Although most bundles contain games, some contain other goodies such as music, comics, and books. In fact, Humble has a few different categories including books, mobile, Humble Monthly, and, of course, games. Well, one of the current “game” bundles does not have one game in it. Instead, the bundle is packed with software that can save your PC and likely your life. Hence, the name Lifehacker Software for the bundle.

In total, all the software in this bundle is worth $315. That is well above all the game bundles including the Humble Monthlies. Actually, that is at least a double over most game bundles. The software itself is crucial as well since your productivity should increase after using the software the best helps you. For example, anybody who uses multiple monitors will love Display Fusion to the point that the one program is worth it to buy the whole bundle including the top tier all by itself based on simply price. Display Fusion costs $30 while the entire bundle costs only $15.

Here is each program with description and price info. Also, will specify if for one year or just a one-time purchase. Keep in mind that the prices are on the websites of the software themselves and the total cost was made by Humble Bundle. A few were on sale.

Humble Lifehacker Software

Pay $1 or More

Breevy (One Time) $34.95 – Helps expand your text. You can abbreviate long words and phrases.

Fences (One Time) $9.99 – Automatically organize your desktop.

Deskscapes (One Time) $9.99 – Customize your wallpapers.

Directory Opus Light 12 Light (One Time) Roughly $38 – A replacement for Windows Explorer.

Pay More Than The Average

LastPass Premium (One Year) $12 – Securely remembers your passwords.

CyberGhost VPN (One Year) $69.96  – Allows you to surf anonymously.

Display Fusion (One Time) $29.99 – Allows you to run multiple monitors.

Pay $15 or More

Acronis True Image 2017 (One Year) $49.99Back up your PC, mobile device, or even Facebook account.

Bit Defender Antivirus Plus 2017 (One Year) $44.99 – Antivirus protection.

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