With 2020 looking like becoming a total victim of this virus, we want to look at some of the positives. As H.G. Wells once famously said, “you either adapt or perish” and in 2020 that couldn’t be more true. The online trade is booming and using technology in our favor is what is lighting that light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

The online gaming world has focused on evolving ever since the beginning. It’s easy to open a new site, it’s something quite different to make it a success. New game sites are constantly cropping up, just look at new online casinos for a list of the success stories. A key factor in separating the good from the bad is the embracing of the available game technology at hand.

What New Technology Can We Expect In 2020?

Already a third of the way through, and it’s clear that 2020 is just as competitive, if not more. With so many people under lockdown, online gaming is booming and here is why:

Virtual Reality

The ability to go to a game arena, without actually going to the arena, has been key to online gaming. Nothing sums this up more than VR. No longer restricted to 80’s movies, VR is accessible to the masses through affordable systems for everyone. Simply put, headsets with goggles allow us to interact with many different people via avatars, or made up images of ourselves, from the comfort of home. Tabletop games are perfectly to suited to this, getting as close to being at that table as you can, without having to being there in person.

No, it won’t help with seeing through people’s faces, but talking to your opponents whilst really throwing in your weight around is so addictive, you won’t go back. VR is sure to be the path of future for all things online gaming.

Live Online Games

Already a huge hit, if you haven’t tried one you’re only hurting yourself. All good online game sites now utilize a live platform to increase player interaction. Having a host that interacts with players in real time, whilst having contact with your fellow players, is that dimension of submersion that’s second only to a face to face session. Let’s face it, gamers want that feeling of being on the floor of an esports arena, just with the convenience of staying at home. This is that compromise and it is booming.

Plus, you get the added trust of knowing that game is being played right there in front of your eyes as opposed to the use of random number generators. 2020 should see gaming companies provide more games than ever before to filled esports arenas/audiences for fans, which is sure to help with the lockdown blues.

Mobile Technology

Nothing new here, just the expansion on an already advancing cog of the online wheel. Mobile game apps are vital in any up-and-coming game site’s arsenal, and with processing speeds nearly doubling every 12 months, it’s just going to get better. It’s that convenience offered that is second to none and that’s what online gaming is all about.

Safety and Security

It’s probably the biggest downside to the online industry and always at the back of every player’s mind. Enhancement in technology will see further use of two-factor authentication for safer logins and faster withdrawals. 256 bit SSL encryption is the industry standard and makes the big online game sites as safe as your bank. But further use of these safety measures this year will lead to more confidence in online game sites, which leads to not just more players but players actually playing more.


  1. Mobile technology has certainly gotten better, although I feel like some companies focus a lot more on camera features than processors. Maybe with the new Apple M1 chip (launched in November 10), the next iPhone iteration could utilize that processor. I’ve always felt like the ARM architecture was lagging behind the Intel architecture, since ARM’s trade-off focuses on longer battery-life than performance, but the architecture has definitely improved over the years.

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