Online games today feature themes that are delivered with seamless gaming experience that turns the game into something entirely unique. Heading out to a safari journey sounds exciting. Maybe you prefer a day out at the zoo, or simply are a dog or a cat lover. Game software providers try to use every popular theme to use in their games, and animals are surely in their top inspiration. From the realistic to the cartoonish, new online slots at provide outstanding experiences. These games have quality graphics, smooth animations and sound effects.

We’ve prepared a list of our top animal themed games. Perhaps you are familiar with some of them, if not, rest assured that these are favorite among online video game players.


This is not an animal-themed game, strictly speaking. The chickens that star in the game appear to be robots, but no matter these details, the game is exceptional. The opening movie is done very professionally and can surely be turned into a full-length feature. This game is a story about an egotistical rooster that has realized its egg production is dropping. In an act of wisdom, he creates a machine called EggOmatic which automatically lays golden eggs.

Jack’s T-Rex

Featuring a goofy little boy, a friendly tyrannosaurus rex and an excellent animation, this game had to be an obvious choice for the list. It’s all about the friendship between these two, and the mysteries behind the appearance of the T-Rex. This is an online game featuring Jack and his pet dinosaur. This game has all the prerequisites of a great game, including exciting game play and great music included during the game.

Lion’s Share

Lion’s Share is a game based around egoistic, self-centered lion. It is set in the African Savannah. The game is surprisingly simple. This is exactly why people love it. The game goes back to the roots of game design, while simultaneously delighting with the lovable lion character. The rules are pretty simple and easy to understand. This game might not have the best graphic quality on the market, but it’s quite intuitive when it comes to its basic rules.

Untamed Giant Panda

This game is themed around the much-loved panda bear. The game is not only rich in graphics and features. It offers an exceptional and slick entertainment and playing experience. The images are very modern and contemporary, using cutting graphics to provide very realistic pandas in their sublime natural habitat. The only thing players have to keep in mind is the fact that there are many ways to play.

Wildcat Canyon

This game speaks about the wildest of wild cats. It has scared off all animals in the wild, leaving just a few buzzards, goats and snakes. Wildcat Canyon is a unique game featuring a central animal character, the wildcat. This fellow is reminiscent of old Looney Tunes cartoons, goofing his way about for the amusement of the player. However, don’t worry, as this cat is harmless that just happens to roam around the abandoned canyon.

Apocalypse Cow

Apocalypse Cow is another release that immediately puts a smile of your face because of the goofy title. This is a classic game. What makes this game so special is that it has a feature called Psychedelic Trail, a secondary game to challenge the player. There are a total of nine ways to win that players can aim for.

When Pigs Fly

This unusual and quirky online game that surely will win you over. It depicts pigs in space and is played on a unique cross-shaped grid. Pigs surely don’t fly in the real world, but in the world of games, everything seems possible. You will notice the pig on the right side of the screen. The game is set against a rocket launchpad and the graphics are cartoonish and fun to play. The design is very retro, but the visual effects and general representation are very modern. This feature may be one of the key reasons for the game’s popularity.

Raging Rhino

This game is set amidst the beautiful African Savannah. The game represents an aesthetic example of how games should be developed. The background music is equally hypnotic and adds to the atmosphere of the game. The characters carry out the rich African wildlife theme and illustrate animals as leopards, crocodiles, gorillas and of course rhinos.

Black Sheep

This is a game based on a farmyard theme. Credits to the creative team for every little entry piece when you load the game, completed with a cheeky black sheep that is winking at you! This game is fun and frivolous to look at. It is a perfect mobile friendly game that is easy to play and simple to understand.


Pink Elephants

Visually, the Pink Elephants game is breath-taking. There are many fantasy little creatures and as well as a hoovering pink elephant, which is the most valuable character. This is a highly volatile game. An interesting thing about this game is that there is a mystery character known as the Magic Peanut.


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