Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the double laned arena.



Game Description:

The goal in this game is obviously to win, player who gets more crowns wins, destroying side towers grants one crown each and destroying the main tower gives automatic 3 star (win). Game lasts for 3 minutes, if both players have equal number of crowns game goes to overtime for one more minute in which first player to get a crown wins, if noone gets any more crowns in overtime the game is over and result is tied. As you win, you earn trophies and advance trough the different arenas and unlock/upgrade cards.

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  1. Clash Royale is popular mobile phone game.
    I have tried it, but i don’t like it as much as i like Clash Of Clans, i know they are similar but i have my favorite..
    I recommend it to everyone, it’s fine.

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  2. My very best mobile video game,it is strategy head to head video game published by Supercell.It has a few different elements:tower defense,collectible card games and moba elements.In game i am level 8 currently and I recommend this game everybody.

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  3. One of the good strategy games I’ve played, I can’t say it’s one of the best since I haven’t played that much strategy games yet but this game is addicting even my uncle plays it 🙂 I do recommend this for people who likes head-on battle and strategic games 😛

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  4. A quick strategy game battlefield! I suggest you try the summoning build(just for fun and not to win) where your ultimate weapon are the shear number of fighters! I like the overtime system and the ability to have more than one custom set of cards. The game is also updated and you can pay for items using real money but not necessary. 4.5/5

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  5. A head to head card battle in an arena-like setting. This game really requires intricate strategy and positioning. The PvP system was great and most the cards are well balanced (based on rarity though). However, it is pretty hard to get our hand on legendary cards but through time it is possible. The game focuses more on the strategy aspect of the game and event though P2W players have an advantage, you actually put some effort to catch up against P2W players which is a plus for me. The only downside for me is the amount of gold you get after every game you win, playing after unlocking the crown chest is very inefficient and only for those really serious players.

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  6. This is one of the few games that I started once its release. I still obtain this game in my phone are play it when having that spare moment of time. I usually use this game as a time consumer for waiting in lines or before going to school. This game is remarkably fun, strategic, an fast paced. Players obtain cards, which can be upgraded and used in battle. Players rank up to lvl 13 (it’s the highest max level in the game). This game functions off of the hit-building game, “Clash Royale.” All of the cards are based off of what Super Cell (game company) uses in both games. However, the difference of the two games is quite simple. Players will click battles, and have a 3 minute fight with an opponent across the globe. There are three towers, each tower represents a gold star. Therefore, there are a total of three gold starts the player is trying to receive from the battle. The person that obtains the most amount of Gold stars wins the battle. There is a overtime limit, for players that do obtain the same number of stars. This game also includes event’s in which provides players the opportunity in earning more cards and gold. Gold is used to upgrade cards. Cards are found by events and chest. There are different rare chest given to each player ranging from common to legendary. Each chest provides gold and cards. However, the player can stack up to 4 chest per slot, until all the other chest are used. Chest can be opened by a time limit, which in this case players can spend gems to open quicker. Gems are used to buy special offer or used to buy more gold. The game does include a in-game shop, which mean some players can purchase their way to the top. However, I don’t think that’s how the game should be played. I’ve played this game ever since the launch, and still haven’t reached the high level. I have never purchased anything, yet I have reached lvl 10 and still consistently play this game gradually over time. The game also includes a clan team and team battles occasionally. Furthermore, there are tournaments in the game which allows players to win prizes based off of their score on the leaderboard. Gradually over time, players will be ranking up into new areas. This is where the player will match up against someone else that is equally as strategic as he or she are. This makes it more even throughout the games for players to really get the hang of the mechanics. They obtain trophies to resemble their rank in the game. Many groups are found in this game, and the play him/her self can also create a group for themselves. Furthermore, groups do functions same such as in Clash royale, where there is a one leader, coleaders, and elders that can be privileged for the certain player. I will have to rate this game 9/10 for the great updates to game and fixes.

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  7. Clash Royale is a game developed by the ones who made Clash of Clans game.
    Contents are similar to Clash of Clans but not entirely. It is like a card game with visualizations. Strategical real time battles which is a bit new in my eyes / experience.

    First of all. Clash Royale was first introduced to me by my cousins. That was when I quit playing Clash of Clans because of boredom. At first, i i was hesi tant to play the game ( Clash Royale )
    It did not appeal to my eyes. It did not attract my interests. But then i thought, “oh well, maybe i will try this just for fun”.

    My first impression : oh ! A card game.. ? Wait.. Not entirely.. Oh it is a real time player vs player game.. ? Strategical game at that too. Like a chess but more fast – paced and with enjoyable battle cinematics!
    Over all, it is something new.
    So i played, played through the tutorials and fought bots. At first i did not know that those lvl 1 lvl 2 accounts were bots. I boasted and bragged to myself, “Hm! This is easy! I will win this game and conquer the top ranks in no time fufufu ” And right after advancing to level three, the players became more like real players. They seemed like they were reading my moves too! I was like ” are the previous ones, bots? Am i decieved?! Dx ” but yea
    I have had a hard time playing the game. BUT! it is very fun and challenging. Competing with other human beings is a good exercise for the brain. As i have said, it is like a chess game but more fast – paced and have good cinematics.

    How it works :
    The game itself is all about war. You have 3 structures on the battlefield. 2 defensive towers and 1 king’s hall (or something like that)
    There’s a visual king on top of the tower, which represents you, the player. The two opposing forces are separated with a river and has 2 bridges on the left side and the right which is where the armies , troops or heroes use to be able to reach the enemy base.
    Troops are spawned by cards. Your cards.
    You can have goblin cards, archer cards, barbarian cards, etc etc. You can even have a giant skeleton carrying a bomb to destroy the enemy base!! Or EVEN DRAGONS! which flies and doesnt need to use the bridges! Spawning these troops require elixir points. The elixir bar only have 5 bars. Some cards cost 5, 4, 1.5 and etc etc. Depwnding on the card. If it is epic, rare legendary, the elixir cost varies.

    The goal is to destroy the king’s hall first before the enemy does. But beware, as the enemy can use troops to defense too. They can even use Tesla defense tower cards etc etc. There is a time limit of the battle. After the time limit have been reached, the player with the most stars earned (3 stars max for deatroying the 3 structures) will will win.
    In cases of a tie, an overtime will be given to take another star, the one who gets another star will automatically win.

    All in all, this game is fun, and addictive. It’s a good game too as it exercises your brain for decision making under time pressure.

    I’ll rate this game 8/1o

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  8. Also a strategic game where in you need to think how will you attack a certain base :3 really cool and popular game in worldwide. nice game
    I’ll rate this game 9/10

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  9. Clash Royale’s a phenomenal real-time strategy game, if not one of the best mobile RTS games out there. I do find the game to have some challenge to it, especially if you’re skilled at RTS games. I’d probably give the game a 9.3/10.

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  10. Well since it came after class of clans and has a lot of similarities one could say that its a great game!!! I have played a similar game on steam!!! It may look simple but the timing you spawn troops and the type of the troops matter a lot so you might lose faster if you underestimate your opponent!!!

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  11. As a way to kill some time and get a quick thrill, it succeeds; however, it’s designed to be addictive with its balance of free and paid content, fast adrenaline rushes, and the promise of rewards. Unlike some others of its kind, this incarnation of the pay-or-wait strategy incorporates card collection and special powers, which adds some interest. Yet the entertainment value is fleeting and as frequently frustrating as it is exciting. There are many better fantasy games, better tower-defense games, and better card-based strategy games out there but none that keep players itching for a fix half as effectively as Clash Royale does.

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  12. Been playing this for months already before they even release it to android nice cool game for mobile phone good game to kill some time especially when you’re bored but sometimes it gets annoying when youre laggy but overall i love the game especially the chest features and the best part is its a strategy game! Thumbs up for the developers of this game.


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  13. Clash Royale is a fun mobile strategy with many troops to use to defeat your opponent. The game lasts for 3 minutes and it that time a lot of mayhem will take place. You need to get more crowns compared to your opponent to win! This game gets solid 3 stars.

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  14. Clash Royale – I swear you must be super sheltered if you don’t know about this game. Everyone must always have at least that one friend who plays it. Most of the time almost all of them play it. I’m normally the one left out. ;-;

    Clash Royale is a very popular and fun card game. It has the very similar graphics to Clash of Clans which is another incredibly popular game by the same people. While its a card game it’s not really what you would expect of one. It really is one of the most unique card games that I have ever seen or played and it is a very very nice pass-timer.

    The goal of the game is to defeat your opponent by overwhelming and destroying their castles. You use your cards to summon creatures or ability to help you on your quest of dominance. The game greatly relies on strategies as if you don’t have one you will probably get your castles demolished. You get matched or play against other real players in live matches. You also have the options to team up with friends or clan mates to fight other teams of two. Each game lasts for 3 minutes and your rewards depend on how well you dominate. You earn crowns from destroying your opponents fortresses and the person with the most of these crowns wins the game.

    This game is a very unique and good card game which is one of the reasons why it is so dang popular. It does not have very many cons so I will just have to be picky to find one. One of the few cons I can think of doesn’t really have to do with the game much at all. Sometimes it just can mess up if you have slow connections and it can cause you to lose. The game is also very full of people from other countries which is not even a bad thing, it just proves how popular the game is. Another hard part still has nothing to do with the game but rather the players playing it. In duo mode it can get rather frustrating if your teammate lacks in skills and strategies or if neither of you are on the same page it can easily result in a loss. It’s most important to keep your head up and try not to take things so seriously when playing.

    Overall I give the game a 5/5 rating. It is a very nice and entertaining pass-time game. It’s diverseness and fun unique game play really makes it stand out from other games. It’s so good that soon there will be many other games that are just more or less copies of this amazing original. If you are not playing this game already I would 100% definitely suggest it to you even if you are not looking for a new game to play. Most likely you have already been playing this game for quite some time and could probably size me up. I am not as good as I wish I was at strategies in this game but with practice anyone can be.

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  15. Clash Royale is a combination of segments from the standard tower defense genre combined with contemporary multiplayer card games in an arena setting. There are no two ways about its success especially after it surpassed a billion U.S.D in revenue in less than a year from its market release. It’s an easy to learn real time strategy battle card game that keeps its players hooked for hours each day. While it might not be the game to play for everyone, it definitely can hold its ground against the best and thus deserves a solid 4.2/5

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