There are people who enjoy slow, relaxing games that let them chill out while playing. Then there are people who only play games that make them feel alive. These adrenaline junkies look for titles that will keep them glued to their monitors, frantically clicking in an effort to survive. Occasional screams or muttered curses are also welcomed. Unfortunately for them, such titles are few and far between. Lately, developers seem to prefer catering to an audience who prefer milder games, the ones that won’t make you jump out of your chair. Still, thrill-inducing games can be found. Here are our suggestions for games guaranteed to spike your adrenaline.

Dying Light

When Polish studio Techland published Dying Light back in 2015, everybody thought it was just another zombie game in a genre that was ridiculously popular. How wrong we were. Dying Light is a masterpiece. As soon as your character is airdropped into Harran, a walled-off city where zombie infection has broken out, you have to scramble to survive.  During the day, humans in the city are your major threat, as zombies are slow and apathetic when exposed to the sunlight. During the night, though, even low-level ones can be tricky. Special types, like volatiles, are sure to ruin your day, as they pin you to the ground and start feasting. Parkour is an important part of the game, especially in the second part, when you gain access to Old Town, filled with tall buildings. Apart from surviving, you have to follow the orders of the Global Relief Effort (GRE), since you are their undercover agent. All in all, jumping out of the chair and screaming like a little girl is guaranteed.

Online Games

Online gaming is one activity that is sure to raise your adrenaline levels. Nothing gets the heart beating faster than playing against other players trying to defeat you! To really feel alive, you should pick a fast-paced game, like an online shooter. Shooters aren’t hard to learn and even new players can get a kick out of them. Some other games, like League of Legends or Fortnite, can also be exciting. They also require knowing complicated strategies if you want to have any chance of winning. On the other hand, everyone can enjoy shooters, regardless of how long they are playing them. If you want even more excitement, you can learn how to play slot tournaments and test your mettle against professional players. Winning may be a tall order, at least on your first try, but fun and adrenaline are guaranteed.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Hailed as one of the best action-adventure games ever, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a sequel to the popular 2010 game with the same title. The most-praised aspect of the game is the astounding open-world the developers created. Set in the Wild West, you can explore all of it and meet all sorts of characters. One moment, you will be preventing bandits from robbing a stagecoach, while in the next, you will be running away from a hungry bear. There are hundreds of side quests you can take while charting your way through this amazing game.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard VR

We have all seen clips of people panicking while using VR sets. Even the slightest push will set them off screaming and scrambling for balance. Now imagine what it would be like when you are playing a game like Resident Evil 7 with it. The game is scary and adrenaline-inducing even on a monitor. VR takes it to a whole other level. There are reviewers who openly admitted that they couldn’t finish even a single chapter, as the game was simply too scary. Capcom only released the game for PlayStation VR, which is still fairly expensive, so not many people will get a chance to live through this experience. Those who own PS VR are guaranteed to suffer through some of the worst scares of their lives. Definitely not for faint of heart.

Alien Isolation

Let’s take a break from zombies and see what aliens are doing. Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley from the original Alien movies, is searching for her mother. She is a part of a recovery team that lands on space station Sevastopol, looking for clues. There are plenty of hostile humans and androids you have to fight, but that is not the scary part. The station also houses the Xenomorph. It cannot be killed, so your only option is to hide whenever it comes your way. And it will be coming your way quite often, as it roams the station freely. You can duck behind various tables, hide in lockers, enter ventilation ports, or use empty compartments to hide from it. If spotted, you must break the line of sight by running away, and that can be quite stressful. Sometimes, it can even sniff you out in your hidey-hole. So, whatever you do, do not play this one during the night!

Dark Souls

For the end, we have some good old-fashioned monsters. Dark Souls is not a title for casual gamers. The game is simply too hard even for people who played other titles from the franchise, let alone people who meet with it for the first time. While there are some scary moments in the game, the adrenaline mainly comes from the difficulty of the game. When you finally manage to overcome that frustrating part, you will feel joy like no other. But until then, you will need every ounce of your brainpower and reflexes just to survive. Being constantly on the edge and fighting for your life every moment of the game is great for adrenaline-pumping, but when you finally get to that bonfire, the feeling is amazing. You just have to keep that in mind while crawling through a narrow dungeon infested with various monsters with huge teeth and claws.


  1. Haven’t played Resident Evil 7 Biohazard VR, but VR games are definitely great for the adrenaline. If you ever played Beat Saber or Thumper for VR, you would definitely get a rush of adrenaline.

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