Over the past decade, the game industry has experienced one of its enormous growth satisfying fully every gaming fanatic. One of its new development is the ability to play games using their smartphones. Thanks to technological advancement.

Slot games played on smartphones are a major contributor to the growth of this industry across the globe. The UK remains the template of a good gaming environment.

Now that you have your phone, you don’t have to spend your money at game stores. You can simply get your favorite game and play it using your phone. Today, we are going to take you through some of the best games that you can play using your Android smartphone. Let’s get started.

Clash of Clans

You have access to video games that are always new every time there is an update. Besides, other games are added every time you update your application.

As a thank note, they offer regular bonuses to their players. It is entirely a multiplayer game that means you play against other virtual players. However, it is good to note that you will not get any prizes for playing this game.’

Candy Crush Saga


One unique thing that you will enjoy when playing this is a unique game that other games don’t have. The fun noises is what makes this game unique.

Pokemon GO


This is one of the most popular games that you find on most phones. Consequently, it is a common game even among android users. Just download the app and you will enjoy fully this game without extra games or those flashy lights.



Finally, you have an app that contains different types of modes. You will enjoy multiple tournaments, bonuses, and other winnings all through the day. It is a great game that can keep you busy as you pass time.

Clash Royale


This is another top-rated game that has been downloaded by millions of gaming fanatics. It gives you an option if you are not a fan of mobile games. You have other games that will give you a great time. Most of these games are free. You get free bonuses to enable you to play even more.

Call of Duty: Mobile


You get this game for free from the Google Play Store. After installing you have chances of winning big with its gear. Many shooting game fans love the action in this game.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds


This is another game that has become the favorite of many hardcore gamers. This could be because of its tons of diverse game modes. You will also have great tournaments to participate in.


minecraftandroidIf you are looking for a game that will give you satisfaction at the comfort of your couch using your android smartphone, then Minecraft: Pocket Edition is there for you.

Subway Surfers


You have freemium games and play-once games that can either be in-app purchased or not. It offers multiple game modes that will keep you busy throughout the day. It is a great thing to know that even free games get regular updates.

Alto’s Adventure


Now you can play real awesome games with your smartphone. You don’t get bored playing this game because of the multiple fresh updates added regularly.


So which game do you love playing in your android smartphone? Well, the above are some that you can play and get the satisfaction you have been looking for in mobile games. Now you don’t have a reason to be bored during your free time.