Before we delve into the finer details of how much one can earn in the realm of game streaming, it is important to understand who a game streamer is.

Who is a Game Streamer?

To put it simply, game streamers are individuals that stream themselves online while they are playing games online.  Today, online game streaming has become quite the rage and continues to appeal to the audience who find it exciting to watch someone else play games. 

Other individuals can also observe the streamer’s actions online and correspond in the general chat, which is attached to the live broadcast.

Read on to learn about how much does a game streamer actually make and what are the means of making that money.

How Much Do Game Streamers Earn?

Game Streaming using Cost per Acquisition (CPA) deals are paid for every single player that signs up and makes a no deposit bonus offers using the link that they have provided.  The actual earning amount ranges between fifty euros and two hundred and fifty euros. Bigger game streamers may even earn much more than this.

When it comes to revenue share deals, matters become slightly more complicated. The game streamers get a piece of their players’ views of the streams, generally on a month-to-month basis. However, there could be some deductions from their earnings contingent on the model that they use. 

One may assume that big game streamers make a tremendous amount of money (a ballpark estimate would be ten thousand to twenty thousand euros). This is owing to the fact that over their careers, they have signed up a plethora of fans and subscribers under them.

That being said, when you think about these statistics, you ought to also consider the fact that game streamers earn a sizeable chunk of money whenever they game. This is because their fan bases is so huge. Some of the popular streamers have experienced six digit figure earnings!

Ways in Which a Game Streamer Makes Money

Most of the common ways include:

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are very common and popular these days. Several creators have affiliate status with reputed online retailers such as Amazon to make extra dough. They could have a link in their bio that directs to the gear equipment they use in their videos like cameras or headsets. If you visit these links and buy the products, the affiliate marketers earn a small commission per every purchase. 

Likewise, game streamers can also put links that direct to various game sites. They do not ask you to purchase any equipment; instead, they direct you to various online games that have a pay to play model. The game streamer will earn a commission when you visit the website by clicking on the link, sign up and start your monthly subscription. Always check how reputable a game site is with top 10 online casino ratings.

Native Advertising

Several games are willing to pay popular game streamers to play on specific websites and recommend these websites to their viewers. Instead of paying directly, most of the organizations simply provide the game streamer a bonus in their respective online games. 

Paid Subscriptions

For a standard fee, every viewer can subscribe to any game streamer on Twitch (video live streaming service for gamers). It costs between three to five dollars. The platform takes around half of this amount and the rest is given to the game streamer. This paid subscription is a very trendy way to support various hosts. 

Bottom Line

You do not become a successful game streamer overnight. This is something that takes considerable time and dedication but your efforts will be totally worthwhile.


  1. Most people think streamers earn a lot, but the majority of streamers (more so the lesser known streamers than the popular ones you see all the time) tend to earn some fraction of their money from how much was actually given to them, especially if it’s through subscriptions like from Twitch Prime or from advertisements. I think the larger portion of money comes from donations (since companies don’t have as much control over that), but it’s oftentimes unreliable to just depend on donations since you’ll have fluctuations in viewership and other things. I think how you earn money from streaming mainly depends on how much of a following you have and how many of them are willing to donate, subscribe, or watch ads; so the bigger the viewership, the better the income, and that’s why streaming is mainly suitable for more popular streamers.

    It’s hard to really say what the annual income is for a streamer, since there’s a lot of variance, but any beginner streamer should just use streaming as a hobby. Don’t expect a full-time job out of streaming unless you can average tens of thousands of viewers.

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