Once every two months, the forum of GameOgre.com holds a massive Event for members to compete against each other for prizes. The competition takes places in various areas of the site such as the forum, reviews, blogs, Ogre games like Ogre Wars and Triple Triad and even two arcades (forum and blog) now.  The latest of these is called the Ogre Online Game Event.

This event differs from past event by offering more game-like aspects to it. For example, somebody can now report items everyday and unlock big bonuses. One week of straight participation will unlock an extra 1000 points. Two weeks straight will unlock 2000 more points. If you can do it for a month straight, ten thousand points will be unlocked and then if you can make it up to two months straight, the grand jackpot is 20,000 points. Keep in mind that each level is added along the way. That means that anybody who can do the two months straight would get a lot more than just the 20,000 at the end.

Then we will be offering something that we started in the last event: surprise bonus days. These are where everybody who posts on a certain days gets a large bonus just for participating on that day. These were started on slow days, but can be done at random several times during the two months.

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