Who would not love to win tons of money as they are enjoying themselves on an online game? You can find some of the best games to play when you click this link. Many people are avid online game fans, but the majority of them do not end up winning.

There are a number of legends and rumors surrounding cheating and ways to beat online games, so we will explore some of these to see whether they are true.

Winning Percentage

One player managed to exploit online games by freaking out older games. Today, games are more up to date, but tricking them is not that common.

The player was able to increase his winning percentage by 100%, making it profitable for the player instead of the game. This trick was efficient until he overdid it and attempted to cheat a much bigger game, resulting in him being caught. This story is confirmed by many people and seems possible due to his position within the industry.


As technology evolves and the movies with hackers multiply, so do the rumors of people able to breach the system. Some have suggested that game providers have ‘left a window’ open so they can exploit it in the future.

However, this rumor seems rather false, since the online games and the developers are in continuing cooperation with each other – so if huge losses were evident they would immediately contact them due to breach of contract.

Old Games 

Another common rumor is that old games are too archaic and players today can trick them. This is again a lie, since there is a commission that checks all online games, from the oldest to the newest, to check whether they adhere to the regulations set by the Committee.

Bad players

This is another widespread rumor, which suggests that online games are set to trick specific players or something of that sort. This again could not be farther from the truth, since games are one of the most legally profitable businesses. If you leave with less money than when you entered an online game site, it is not the result of a scam but the way the game operates. 

Then what?

Probably you have understood already that there aren’t any ways to cheat and make tons of money from online games today. Some players have been among the very few who have pulled it off, but even in those cases the outcome was not ideal.

However, there are certain ways to play without spending money and enjoy the experience. Some online games offer the chance to players to try out a demo of the game with fake money; further, a number of sites gift players bonuses when they sign up. So, grab this opportunity and spread this rumor to your friends instead of the lies that are being perpetuated throughout the initial conception of online games.