 03:16 05-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Luskie
Comment: 100/10 on this Game hands down. EVE online is the BEST MMO i have ever seen or played

-Amazing graphics
-Very nice people(very rare in MMO’s)
-Mature players. no 12 year olds 😀
-Player driven. The players control the game
-Very deep. never run out of things to do.
-Money making. It’s not impossible but it takes time to make it.
-Amazing Gameplay. Just yeah.. 🙂

There is many many more PROS but i can’t think of any at the moment =P

I cant think of any for this game 🙂

Conclusion Pretty much. if you are looking for a long term MMO to play this is a game for you. don’t try and play this for a weekend and stop put the time in at the start and you will enjoy it highly. no questions asked.

Fly safe all & Fly Gallente 🙂

Post Date: 02:10 03-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Falar
Comment: Hands down the best space RPG currently available(and it probably will be for years)

-Massive Soundtrack(even if some of it does sound alike)
-Very nice community(the only reasons questions wont get answered in rookie support is because theres so many of them; like 4k people there)
-Amazing Gameplay
-Huge variety of quests
-Realistic economy(players can manufacture almost everything in the game;prices rise and fall between regions-makes trading profitable)

-UNBELIEVABLE unbalanced towards the Caldari; officially dubbed the “Chose Race” of EVE, they get almost all the updates and coolest ships
-Long skill training times(balances game but its very annoying to have to wait 5 weeks…)
-All the good ores are in the 0.0 systems, but most have already been mined
-Lag in some systems, especially Caldari ones
-Enemies wont usually fire at drones first
-Costs a lot of money…only a little less than WoW =(

10/10 for an amazing game

Post Date: 00:06 28-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: xxvicexx
Comment: The Best Game ever made. I have played many games but this one takes the cake. The graphics are breathtaking, the constant skill training scheme is brilliant, the back story is beautiful, over all it is just a great game. Forget about what you heard about WoW, everquest, and that other rubbish join the eve experience today and play Eve Online you’ll love it.
Post Date: 14:27 24-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Wildey2K8
Comment: THE GREATEST: EVE is the best MMORPG Ive played in a long time. Although it is extremely complicated at first, pay attention to the tutorial and other players, and youll soon understand. The depth of the game is just sensational, the graphics have just been updated, and now they are truly brilliant. The in game, player run economy is so smooth, and all the players are really mature and friendly, which you dont get these days. Forget running around with your sword and slaying dragons. thats Old. Its time to start your new life in EVE and live in a world where there are no limits. Beats WoW anyday, forget Everquest, D&D is way outta here, and Guild wars eats dirt.
Post Date: 01:03 14-03-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Aaddron
Comment: The best space mmo right now
Post Date: 17:34 02-03-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Amos
Comment: graphics are good but dont like the control mechanism, point and click for a space game is not my cup of tea, also there are bots on this server, if it was free I would play it probably but only could handle 3 days of the trial as got bored, and too many limitations of the trial accounts
Post Date: 04:43 29-02-2008
Rating: 1
Author: mizogucci
Comment: Eve is a game where players who are much more powerful than you reap all the ISK, kill you and loot your ship and sell for more ISK, then they sell it back to you because you have to $$$buy$$$ it just to keep up. This game is a money making engine for ISK sellers. I do give it 1 point for the art though.
Post Date: 21:29 25-02-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Cerran
Comment: The only two things that bite about this game are:

1. Serious lag issues, and
2. CCP’s complete lack of acknowledging the problem or doing anything about it.

In my view, getting an average of 2 – 3 second lag is NOT good when you’re in a game situation that calls for quick action.

Customer service can be somewhat frustratriong as well, especially so since you’re usually in a foul mood when you file a petition. It doesn’t improve your disposition any when the response you get is quoting the rules at you, about why you’re not going to be in any way compensated.

Other than this, the game rocks IMHO. New players who expect to come in and rule a chunk of the galaxy by month 2 are going to be sadly disillusioned, this game DEFINITELY is not for the ‘lone wolf’ style of player.

Post Date: 05:32 23-02-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Barenteis
Comment: Easily beats WoW. Community is great. Economy is completely player-driven, and PvP is harsh.
Those in the WoW bubble need to pop it, and come and check this out.
Extremely deep and expansive. If I could, I’d rate it 100 out of 10.
Post Date: 03:51 21-02-2008
Rating: 6
Author: KiKiweaky
Comment: kazalor…. your interpritaion of that story is shocking. Your man didnt happen to find out that his corp leader had a bounty. It was an assasination that was 1 year in the making an not only did they kill her they obliterated her corp by emptying the corporation hangers and bank acc they also took out a 2 billion isk loan (yes thats 2,000,000,000) and also did the rather mean act of pod killing the boss however this is what the contract was based on… the person who requested the killing asked for 1 thing, the freeze dried corpse of the ceo. If your looking for the real story google it with the words -assasination eve online- i would recomend you have a look at it as it is a briliant read. As for eve I wont take away from the game it has it merits but I am simply not willing to invest the time needed to make an impact on the game(or as some people put it -it takes a while to get going- its simply takes far to long) and then have it blown to smithereens by some over eager lightning jockey strapped for cash.
Post Date: 20:07 14-02-2008
Rating: 0
Author: metacurve

Gamers will quickly find that the death penalty COMBINED with the difficulty in accumulating wealth generate a game experience that outright holds them in contempt.

Absorbing crippling losses is the norm in this game. Lineage II players look at EVE and go “damn, that’s too hardcore for me.”

“Player-driven” means that your opponent always decides how hard you have to work to beat them, and it’s generally the same: AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. Do you want to put in seventy to ninety hours a week?

Lastly and most importantly, “player-driven” means that CLOUT is the real currency of this game. Anyone who’s that good at uniting people under common goals ought to be OUT IN THE REAL WORLD MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Anyone who can’t will again find themselves facing a wall made of contempt.

Stay away from EVE Online. You won’t regret it.

Post Date: 21:42 12-02-2008
Rating: 10
Author: KeyanFarlander
Comment: Simply one of the best MMORPGs out there.
Don’t listen the “teh 1337” players that “typ lik dys”. You need to play more than a day in order to enjoy it. On the other hand, I really don’t care that these noobs dropped the game so quickly, it keeps the real player base almost completley idiot free. Definitly a game for mature players.

Mature Community (My GOD this is so rare in MMORPGs now)
Amazing Graphics
Very deep gameplay
Well balanced

It takes a while to get good, you need patience to accumulate the wealth and skills to fly T2 battleships. The steep learning curve is rewarding for those skilled enough to master it quickly, and weeds out the noobs that have no buisiness playing (and ruining, since the game is largely player driven) such a well made game anways.

In response to some of the dumb complaints I’ve read:

Bad community: Several thousand people beg to differ…There are aholes as always, but most of the players are helpful. This is a PvP game, carebears, please GTFO.
Can’t land on planets: Riiiight..CCP is gonna texture the several tens of thousands of planets and moons on there in a SPACE game so you can walk around and do…what exactly?? Have you even considered that, OR the logistical ramifications of landing a huge ass ship on a planet, and lifting off again?
One Race is Severly outweighed: I assume you mean that Caldari are OPed or that Amarr suck? The game is well balanced, with the exception that Amarr lasers really do stink in PvP, but they are fixing that soon. The other races are all very much balanced, the reason that everyone and their mother rolls Caldari is probably because they are like the race’s corporate model.

Betrayal: again, ANYTHING goes in the game, if you get backstabbed, yes, you are pissed, it’s painful, etc. etc. Remember that IT’S JUST A GAME. If you allowed someone that you didnt implicitly trust into a position to do serious damage to you or your corp, you have noone to blame but yourself.

Nothing to do but trading: Lol..just lol…

Combat Sucks: Umm..no, what you MEAN to say was probably “I didn’t get far enough or bothered to learn about the mechanics of combat, i think it’s really as simple as point and click”. Eve combat has some definite upsides:
You can’t kill what you can’t target (ECM)
You can’t kill what you can’t hit (Range and Speed Tanking)
PvP is roughly 40% knowledge of equipment and fittings, 30% Quality of ship and equips, 30% real time skill.

This is a matter of personal opionion, but Eve overall is far superior to any Fantasy Hack’nSlash I’ve ever played (And i’ve played quite a few, Rappelz, WoW, Maplestory, Guild Wars, etc)

Post Date: 05:33 10-02-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Leetreveiwer101
Comment: Yes it”s a good game.

You”ve probably heard this a thousand times.

Why would I spend the amount of money this game demands for the bad game play? Two words Im NOT.

If I were to spend money on a game It would be world of warcraft, because of its depth.

Don”t get me wrong this game isn”t bad. Its just asking too much.

Nice graphics
Nice PvP
Nice ships
Good background”s


Bad community
Badly designed planets
You can”t land on planets
You can never see you character.
Your a pod :O
One race is severely out weighed.
And the crusher, the choppy interfacce – GTFO.

Cons weigh out the pros:

As a hardcore gamer in my books this game fails.
Notice i didn”t include the subscription fee”s in cons? Thats for this

Post Date: 07:11 30-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: chopster
Comment: Great PvP game with a more depth than Guild Wars and World of Borecraft combined. Best space game ever. You get what you pay for. Stop whining about subscriptions!

Post Date: 13:11 30-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: chopster
Comment: Great PvP game with a more depth than Guild Wars and World of Borecraft combined. Best space game ever. You get what you pay for. Stop whining about subscriptions!
Post Date: 03:14 08-01-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Uent
Comment: I do like the fact you can level while at work. The down side is the higher level skill can take up to 40 days or more do you want to pay 15 a months to wait 40 days for one skill? Over all the world is amazing and it sure is Hardcore
Post Date: 21:06 09-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: DispleasedRobot
Comment: Gameplay is the best I’ve found in a while, yet they do in fact have the worst customer support.

happily playing along, one day I come back to a permabanned account. luckily I was on the trial account, but I try the channels for petitions and other forms of communicating with CCP directly about this. No response. come back a little later, and the account on the website to use the petitions is also permabanned same as the account for playing. I change locations to 10 miles away, use a friends hardware, and the same circumstance pops up again 5 days later. Eve O is a great game, IF you can play it.

“missifrit > my whole area is ban city, not just one person but a whole large area, thanks a lot CCP a-holes.
Chelone > tip: they didn’t hear you
missifrit > no, they log everything
missifrit > its like nazism at its best
Chelone > uh huh
Chelone > and why would tey “ban” an “area”
missifrit > u tell me
Chelone > do you live in china?
missifrit > travel 10 miles, new account at a friends house with their computer, and same thing, banned
missifrit > haha, no.
Chelone > same credit card?
missifrit > trial accounts dont ask for credit cards
Viny928 > what is wrong missifrit?
missifrit > CCP.
Viny928 > ahh sry i am new pls tell me what the means >_<
Chelone > well, the GMs may be cold, unfeeling despots but they do not have psychic powers as far as I know
missifrit > yeah if they did they wouldnt be so irresponsible, maybe
Zatris > what part of the world are you in?
NotFink > i was a paying customer but an obvious game glitch and i lose a cheap ship and clone but they won’t reimburse, and i said screw it, they don’t want me for a customeer i guess
missifrit > zatris U.S.
Zatris > do you and you mate use the same ISP?
missifrit > probably, theres only 3 where I live
missifrit > and we try to get the fastest one
Mi baby > what kind of a glitch cost you your ship and clone?
Zatris > most companies i know will block areas of IP address if the ISP are irresponsible IE (spamming websites and the likes)
missifrit > wow thats totally unfair.. its not like I can change ISPs with a 200$ contract.
Vorsux Milhana > Mi baby > what kind of a glitch cost you your ship and clone? <<<what he said
missifrit > cant be free from it til nextyear
Zatris > i would check and see if they are blacklisted, most BL will be lifted in 24hours
missifrit > its been 5 days..”

Post Date: 08:54 07-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: NZgunner
Comment: EvE is a game for the hardcore. You can be attacked anywhere, anytime by anybody and the penalties for losing can be exceptionally harsh. Ships can be insured, but the modules (weapons, propulsion systems, etc) and player implants (stat/skill) enhancers can’t. You will also spend a lot of time picking up your replacement ship and components as items can vary in price greatly from region to region.

EvE is a game where dying (or at least losing a ship) is often a very significant event and not just a minor inconvenience.

Having said that you can be attacked anywhere I should also point out that some systems are ‘safer’ than others in the sense that retaliation from the NPC police for acts of aggression (outside of a formally declared war) can be swift and decisive – although not always in time to save the victim. Each system has a security rating from 1.0 to 0.0, with 0.0 being the lawless frontier.

Also the sort of player who is likely to want to kill you can often not venture into systems with sec of 0.5 or higher as each individual has their own security status based on their prior actions.

Combat is actually a pretty abstract affair, you select you target and fire your weapons – usually the person with the best ship/fittings wins. Player skill is manifested in terms of outfitting a good PVP ship and understanding the strengths and limitations of both themselves and the enemy.

One of the most appealing things for the casual player is the nature of character development. There is no such thing as experience points and leveling. Characters get better by learning new skills which are acquired simply by setting the skill to train and waiting for a certain amount of time (a few minutes for basic skills, over a month for the most advanced) to pass.

This means that the player who can only log in for a few hours each week is not necessarily disadvantaged compared to the power-gamer who never sleeps – except in terms of the accumulation of wealth.

Unfortunately for the casual player wealth is a big deal because the penalties for ship loss can be very high.

As with many mmorpgs the social aspect of EvE is based around the guild concept. Players can form corporations that have options for taxation and profit sharing, and facilitate large ventures such as space station creation. Corporations can join together to form alliances, and can declare war on other corps/alliances.

When corporations are at war the NPC ‘guards’ won’t intervene even if the firing starts right under their noses.

The free for all nature of EvE dictates a strong PVP focus, but there are still PVE options based around completing combat or fedex missions for NPCs. PVE is in fact necessary for players to make money, either in the context of missions or just ad hoc encounters.

In summary EvE is not for the faint hearted – if you feel pain and frustration when dying in WoW you will probably hate EvE. But if you subscribe to the theory that greater risk leads to greater rewards (not in terms of loot, but personal satisfaction), then EvE is definitely worth a look.

Post Date: 13:38 05-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Mickygor
Comment: A truly amazing game! It has everything that I wanted in every other MMO I tried, but couldn’t find. You truly can do what you want. New players can have as much of an impact on the game as seasoned ones. Immense pvp, where the smaller ship classes can turn the tide of battle as much as a capital ship. A completely player driven economy, and absolutely no restrictions on what you can do. The community is brilliant; while drifting along in your really expensive, impressive ship is awe inspiring and makes you feel proud, it’s nothing compared to being just one in a corporation fleet full of equally impressive ships.

There’s a graphical overhaul on its way that will really put this game well above all others on every aspect. I can’t wait!

Post Date: 01:54 24-10-2007
Rating: 6
Author: kazalor
Comment: Three Words I can say about this Game, 1. Treachery, 2. Corruption, 3. Greed.
Just a quick questions before this begins, Has anyone heard of the famous story with the guild leader and the 2nd in command and how he betrayed her, along with stealing SDK or whatever the currency is= to 20,000 US dollars? Well that story changed the way I looked at Eve Forever. If you have not heard about this famous story, well you are in luck because kazalor is willing to tell it 😉

Once upon a time in Eve Online, a famous guild leader with a secret corporation recruited this newbie who would grow to be the 2nd in command of the guild. After getting far in Eve, he rose up the ranks to a 2nd in command ( sorry for repetition) and he saw a bounty on his guild leader. He also learned aout the guild bank with over billions of SDK or w/e and how it was at least worth thousandds of US bills. At that moment, this man began his 6 month planning of the guild leader”s assasination. However, the way he did it was astonishing and unfortunately, very similiar to the Al Queda Recruiting system where the only person you know is your recruiter, so if you rat, you have nobody to rat on. After planning for months, he told his guild leader to come travel in space with her frigate and her great gear to show power. Well, that was her downfall…….. and after travelling shortly, the trap sprung. Suddenly, 6 pirates ships hired by the 2nd in command turned to the leader. The 2nd in command replied,” I”m sorry I have to do this” and he froze her inplace and shot her to piecies taking everything and looting the guild bank, giving very little to the people who helped. Today, this man still roams the galaxy, but however is low key after the assasination of the Guilding Hand guild or something like that. Yes this makes the game very fun, but risky. Many other events have occured and are similiar but this was voted most significant in the PC game magazine. Currently I play LOTRO ( Lord Of The Rings Online) on Brandywine, and my name is kazalor- level 50 captain if ya need me. If you wish to continue, good luck, as for me, I”m gonna go smoke some Longbottom Leaf In the Shire!

Post Date: 18:51 01-08-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Niroth
Comment: Pros: Very unique system, where unlike fantasy RPGs, you equip different ships instead of a character. Training can be done in real time, meaning you can log out and still be training in the game. Huge universe with nooks and crannies of systems to explore.

Cons: No skill involved. Killing as a ship means pointing an clicking with no flying skill necessary (disappointing). Also, only dedicated players will exceed in this game, because of the immense amount of time it takes to become established.

As a newbie, keep your head low and stick to missions to get some better ships -> don’t go exploring out into systems with no security, as you will become fodder for roving PVPers.

Overall, it’s worth the 14 day trial to see if it is a fit, but don’t pay unless you are sure you’re going to put in a few months.

Post Date: 13:32 27-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: scatus 66 lock
Comment: ok maybe since i didnt play when dentra rast scamed the lot out most aged players.. or that untill 3 days ago i didnt play only read reviews and storys i loved this game b4 i played but not more then WoW but i still adore this game and it pwnz as much a GW and runescape conbined …. but not as much as WoW
Post Date: 01:00 19-07-2007
Rating: 5
Author: senrat
Comment: this i would have to say is the most time consuming unrewarding mmo i have ever played in my entire life. I do admit the corperations and giant ships sure are cool but you have to play non stop for about a week to earn all of that stuff it seems. And what satisfaction do you get out of having a giant ship that can blow up any thing ummmm POSITIVLEY NOTHING!!!!!!!!
Post Date: 21:39 09-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Clinton
Comment: Im taking advantage of the 14 day trial(That makes it sound like im abusing it, I am mearly playing really). |0wryda is right, this game takes time. Big ships look cool but are slow and the little ships look cool too and are fast. There is no one outways the other. You can use Missles, Rockets, railguns, Auto Cannons, Laser Turrets, Plasma Turrets and many others I cant remember or havent seen. I recommend this gmae to people and I just might buy the game myself. It takes time to learn all the ways to do things(I still dont know most and im on the third day xD) but the ingame community is very friendly and will always help u.
Post Date: 11:37 27-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: l0wryda
Comment: This is the kind of game that takes dedication and commitment to really see the rewards. This game favors hardcore gamers with progress, not instant gratification. If you want that, go do arena on wow. The best part about eve is everyone (or atleast all the good people) are part of the entire system. Almost every ship and module is built by a player. All the materials gathered to build nearly every item you see on the market is mined by a player. The risk involved makes pvp insane, because its all or nothing. You dont “res” at some graveyard to get your body back. You die, you explode, and the winner gets to steal your items. Dont listen to these newbs who complain about getting 5-1 ganked. Its their own fault for roaming deep into lawless space without scouting. Again, if you want instant gratification, you wont find it here. People are here to kill other people, and thats final. Another thing id like to mention is you can buy game time cards with ingame currency. So if you ever do become profitable in EVE, you never have to pay subscriptions again (i have 2 accounts that i no longer pay for since im a miner). If you like socialization, teamwork, risk taking, and being a part of an entire galaxy, this is the game for you. If you think you’re going to get into a dreadnaught in 30 days, ha. You have to earn it. But dont get discouraged, eve is not about size. Everyship plays their part in fleet warefare. There is some massive rock paper scissors that go on in eve. I’ve seen battleships downed by seasoned pirates flying tech 1 frigates. rev II part II was recently released and ccp is trying to improve the lag situation. I myself do not lag, however the game is system intensive. If you have an up to date computer, you should be fine.
Post Date: 03:47 10-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: rob619
Comment: I tried it and found it very confusing. I only gave it a day’s chance though. I liked the whole class system and everything. And finally a game in the future tense instead of back ol’ yonder in the Dark Ages. 😀
Post Date: 07:13 07-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Bentboner
Comment: It’s a ok RTS game but that’s it. Point and click combat just doesn’t cut it for me. No 1-1 fights just 5-1 or more gangbangs. It also has bad lag and players that create lag traps. On top of that the customer service terrible no 800 # just automated email messages…. yippee.
Post Date: 18:55 23-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: tetigistus
Comment: Endless lag. No realistic physics. Combat is meaningless, eg; select target, hit “shoot button”, repeat till you die. You will spend 2 or 3 YEARS (YEARS!)training in order to fly the big ships. you will hate yourself; your life; the game; your computer; etc.
Post Date: 03:25 11-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: DarkKarma
Comment: Eve Online is only $15.00 a month and well worth it.

Compared to any other MMO I have played their in game and admin/billing staff are absolutely the most courteous and helpful.

It is little weird that every ship you fly has something to do with an animal, sea-creature, or bug. Give them a break cause you get to use nuclear weapons!

It’s true this is not your normal MMORPG and even they admit it’s not for everyone. It’s also true in my opinion that it is the best P2P.

P.S. If you are anti-social and/or have bad manners; you will probably find yourself having no one to chat with (most likely true with any game though).

Post Date: 00:23 03-05-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Robin _hood
Comment: horrible! don”t waste time 2 expinive and u need 30 days 2 have fun it shouldn”t be called a mmorpg game there”s like no talking. hyper drive isn”t fast at all it”s like 40 dollars a month total waste of money and time the guns r cool but u need serious help if u know nothing about this game.
Post Date: 14:07 27-04-2007
Rating: 5
Author: jamess999
Comment: awsome game, good graphics, very complicated, but once you get it then you can expand on your life as a pilot, the hyperspeed could use some work, you sometimes hit moons and planets and just bounce or go through, good ship design, i like the fitting component, so beginners dont have as much power, what it needs- free lance computers who go out and randomly attack players in space, and it needs computer traders that transport goods from station to station to help stableise the economy because you see too much people selling mass at one so the price goes way down, other than that i like the shields and armor then structure damage, gives a good reality to the game. insurance is a good deal also, mineing is great because you can find your own mineing place and not be crouded to hell like other games. good reality in flight speed, and manuvering ablities, good plot by creating a uneasy peace between many major factions but to make the game more intresting they should have them go to war for a month or so at a time between certian factions, and have raids on stations, ect… over all good game some drawbacks but they are few and far between,
Post Date: 02:20 03-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: sieges
Comment: One of the best MMORPG’s out there. The monthly price is just right @ $15 per month. The graphics are great. The music and sound effects fit the mood.

Some people will find the ships are a little odd looking. They are completely original, but very few have any symmetry at all. I suppose that in space, there is no need for symmetry.

EVE-Online gets a lot of things right. The ships last forever, unless they are completely destroyed in battle. There is no “decay” or “durability” that causes them to wear out over time. The ships also do not require fuel to move. They have an onboard fusion reactor that powers the ship – this is great because you don’t have to do mundane tasks like “refuel”. The Player Owned Structures require hydrogen fuels, but not the ships. The player gets to focus on the fun tasks.

Very mature community, a big plus. Lots of stuff to do. Many missions to run, mining, production, and plenty of PVP.

I dislike the fact that the devs have used their powers to cheat. I also dislike how many items are listed in the item database, yet are not actually in the game.

All in all a great game. Download the trial and see if you like it.

Post Date: 22:57 11-03-2007
Rating: 8
Author: alexalexalex
Comment: good game but pay is the same for world of warcraft thats only bad thing might be cofusing
Post Date: 18:46 04-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: l0wryda
Comment: One of the BEST mmorpg’s out there. This game is heavily PVP BASED. Carebear noobs please play FFXI. Low sector space is no rules, anything goes. ANYTHING. scamming, camping, ransoming, ganking, ore stealing, whatever it takes. This game is for players looking to play a serious game. The biggest factor that makes this game amazing is the risk involved. I encourage seasoned gamers who are looking for challenging game to play eve past the 14 day free trial. common..it takes more than 14 days to get decent in any game.

If you are interested in playing eve, do not forget this. DO NOT FLY A SHIP YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE. Live by this rule, and you will LOVE the EVE ONLINE experience.

Post Date: 18:08 20-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: skelter
Comment: I loved this game tons of things to do. way better then WoW. You can become a miner, pirate, mecr, an d many more jobs
Post Date: 01:46 17-02-2007
Rating: 7
Author: chrismilk
Comment: a very good game but it has monthly fees so i dont like like it.14 day free trail tho.
Post Date: 15:51 20-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: AgentBassil
Comment: This game is awesome. It has one of the best communities i”ve ever seen. There are so many things to do, unlike fantasy games you don”t take part in dungeon raids etc… but everything is open. Nothing is instanced and item hunting by grinding is not an option. The game world is also very massive, I believe this is the first game that can effectively run on one game server.The graphics are superb,and I don”t have an epic system, but this game has absolutely no lag for me. I recommend this game to anyone who is tired of repetive gameplay and dancing elves
Post Date: 22:05 13-12-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Odinrack
Comment: one of the coolest and most imersing mmo’s I’ve ever played. even though I only played the trial I had a fun time with it. The community is very friendly and it’s easy to join a corporation. The graphics are amazing and there was no lagging on my system at all. Although when your new it’s easy to get lost. I’ve also been shot down by more advanced players while mining. If your easily frustrated and impatient it’s not for you. However, if you like a rewarding game that has a little more strategy to it you should play this.
Post Date: 22:52 11-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Adeori
Comment: One of the most fascinating games of all time! I played this once before when I was younger and got bored with it. However, I tried it again recently and was addicted. This leads me to believe that the game is intended for the more mature players.

One of the only reasons this game gets negative comments is from the mass amount of WoW fanclub members and other immature video game players who don’t understand the game. If you play, finish the tutorial and at least play until you get your first ship! The tutorial is the most boring part, but what game doesn’t have a boring tutorial? Once you finish the tutorial and start playing for real, you will be addicted immediately. Most of the immature people quit before the first day (it’s why I quit once and tried it again later), and this leads to a great, wholesome, mature, enjoyable community of about 20,000 people on the server at a time!

Every element that exists in this game is great, even the mining is fun! New content is constantly being added, so you never run out of PvE content as far as skills or the world goes. If you see the map, you’ll be in awe since there are tons of zones to explore, tons of quests to do, tons of PvP action, tons of skills, and just tons of everything! Almost everything is player driven, from the economy to some storylines. You can alter the entire world. Some people decide to be pirates and intercept other ships for money, others are miners, others crusade against NPC and player pirates and collect bounties and glory (in the eyes of the miner you might have saved).

This is the most in-depth, perfectly made MMORPG ever. It will be the symbol of great MMOs for a long time to come. Community, depth of gameplay, amount of content, PvP, and PvE. Everything great about MMOs, this game has it. One of the best things is there are no immature people spamming “WTB RUNESCAPE ACCOUNT!!!” and the like.

Post Date: 23:32 02-11-2006
Rating: 2
Author: Hangover
Comment: Just not quite my kind of game for some reason.
Did about 3 days of the 14 day trial and for some reason, I just couldnt get into the game.
I love space games but this one has one of the most complicated control systems I have seen to date.
Graphics are ok but could be alot better though lower systems would take a huge hit if they upgraded, this is a pretty huge system hog and I run a HUGE system.
Not for the faint hearted.
Post Date: 04:24 08-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: lapytopy
Comment: supreme dentiiny is good but the graphics need some work so i thing thats why EVE is better because of the graphics
Post Date: 19:15 02-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Big Mo
Comment: To me, Eve is the WoW of Scifi MMORPGs. No other one comes close.
Post Date: 12:18 24-09-2006
Rating: 8
Author: princeserge
Comment: the games gr8 and is really good but….
i dont get it lol
in the first hour i played i died lol
Post Date: 08:14 08-09-2006
Rating: 4
Author: makweb
Comment: Extremely well thought out game, but the main focus of the game is trading (and boring missions) which can get extremely boring. It could have done with a fully controlable ship in battles so skill could have a major factor. Interaction appears limited as well, due to being stuck in a ship dont really get an multiplayer feel. If you are a would be accountant this is the game for you.
Post Date: 15:48 05-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: jman
Comment: Its a hard universe where every win makes you smile for hours and every loss makes you strive for improvement. Not for the faint of heart.
Post Date: 22:36 21-07-2006
Rating: 10
Author: bill1
Comment: Possibly the deepest game you can immagine. You can do anything while in safe space the space police guards the newer players and makes sure no “pros” takes them down. When u are a few month in the game you can move to low security where you can become rich but pirates await you. You can trick people out of money,shoot them and ransom them for there money if they dont listen kill them. The market is mainly player driven you mine the minerals or buy them on the market then manufacture it and sell it on the market or use it for yourself. If you want to pvp eve is for you. If you like to trade eve is for you, if you like to manufacture eve is for you, if you like to become an outlaw and scum of the universe eve is for you, if you like to blow stuff up that people put lots of hours of work into eve is for you. You can wag wars on other alliances and corps defend your own region put up stations that fireback at your enemies. Just too much to say i brain is fried but like everyone else said you have to have patience. Then the rest is a blast
Post Date: 17:20 10-07-2006
Rating: 10
Author: skydvejam
Comment: All I can say is that this game is awsome, so rich and so much to it. I was a FFXI player till I tryed this game out, went ahead a subscribed about 4 days into the 14 day trial, just give it a try, sorta like crack once you try it you need more.
Post Date: 21:52 30-05-2006
Rating: 9
Author: sword1
Comment: this game is great i like how it’s strategic because in most mmos its all about how much time u spend on it
Post Date: 22:32 29-05-2006
Rating: 9
Author: pabaf
Comment: Very good game, overall I like it alot. sometimes it feels like something is missing but then again a update on graphics is comming, as it didnt look good enuf already.
Post Date: 19:16 29-05-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Mertaxa
Comment: Awesome game. I’ve been playing for 14 months. Have a great group of friends in the corp and the game just gets better and better.

If you can hang in there at the beginning then the rest is gravy. Your skills give you better ships to fight, mine or haul. Frigates are fast and battleships are tough and then you get to capital ships that are just stupidly hard and need big group of players to use and support.

The market is complicated and player driven. The whole game is deep but when you learn it’s easy to use.

I’d say that you need to play for six months and try hard to learn. After that the universe is yours to master. And possibly you could have hundreds of players following your command if you prove yourself worthy.

Ten out of ten.

Post Date: 02:18 24-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Zorro
Comment: Love the game! Challenges my brain to think and be creative. I recently was a HR manager required to hire 10 people for the corp. I am in the process of defining how the corp will give out bonus shares to those who are outstanding performers to the corp in earning better profits.
A NASDAQ like tradaing system.. rumored to become even better with the next patch/update.
Jump in guys and gals what are you waiting for.
note of caution though: not for the weak hearted. (EvE can make your heartbeat go fast and addicted)
Awesome customer care (I lost a high worth item and it was restored to me in 2 days no questions asked). If you do join give me a buzz in game at ‘Zorro Hugh’, I’ll help you out(recruiting again):-)
Post Date: 13:40 02-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: harpic
Comment: Playing this for a year now, and it still entertains and surprises me. can be played on many levels from killing to politics and mining to real life cash for those inclined to do so ( and yes i agree Jagokain CCP do not care) but Hey if you are a Chinese macro miner so what!

IMO this is not the games problem rather than interesting approach to the interplay between what CCP initially intended for the game and human nature being what it is… erm varied lol

Great graphics, fleet battles, piracy, empire building… choose your pleasure its all here

Post Date: 14:33 21-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Solitary
Comment: EVE is simply excellent. Most of “teh l33t” kids give up at tutorial stage, so what remains is a wonderful community of people dedicated to the game. After leaving the station for the first time in my rookie ship, I was overwhelmed by the complex universe created there. Now I m doing agent missions, mining in 0.3 and crushing Guristas. EVE is awesome.
Post Date: 22:58 19-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: caleb1135
Comment: No one is friendly but the game rocks.
Post Date: 08:47 09-01-2006
Rating: 8
Author: jubei
Comment: My favorite MMOG right now. I love all the espionage and strategy.
Post Date: 03:34 02-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: edgar tanya
Comment: the first thing that i found nice is the graphics. you cannot ignore that Eve is one of the games that is ahead in that department that an objection could mean war! the fact that the game made a record by having 17 or 18 thousand players in a single server playing at once is truely remarkable.
Post Date: 03:33 02-12-2005
Rating: 7
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: In my opinion, it is the best space MMORPG. It is a fun game that I enjoy playing, but I do enjoy a few other non-space MMORPGs more.
Post Date: 03:07 02-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: kristen
Comment: I got hooked to the game after doing the 14 day free trial. The game had so many possibilities I was in awe. After about 3-weeks of dedicated training, I realized one thing: No matter how much time you put into the game, you are still required to wait 20+ days for a few of your skills to train up. I picked up a nice ship quickly. Thanks to the helpful and friendly community there. Love the game!
Post Date: 09:47 01-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: nesseds
Comment: A game that has an amazing depth than the other MMOG on the market! A game that a little complicated at first but it s really worth it! Graphics and community are really GREAT, very matured! This is the game that hardcore gamer looking for…
Post Date: 09:34 01-12-2005
Rating: 8
Author: lotuslokus
Comment: What I love about EVE is, in EVE you don t gain exp, rather you try to make enough money to buy new skills to learn, learning skills can take a few hours up to even a few days. These skills will allow you to mine better, knowledge yourself in different weapons, navigate jumps better and allow you to pilot better ships.
Post Date: 09:11 01-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: clarines
Comment: A great fun and pleasure is what EVE does. The awesome and unstoppable battle is what keeps me from playing. The freedom here is uniquely impressive! I love the graphics and the cool community! Oh man! This game is the best!
Post Date: 09:40 30-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: subzero
Comment: Truly breathtaking graphics, music that will make you feel like you re in space. Training skills offline, market controlled by the players and full PvP at its best. Biggest online universe ever created with the all the players in it at the same time. Not to mention the nice community that EVE has. The best online game ever!
Post Date: 09:26 30-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: churene
Comment: This is the BEST game ever! Tutorial part of the game helped me a lot of how to pass through this game. Full of excitement and very challenging! A game that I never thought that I could play…It really tests your creative thinking. Aside from that, it has an awesome community, very matured!
Post Date: 09:23 30-11-2005
Rating: 9
Author: aqua_girl
Comment: Cool Graphics, great sounds, lag performance is very nice. Friendly and very helpful community. What can I ask for. Ohhh the excitement, what I love in the game is the bounty. That what keeps me excited, I love to hunt down ships with high bounty on their heads.
Post Date: 09:16 30-11-2005
Rating: 9
Author: edgar allan
Comment: I tried Eve s free game trial and was hooked there and then.The graphics are dropdead spectacular!!! I have never before or since seen such an array of cosmic beauty.the community is very friendly.I joined a corp quickly coz they made me feel very much at home, and made my life much easier in Eve. i heard the expansion coming out is much much better.waiting for that one too!
Post Date: 09:42 29-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: gamaez
Comment: This game really rocks! I love this game so much! This is the game that test my creative thinking, very challenging! This is really one of the most hardcore MMOG s on the market…A game that suites my taste!
Post Date: 08:51 29-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: harvey
Comment: I love this game! It has given me the kind of excitement and fun that I am looking for. I love the graphics and sound! When it comes to the community, I must say that they are the best! This game is the coolest game ever!
Post Date: 00:17 28-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Fox
Comment: Based off what my friend said this game sounds like heaven.
Post Date: 06:54 25-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: hibanger
Comment: the game is really challenging….thats what i love about it the most. its not THAT simple and not that complex either. just the right game to for FUN.Not the usual hack and slash, bang and goodbye kinda game.Eve is Eve is awesome in that your actions really have some meaning – the opponent has real losses, you can conquer territory, have an effect on the market, forge meaningful alliances etc.
Post Date: 09:37 23-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: stopngo
Comment: EVE is really for matured players..It has a very nice graphics and matured community! EVE is a game of patients! It ROCKS!!!
Post Date: 07:11 23-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: lightyears
Comment: EVE Online is for those intelligent gamers. Because everything is based on freedom, first time players may find themselves lost in the beginning, but worry not, the EVE community are always there to support, answering questions, advices etc. The game has massive content, thousands of possiblities ; combat tactics, science, builders, miners, mercenaries, bounty hunters. The game will be what YOU want it to be. There s no other game like this, at all.
Post Date: 06:51 23-11-2005
Rating: 9
Author: kurtcobainfan
Comment: I got hooked after trying the free 14-day trial that was posted somewhere at the forums. I subscribed and have really grown to enjoy this game ( the tutorial was a pain in the a– but proved essential to the game).the graphics is really good and so are the professions (not classes).the interface, though a little complicated is fun to play with. I found myself spending countless amounts of time just rotating my external camera around so I could see how my ship looked as it eclipsed a nearby star or as it sped through a gassy nebula.another thing i like are the missions which i find easy coz i dont hesitate asking at the forums.over all the game is addicting once you get the hang of it.great game…thumbs up!
Post Date: 06:35 23-11-2005
Rating: 9
Author: aquill
Comment: I love the Graphics of EVE. It s very realistic. The sounds are superb just like you are watching a sci-fi film. I also love the gameplay. The community are very friendly and helpful some older players even teaches you how to play the game with ease. I really love this game.
Post Date: 19:08 22-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Extreme Elementalist
Comment: Good graphics… good gameplay…
Post Date: 03:57 19-09-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Banger
Comment: Agree with the last review. Great game.
Post Date: 02:45 19-09-2005
Rating: 5
Author: jwmpine
Comment: Ok this is too all you people who gave this game a bad review Jagokain, Read the rules before entering the game they said anything that happenes in the game cannot be replaced do to theifs, or along that line, second take some time to read there support response they get alot of emails and this goes with all games response time will take time. That and dont bitch if you sent in a problem on the weekend they dont responde till a working day, third Yes it gets irritating when you loose a ship due to a bug, but who cares its a game get use too it and work to get another, and if your a nice little boy maybe somone in the game will help you with getting a new one. and fourth the game rocks, great idea, and a perfect execution because you know what you can only do so much for a game like this and they are doing everything they can. Sorry if you felt you got jipped but when you played it as long as I have you learn with dissapointments.
Post Date: 12:36 17-02-2005
Rating: 3
Author: JagoKain
Comment: Graphically very pretty, and with scope for development of character in various directions.

Pirates and griefers, including the obligatory e-bayers, seem to have taken over the game, which CCP have made no effort to address.

Customer support sucks too. Slow response times and automatically generated responses. It gets irritating when you lose a ship due to a game bug that has taken weeks to pay for and CCP stiff you on it.

Should have been everything Elite could never have been at the time. Ultimately very dissapointing. Great idea, lousy execution.

Post Date: 02:05 28-11-2004
Rating: 10
Author: Altor
Comment: Awesome game for the politics and economy. Very deep.
Post Date: 21:05 11-09-2004
Rating: 8
Author: visitor
Comment: Definitely beats slaying dragons.
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  1. Space mmorpg with high learning curve and a lot of different possibilities to focus on ( economy , mining , fighting,…) Great graphics and gameplay.Also in this game you can loose everything u have becouse of a PK system so be carefull.

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  2. Very decent space mmorpg video game,it has interesting gameplay and solid graphic,I suggest ie everyone

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  3. EVE Online is an interesting sci-fi MMO and space flight simulation game. The 3D graphics in the game are very detailed, especially the models for the spaceships in the game. I like that this game features different races for the main character, but my favorite race in this game would have to be the Gallente race. What I truly like about this game is the fun and challenging gameplay and different strategies for this game. On the downside, I feel like this game has way too much going on with its interface. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.25/5.

    SnowyAE ratings for this post: SnowyAE gives a rating of 4SnowyAE gives a rating of 4SnowyAE gives a rating of 4SnowyAE gives a rating of 4SnowyAE gives a rating of 4
  4. One of the best galactic games ever. The game is now free to play, but I would still suggest using my buddie invite link found in my profile description here on steam. It will give you 250.000 skillpoints upon account creation, which is a good few days worth of skill training and can be pretty useful for anyone who wants to get into the game 🙂

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