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This week’s game is definitely not for everybody. Be warned that Happy Wheels does contain a lot of blood. It is basically a parody driving game that pokes fun of some means of transportation. The game has nice graphics and sound effects, but don’t expect a point as its mostly just mindless mayhem for effect. In other words, do not take it too serious and it can be fun for certain ages (not kids).

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1. Free arcade game.

2. Dark humor.

3. Has a level editor.

4. Not for kids.

5. Demo version.

6. Has option area where you can mute the sound.

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Happy Wheels is another free flash game published for the web and is supported by advertisements displayed before, after, and during game play.


  1. I really like the game. Maybe it’s about the dark humor, but it is for fun after all , and most of the fun nowadays are based on dark humor. Saw Pewdiepie playing this game and I decided that I should try it out as well. Ended up in making some levels for other players and playing it whenever I had time. For me, it’s really good game 🙂

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  2. This is crazy browser racing game its brutal when you die there is much blood lel,I recommend it everybody

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  3. I’d have to say this game is a pretty funny free game. The game is so brutal yet funny at the same time. The different characters and sets of maps makes this game so original. I really do find this game fun and enjoyable, and easy to play, therefore my rating has to be a 5/5.

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  4. I don’t quite understand why… Well.. Some players seem to be enjoying it but tbh (i dont like games like these.) It’s weird. Very brutal (well yes theres an age restriction but kids nowadays can still stumble upon this game) Sigh*

    Ill hive the lowest 0/5 (with my personal preferences)

    Otherwise, gameplay wise, ill give it 2/5

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  5. Happy Wheels is a fun ragdoll platformer browser game developed by Fancy Force. This game focuses on various levels, mostly user-generated levels, with characters that have ragdoll physics inside of a vehicle. Although the title “Happy Wheels” implies that this game is happy, it is quite the contrary, as this game contains a lot of violence and gore. The violence and gore, topped with the game’s ragdoll physics and platformer obstacles make this game very fun and especially humorous. The creativity in this game comes from the users who create levels for the game, with the main objective of the game being to reach some goal and avoiding death.

    This game offers a variety of characters such as one character that rides a Segway, another character that rides a bike with his son, Santa Claus riding a sleigh, and so much more. Each character has different uses; for example, Pogostick Man can bounce, Santa Claus can fly, and Wheelchair Guy can use a jet to go fast. What I like about these characters is that they offer various ways to play Happy Wheel levels, and some serve a specific function in certain levels. My favorite character in this game is Segway Guy because he always breaks his leg easily from even the slightest fall; in other words, the ragdoll physics does add a lot of strangeness to this game. I also like the Irresponsible Dad character, or the man riding his bike with his young son, because of how silly the gameplay can be. For example, the Irresponsible Dad can eject his son, which can be quite humorous, especially in a fatal obstacle. The characterization for every single character is enhanced greatly by the blood and gore in this game, along with the tragic events from the level obstacle being played, which adds a lot of humor for the characters.

    As for levels in this game, there are various levels that the player can play, which are sorted by level name, author, rating, play count, and creation date. These levels are usually very creative; for example, there are artistic levels and interactive levels. Artistic levels tend to have neat designs, either as a playable feature such as a spaceship made by the level creator, or purely for the aesthetic design of the level. Interactive levels tend to require the player to perform some action to activate an event. I have played various interesting levels such as the kinds where the player throws a ball into a pit, throws a sword at characters, rides a bike on a trail of bottles, survives obstacles by dodging or lasting the longer, answers quizzes by jumping on the correct platform, and so on. The creativity of user-generated levels is endless. Players can find some of the best and fun user-generated levels by looking at the star rating; a star rating close to five tends to have an interesting level to play.

    Overall, I find this game one of the best browser games that I have played of this decade, and would recommend this game to just about anyone, especially those who like playing a game that is violent, yet humorous to laugh at, or a game with ragdoll physics or user-generated levels. There is so much variety in this game that it is difficult to become bored of it easily. I would rate this game a 4.65/5 for the endless fun and laughs that this game offers.

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