AMZGame is offering the visitors of free Lords Road gift codes in this giveaway. To get one, all you do is to post in the comment post below with your request. Liking the giveaway would also be nice. It should be noted that the keys do not have a time limit on them. Here are the rest of the juicy details:

lordsroadgamePlay Lords Road Now

Giftpack Includes:
S Stamina Potion x10 40Diamonds*10=400
Goddess Tear x2 120 Diamonds *2=240
Mount Jewel x2 120 Diamonds *2=240
Gold x500,000 40 Diamonds
Total: 920 Diamonds (1$=100 Diamonds)

Instructions on how to redeem the code:

1. Go to the Lords Road site.
2. Click the Rewards Hall icon in the top of the screen.
3.Choose the “Activation Code”
4. Paste your New Player Code and click Exchange
5. The gift will be delivered to your inventory right away.

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  1. Hello GameOgre, is the giveaway still available ? If it is, can I please get the code(s) ? Thank you, keep up the good work. *liked*

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