Faced against total destruction and possible extinction, the cat race decided to send its four best cat spaceshooters in 2 players battle against the most evil hamster around! Flying deep into space where milk bottles will save your life and flying fuel is also used by the shooting lasers, you must upgrade your spaceship and purchase better weapons before meeting and defeating the evil hamster boss! Featuring four different spaceship, more than 10 different upgrades, lots of ingame achievements, tons of mice and hamsterlike enemies to fight against, all wrapped in never ending universe, this is one of those 2 player shooting games that will reveal the real truth about cats and mice. Have fun!


  1. Galactic Cats is a nice game. I like how the player’s goal is to progress to get more distance while shooting down the enemies’ ship, and upgrade the player’s ship. The problem I had with this game is the control. For instance, the player would have to use his/her mouse to move up and down, but use the arrow or WASD keys to go left and right, which is bothersome. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.65/5.

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